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Reversing Arthritis and Diabetes Without Surgery

Updated on November 20, 2013

Arthritis: America's #1 Source of Disability


Arthritis and Diabetes Share a Symbiotic Relationship

Those who have both arthritis and diabetes suffer a cascade of complications that are thoroughly preventable. As one who has seen the writing on the wall due to my family history of type-2 diabetes -- and taken simple preventive measures successfully over the past 54 years -- I am amazed at how many Americans are blindsided by the slow-moving diabetes and by arthritis, which is frequently its companion.

A study based on data compiled on the 2008-2010 US National Health Interview Survey, revealed that among those with some form of diabetes, 48% reported having arthritis also, compared to 20% for those who weren't diabetic.

Rather ominously, the prevalence of arthritis among the younger cohort of diabetics (aged 18-44) was roughly 3 times the presence of arthritis in non-diabetics of that age group (22.7% vs. 7.2%).

With Type-2 diabetes occurring in young children with increasing frequency -- and arthritis striking them early, too -- we can infer that both arthritis and diabetes will be more prevalent and more expensive as a public health issue in the coming years.

Not surprisingly, arthritis in this group of diabetics -- the vast majority of whom are Type-2 adult-onset diabetics and typically overweight or obese -- was reported as limiting their activities in 55% of the studied diabetics.

The effect of limited physical activity makes Type-2 Diabetes harder to reverse with weight loss and the exercise-induced improvement in insulin sensitivity. At the same time, the predictable weight gain experienced as a result of no changes in diet and little exercise puts more pressure on the already-damaged joints, when they are used.

For a diabetic to develop arthritis is truly a vicious circle. It is one more obstacle for diabetics to overcome if they are determined to reverse their disease and live free of prescription drugs.

Going Against Convention Is Invigorating


How Did We Let This Health Crisis Develop?

I've been increasingly aware of the growth in diabetes occurrence since I was 10 years old. It all began when my grandmother on my mother's side of the family died from heart attack related to her diabetes and obesity. Without understanding why, I began reading about health and longevity-related topics at the library and at home.

Within two years, my father's mother died of the same cause.

I was encouraged to become a doctor like my uncle Rene, so I took many of the necessary courses in preparation for that line of work. I was a studious, science-fascinated kid -- and, though I decided not to go into medicine -- what I learned has fueled a life-long interest in how to properly maintain my health so I wouldn't need to undergo what seemed like crude and unnecessary invasive medical practices.

So far, my study and practice of a healthy diet and lifestyle has paid off. I take no prescription medicines, quite unlike the majority of people my age (65 next month). I have never resorted to surgery for my back and other joint injuries.

Is this a fluke? A lucky accident? Am I genetically better than others? No, I don't think so.

With healthy diet, restriction of refined carbohydrates, science-based nutritional supplementation, and daily physical exercise, my body has largely healed itself.

Over the years I have been refining my understanding of the best and most natural ways to prevent weight gain and support the repair of my body -- and frankly, I am amazed that more people don't take an interest in maintaining their health, when we consider the poor alternatives modern drugs and surgery offer.

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Who Else Sees the Elephant in the Room?

Americans have gained a lot of weight over the past 35 years. There's been a lot of discussion about what has caused this, but -- looked at from an outsider's perspective -- it's pretty safe to say the typical American diet contains a lot of unhelpful ingredients if our goal is the prevention of obesity, arthritis, and diabetes.

In fact, I've read in books like Food, Inc. that our food is knowingly formulated so that we will lose control over our appetite. "Bet you can't eat just one!" is not an idle claim. Food processors know what they have done.

Over the past 80 years, food processors have turned Americans, in particular, into a nation of sugar addicts. Our U.S. Department of Agriculture has aided this process by subsidies to corn farmers, which made high fructose corn syrup and other corn-derived products cheap staples, around which our foods are created.

When there is a middleman inserted between the farmer and the consumer -- one who has a profit motive in seeing us eat as much as possible -- our health tends to go downhill quickly.

Even so, weight gain sufficient to lead to insulin resistance does not happen overnight. Excess weight plus the diabetic's low energy status lead to disuse of the joints, the muscles, the whole physical package. It shouldn't be surprising that by the time we are 65 or older, 26.9% of Americans have diabetes -- and 50% of us have arthritis.

Watching my once-slim generation -- the Baby Boomers -- become overweight and diabetic, arthritic, and finally, major consumers of joint replacement surgeries has been like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

Was everyone so busy with careers and raising kids that they failed to notice how much weight they had gained -- and where that might be taking them, health-wise?

I Can't Be the Only One Who Sees What Is Coming Next

There is a lot of blame to go around, here -- our degraded, over-processed food grown in depleted soils; our for-profit medical/pharmaceutical cartel that has no financial incentive to keep their patrons healthy by true preventive methods; Americans' auto-centered, sedentary lifestyle; and a system of third-party payment for medical services that has made the public less aware of the huge future costs their eating & lifestyle habits are setting them up for.

Our media have become increasingly skilled at selling us tempting, but fattening, food & drink -- as well as the pharmaceutical products designed to suppress the many symptoms that could be trying to tell us something. Mostly, for all the information we receive, we are kept in the dark and left confused.

"Margarine is good; butter is bad. No, wait...margarine is a trans-fat and trans-fats are worse than saturated fats!"

Sunlight and the Vitamin D it helps our body produce is either the cause of skin cancer or our savior from cancer, depending on whom you listen to. Etc., etc., etc. (You get my point, I hope.)

The little guidance the public has been given by the medical profession has been proven incorrect so many times that most Americans seem to have given up listening. Medical advice on nutrition -- a subject on which med students get very scant training -- seems a lot like the weather ("If you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it'll change!").

The Same Can Be Said About Medical Dogma About Human Nutrition

For those who suffer from both arthritis and diabetes, the ultimate responsibility for their plight must fall back on themselves. They should have seen it coming, but they didn't.

We have, as a society, made the mistake of turning our health over to the "experts" who, unfortunately, make most of their income only when we are sick. We act unconcerned about our growing girth, confident in our physicians' ability to fix our health problems at any cost, so long as our insurance to will cover it.

On what do we base our confidence? Certainly not on the published results!

Obviously, we haven't paid much attention to the news that medical mistakes are acknowledged to be the third leading cause of death in the United States. That is the conservative estimate provided by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2000. Other estimates place deaths and injuries needlessly caused by our system of "healing" as high as Number 1 on the list of causes of mortality.

Here's my point: Most of the illnesses that cause us to visit doctors and hospitals are preventable. They are caused by our insanely indulgent diet and lifestyle choices. A growing number of us are becoming concerned about our health and the future ability of the U.S. health care system to provide the expensive services we need, when we eventually need them.

It has been predicted that the diabetes epidemic alone could cause the financial collapse of our public health care system. With knee replacement surgeries thrown in at a cost of $45-70,000 per knee, and our government having increasing difficulty at continuing to provide basic public services, this should be a clear warning to pre-diabetics, diabetics, and arthritics that they should begin making other plans for their sickness-care needs.

Food, Inc.

Processed Foods Lead To Disease

A bowl of puffed cornflakes: unsubstantial, unsatisfying, and unhealthy, followed by a dose of insulin.
A bowl of puffed cornflakes: unsubstantial, unsatisfying, and unhealthy, followed by a dose of insulin. | Source

We've Been Sold Shoddy Goods!

  1. Our Agricultural Soils Are Depleted, Having Been Mined for Years & Not Replenished
  2. From cheap Subsidized Ingredients Food Processors Have Created Unsatisfying, Convenient Meals that leave us hungry for more
  3. The lack of essential minerals in our soils, coupled with heavy processing, added sugars and chemicals, set us up for deficiency diseases.
  4. Rather than provide our body with the minerals and other nutrients we need, the pharmaceutical industry -- through our physicians -- sells us drugs to manage the symptoms of our diseases, while the diseases get worse -- until surgery is the only option offered by allopathic Medical Doctors.

As a result, we spend much of our life sick, low on energy, and we spend far too much on disease management, when we could have enjoyed health at bargain prices for supplemental nutrition.

And Now...Some Good News!

The good news is that both arthritis and diabetes are preventable and even reversible when we begin to properly nourish our body. This is not just a theory or a late-night infomercial sales-pitch. It is something I have experienced for myself in my long search for natural ways to alleviate back and shoulder injuries. The livestock-raising industry has long known about using supplements to prevent animal diseases to keep meat, dairy, and egg costs down.

Our pet foods have long been formulated with scientifically-verified vitamin and mineral supplemental nutrients to keep them living longer, healthier lives. Why have our physicians been taught in medical school that similar supplements for humans are unnecessary?

I was offered surgery for each of my arthritic injuries, but I chose to heal these injuries with nutrition. I have found that the body knows how to heal itself, if we give it all the nutrients it needs to rebuild bone, cartilage, and ligaments. We also need to know which common foods and beverages interfere with the body's rebuilding work -- and we must avoid these.

This Knowledge Is Available to Us -- It's Not Rocket Science

One benefit of growing older is that -- if we've been paying attention -- we have heard enough horror stories of the long recovery periods due to back and joint surgery and of the multitude of things that can go wrong. Why take a chance when there are much better, safer methods of dealing with these and similar maladies?

I realize that most people who read this will go on hoping their life works out well -- hoping they will be one of the lucky ones who have nothing but successful surgeries and that, perhaps, the cures for arthritis and diabetes will be discovered in their lifetime. I wouldn't bet on it.

The Truth About Your Health Has Been Hidden From You

The cure for diabetes, type-2, was found for animals in 1959! The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in selling you something so simple as a few minerals, herbs, and an amino acid or two -- not when they can TREAT your symptoms for 30 or more years as you slowly develop more complications. It's a clear-cut business decision and the FDA and all the other parties to this fraud on the American people are keeping their mouths shut.

Fortunately, it is not too late to provide your body with the nutrients science has found we require to rebuild worn-out joints and to help support a healthy blood-sugar metabolism. If you are entering your Golden Years, as I am, don't accept becoming trapped in a body that has suffered from years of neglect.

It Is Not Too Late

Learn for yourself that there are other respectable branches of medicine that do know a lot about our body's well-studied nutritional needs. Don't turn your health and survival over to the allopathic school of medicine, confusing their monopoly as an endorsement of their superiority. It's not.

To learn more about how to reverse Arthritis and Diabetes the way Nature intended for us, visit the link below.

Reversing Arthritis in Animals, Including Humans


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    • Paul Kemp profile imageAUTHOR

      Paul Kemp 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for your comment, ChitrangadaSharan. I agree that this is a terrible epidemic of multiple diseases unleashed on an unsuspecting world, disguised as food. In legal terms, it should be called an "attractive nuisance", but instead, the federal agencies that should protect us, such as the USDA and FDA are helping the food industry rake in the profits at the expense of U.S. health.

      All we can do is educate ourselves and spread this information by word-of-mouth and on the Internet. We all see the damage it is doing, but it is very hard for people to break their addiction to these synthetic "food-like substances". And that is the intention of the manufacturers.

      People need to get mad at what has been done to them. We can beat these big corporations. Stop giving them our money!

      Thanks, again, for your kind words! Please share this with your friends.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      A very useful and informative article on reversing Diabetes and Arthritis!

      Nowadays it is not even age related. I have seen very young people suffering from these dreadful diseases. There is a need to take health seriously and eat proper healthy food and exercise. In other words adopt a healthy lifestyle and be conscious of what you are eating.

      Wonderful and well researched hub with lots of useful information.

      Voted up!

    • Paul Kemp profile imageAUTHOR

      Paul Kemp 

      4 years ago

      Thank you, Brittanie. I'm glad you found it worthwhile. It really shouldn't be legal -- Good point! The best thing we can do is to enlighten people about the long-term damage they do to their health by eating this junk. You really made my day by letting me know you understand what our commercial foods are doing to young people's health and their good looks. Health and youth can either grow or be lost incrementally by small actions we take every day. Your good influence can make a big difference in your friends' lives. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

    • Brittanie2216 profile image

      Brittanie Pervier 

      4 years ago from Seattle WA

      This is a great article! I am neither diabetic or arthritic but I believe in natural health and nutrition. Processed foods cause so many problems it's crazy that its legal. I always love reading your hubs Paul thanks for sharing.


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