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How To Reverse Cardiovascular And Heart Disease

Updated on September 7, 2015

How To Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

Because of a bad heart attack I became very, very interested in how to reverse cardiovascular disease (CVD) - also known as heart disease.

I was astonished to learn that reversing cardiovascular disease or, far better, preventing it in the first place is - contrary to popular belief - not only possible, it's awfully easy.

In fact I found various ways to prevent or cure or reverse heart disease. How hard is it to google heart disease cure ?

Personally, I continue to promote Dr Linus Pauling's method because it's the first cure I learned about years ago. It worked exactly as claimed by Pauling in his book How To Live Longer And Feel Better.

And in 2015 it continues to work for me. And I believe it will work for anyone intelligent enough to understand the simplicity of Pauling's therapy, and brave enough to defy ongoing medical bias and nutritional illiteracy to actually try it.

If you are looking for a simpler, saner alternative to medicine's blinkered drugs and surgery approach to CVD, then you might be interested in my story of how I reversed my own CVD (cardio vascular disease) in about one week.

Clogged Arteries

There's only one way to prevent or cure CVD, and that's to unclog the arteries. There are different ways to unclog arteries. I use Linus Pauling's method because it makes so much sense, it allows me to eat and drink normally and not require any medications. I don't even take aspirin. Never have.

A recent example of yet another successful way to unclog arteries and reverse CVD used chelation therapy and the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. You can read all about it at Paul Dewar's blog.

Who has these clogged arteries? You do. I used to. Basically, everyone who is not following a proven program to unclog them. Yes, even children. Our arteries start clogging early and continue until they cause a heart attack or stroke. It's not a case of if one in four of us (or whatever the statistic is today) will suffer a heart attack or stroke, it's a matter of when.

THE book by Dr Linus Pauling that showed me how to reverse my cardiovascular disease following a very bad heart attack.

3 months after major heart attack - thanks to Linus Pauling, Vit C & Lysine
3 months after major heart attack - thanks to Linus Pauling, Vit C & Lysine

How To Reverse Cardiovascular Disease

“Genius is seeing what everyone else sees and thinking what no one else has thought.” - Albert Szent-Gyorgy - discovered vitamin C

Albert Szent-Gyorgy saw it. Three-times Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling saw it.

Even I saw it after reading Linus Pauling's book. Most doctors and surgeons appear unable to see it. Certainly my ex cardiologist refused to see it.

Anyone reading Pauling's book will see it. When you see it you too will wonder why on earth anyone is still looking for a cure for heart disease! Pauling got it right. He nailed it. A cure for heart disease.

Linus Pauling's book - How To Live Longer And Feel Better - though written for the layman is packed full of relevant medical studies and their results. Pauling's genius highlights how these studies were wrongly or falsely mis-interpreted leading to the current acceptance of the drugs and surgery as the only treatments for heart disease.

Major Heart Attack

Luckily - and because I was otherwise fit and healthy - I survived a major heart attack at age 56. Stress was certainly a contributing factor because I got involved with buying overseas property via a scammer and eventually lost many thousands of dollars.

After one week in hospital I quickly regained my health, strength and fitness by completely reversing my cardiovascular disease. I did this by following Linus Pauling's recommendations in his classic book How To Live Longer And Feel Better,

Firstly (for the sceptics), here are before and after images of my heart, surgery. (Russell is my middle name.)

Pre-Op and Post-Op Images

I was in agony until the blockage was cleared!
I was in agony until the blockage was cleared!

My Heart Attack At Age 56

In January 2008, aged 56, I suffered a major heart attack. With my partner I had jogged for about five minutes on the way to my parents' house here in the north of England. We had had greasy fish and chips the night before, so at first I hoped it was just some kind of indigestion. I managed to continue walking, very slowly, to my parents's house hoping it would clear up.

After some minutes of pretending there was nothing wrong, I felt a growing sense of unease, or foreboding. Mum sensed straight away it was serious and phoned an ambulance. Feeling worse by the minute I knew I had to get to hospital fast and walked out as the ambulance arrived. The crew were not happy seeing me on my feet and quickly laid me down inside the ambulance and rushed me off to hospital.

A cardiologist was on standby at the hospital and I was rushed into surgery. He quickly got a tube into my right arm (I refused to have it in my groin) and soon located and unblocked and inserted a stent into the artery, bringing much relief from the pain but then I began choking on blood that seemed to be coming from my lungs. He said I needed "more work" (meaning more stents inserted at approx $3,000 each) but was forced to stop because I was choking.

The only reason I didn't choke to death was because I was able to take a quick breath in between each swallow of blood. The cardiologist said the blood must be coming from an ulcer affected by the aspirin given to me in the ambulance. I still suspect it was coming from my lungs. Anyway, luckily the blood stopped after a few minutes.It tasted foul.

Soon after surgery I said I was going to be sick and vomited up maybe a gallon of putrid, black blood. That caused enormous relief to me but horrified my partner and parents when they arrived to see if I was okay. By now the morphine had kicked in and I was feeling wonderful and started babbling about how we should visit everyone in hospital to share the love.

Linus Pauling was a GENIUS. More of his books...

Aged 58, doing "running man", 14 months after heart attack. Looks easy? Try it!

Next - pullups (excuse the bald patch!)

Dr Rath continues Pauling's legacy...
Dr Rath continues Pauling's legacy...

Vitamins And Disease Prevention

For many years I have believed in vitamins and taken them daily, including vitamin C. But rarely more than 1 or 2 grams. I had become so used to feeling good that I failed to realise how important my vitamins were in maintaining my state of wellness.

Also, I had no practical appreciation of the concept of "optimum nutrition". I did not know that the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) was in fact the lowest amount of a vitamin needed to prevent obvious symptoms. For example, even a tiny amount of lime juice protected sailors from scurvy.

The gross error in medical thinking, however, is that all anyone needs is that tiny amount!

Once you understand the concept of optimum nutrition it's obvious why the much touted RDA's have done nothing at all to prevent the epidemic of cardiovascular disease. Or any other disease for that matter!

By amazing coincidence, the day prior to my heart attack I had completely run out of vitamin C and therefore didn't take any at all.

If you have not yet read Pauling's How To Live Longer And Feel Better, then you may not appreciate the importance of this information. Amazingly this Vitamin C prevention and cure for cardiovascular disease was known about in the eighties - even in the thirties - while "modern medicine" continues to ignore it.

Nutritional Illiteracy?

For example, I just came across this latest idiocy -

Multivitamin supplements have “little or no influence” on a woman’s risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer, according to results of the Women’s Health Initiative.

By Stephen Daniells, 10-Feb-2009

A study with 161,808 postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 79, reportedly the largest study ever conducted on this demographic group, found that multivitamins had no effect on the risks related to cardiovascular disease, and a range of cancers.

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, concludes that, while nutrition should remain a principle focus for the prevention of chronic diseases, it is unlikely that multivitamin supplements have a role to play.

“What this paper shows is that multivitamin use just doesn’t seem to make that much of a difference in this population,” said co-author Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. “It confers no additional benefit but it also does no harm.”

Okay, we're looking at nutritional illiteracy. How else to explain the above "study"? In the Sixties Linus Pauling preached that It takes megadoses of specific vitamins to obtain the desired effect. For example, I take 18 grams of Vitamin C daily plus 4 grams of L-lysine to keep my arteries clear. The fact that I never catch colds is a bonus I take for granted.

Since recovering so easily from my heart attack (thanks to Linus Pauling) I view people connected in any way with such "studies" as morons. Well, what is the opposite of genius? Only a moron could expect a couple of "multivitamins" to do what a megadose of 18 grams of C does!

Mankind should be grateful to people like Dr Rath. He is far more caring - and effective - than I could ever hope to be. I can't even get my own father off his heart medications.

Dr Rath Fights Nutritional Illiteracy

Dr. Rath is a renowned scientist who has made some of the most fundamental scientific discoveries towards the natural control of cardiovascular disease and cancer. He was also a longtime colleague and friend of the late Noble Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling.

Before his death in 1994, Dr. Pauling predicted that Dr. Rath's discoveries will threaten the survival of entire industries - namely, the multi-billion dollar investment business with disease - and will trigger the fiercest reactions from them.

Over the past 15 years, this prediction has become reality. Leading the global effort to end health illiteracy, Dr. Rath and his team of researchers have become the focus of attacks from the interests described at one of his websites.

Please have a look at Dr Rath's free health information course.

Weakened By Drugs

The facts are I nearly died of a severe heart attack in January 2008. Being "fit" was the main reason I survived. Also, as I say, I'd always taken vitamins daily. Far more than the RDA's but much less than I actually needed.I'd been doing aikido three days a week, doing weights, and jogging for months. Getting to hospital quickly via ambulance was the other vital factor in my survival. In Emergency, a cardiologist "saved" me by unblocking an artery and inserting a "stent" - but then nearly killed me by causing a heamorrhage. Luckily I also survived that. Then a week in hospital away from my vitamin supply - replaced by the standard drugs prescribed for heart disease - left me weak as a kitten.

Linus Pauling's Protocol

My actual recovery began the day I left hospital and began implementing the vitamin protocol in Linus Pauling's How To Live Longer And Feel Better. As I say, I already knew about Pauling's "cure" but was unable to begin it while still in hospital. The drugs and surgery culture is of course at its strongest in hospitals.

Saying "No" To Drugs

The day I was discharged from hospital I put the bag of "medications" to one side in favour of vitamins. It was not an easy decision. I needed to get Toni's agreement. Because if I (and Linus Pauling) was wrong - and the entire medical establishment was right - then I would die. leaving her alone after a wonderful fourteen year relationship.

We agreed to put off taking any medications that night. Instead I began taking high doses of Vitamin C and L-Lysine. It wasn't easy to stop the drugs! I was still very weak and the hospital brainwashing had been very strong, especially In my weakened post operative condition. In hospital I'd had to take the drugs, and prior to discharge I'd been carefully indoctrinated into how much of which and when of the six drugs I was supposed to take daily for the rest of my life! The attitude was this was the only possible way to survive now.

Say, This Really Works!

That first day home I could barely crawl upstairs to the bathroom, and it left me gasping for breath and my heart pounding in protest. Night times were rough. I'd wake up and know that I needed more C, so I started keeping a big bottle in the bathroom. After a few days I found my optimum level of C (just below bowel tolerance). I could feel my strength and confidence returning almost hourly.

One week later I was almost jogging upstairs and thinking about getting back into bodybuilding and weights. All I had done was replace the medications with high doses of vitamins, following the advice of Dr Linus Pauling in his fantastic book - How To Live Longer And Feel Better!

The Stress Test

About three weeks later I received a letter from the cardiology unit asking me to come in for a "stress test". After reading about stress tests on the internet I decided I was not "ready" for one yet. I ignored the letter and upped my recovery routine - longer walks every day, lifting heavier weights. When I received another letter a few weeks later I felt "ready". The day before the stress test I was running up steps two at a time during long, fast daily walks. I was up to about 18 grams of Vitamin C daily and feeling great.

I was easily able to pass the stress test when I was called back to the cardiology unit. That's when they discovered I hadn't taken any of their medication and the cardiologist abused me. Ten months later, I'm back into bodybuilding with heavy weights, alternated with fairly intensive qigong (chi kung) workouts, I walk for hours with no problem, run up steps, Thanks to Linus Pauling I have regained my health, strength and fitness.

40% Chance of Sudden Death

Following the stress test was an interview. I had a folder of information I'd printed out from various websites regarding the Pauling protocol. When the interviewing nurse told the cardiologist (the cardiologist who had performed my heart surgery) he was very angry when he found out I had not taken any of his drugs. He tried scare tactics, but I had expected that. Toni was with me as he sat on the edge of the desk. His actual words were You have a 40% chance of sudden death in the next twelve months! Well, I guess I showed him! If I died tomorrow he'd still be wrong because that would still be months later than his prediction.

Cause For Celebration

This webpage then, is also a celebration of my living beyond that twelve month mark - thanks to Linus Pauling's How To Live Longer And Feel Better.

The Late Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling (at age 93). This information could save your life. It saved mine.

Linus Pauling Said...

I believe that you can, by taking some simple and inexpensive measures, lead a longer life and extend your years of well-being.

My most important recommendation is that you take vitamins every day in optimum amounts to supplement the vitamins that you receive in your food.

Those optimum amounts are much larger than the minimum supplemental intake usually recommended by physicians and old-fashioned nutrionists.

by Dr Linus Pauling - How to Live Longer And Feel Better

14 months after my heart surgery, in addition to our weights and aikido workouts, I have returned to jogging once a week. When I began, we hadn't run for 3 months but I found that three sets of "running man" before the weight training keeps me fit enough to go for a run.

We jog to the local cemetary then sprint 100 metres up a hill there, then jog back, takes about half-an-hour.I got Toni to take that video of me doing "running man" and the pullups. I did the pullups twice because the first set of 5 pullups took too long, making a 7 meg movie. You can see our home gym in the background.The point is I have health, strength and fitness.

I share this with the world not to brag, but to make my point, that cardiovascular disease can be prevented or reversed following the recommendations of Linus Pauling in his book, How To Live Longer And Feel Better. If, like me, you have survived a heart attack then you need to ensure you never suffer another one. You need to research this information on the net and/or get a copy of Linus Pauling's book. If you have not yet had a heart attack then it's just a matter of time before you do. That's not my opinion. That's statistics.

My deep-seated belief is the same as Linus Pauling's. That cardiovascular disease is completely reversible and completely avoidable with optimum nutrition/vitamins as outlined in his book. I continue to defy my GP and the cardiologist by not taking any medications. To this day I won't even take an aspirin.

I'm sixty-four now, alive and well thanks to this book. It saved my life by empowering me to quit ANY and ALL medication/drugs and regain my health. (Charles S)

Almost 2 years after my heart attack it's easy to run up steps two at a time...

Cured of heart disease - aged 58 - this is fun!


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