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Review: CardioTrainer (Android App)

Updated on January 30, 2016

Noom CardioTrainer Rating

4 stars for Noom CardioTrainer

Whether you are trying to lose weight or train for a marathon, it is important to track progress. Cardio Trainer is an Android app that allows its users to track time, distance, and calories. It includes GPS integration for outdoor activities like walking, running, and bicycling. There are both free and paid ($9.99) version of this app—all of the features reviewed are in both versions.

Features include:

GPS Tracking – The GPS tracking will us the GPS to manage store distance and log your route as wells and calculate your speed. This is the central feature of Cardio Trainer and similar products because it manages your workout statistics including a graph of the time and speed.

Pedometer – The pedometer is a great accessory if you are tracking the steps you have traveled as part of a walking or weight loss program. If you prefer this approach rather than monitoring time and distance this tool is included in the Cardio Trainer application.

Music Integration – There is no better way remain focused and set pace for a run or to enjoy your walk than to listen to some inspirational music; the Cardio Trainer application will shuffle though your music library on the Android without leaving the allocation interface. The music will automatically start and the user can skip forward or back and pause the music with large on-screen buttons.

Voice Notifications – While running, walking, or cycling Cardio Trainer will provide a voice notification of speed and distance at a configurable interval. This will make operation hands-free after you start your workout by providing all critical statistics audibly.

Record Any Workout – While the great benefit of the application is the GPS tracking if you are cross training or have other cardio workouts that you perform you can track them using this application. There is an extensive list of popular workouts including treadmill, boxing, circuit training and kayaking as well as household activities like house cleaning and yard work. Each of these workouts is stored into the applications history including time and calories burned.

Facebook and Twitter Integration – Cardio Trainer offers integration with Facebook and Twitter to allow its uses to share the time and distance of each workout.

While this is the best in class application I have used a couple features could be improved:

· I would like to see stronger social integration. While the application allows users to share their workouts it would be fun to be able to find and follow friends within the application as well as offer some friendly competition or provide a virtual training partner.

· There is a web site available for the application but it the features are weak. On the website, you can view your workout history and export your track but competitor software allows users to share their workout. This feature would incorporate the social aspects of the workout and allow users to find new trails and workout locations.

Overall, this is the best application I have found for the Android with a well-rounded feature set. The features that I would like to see improved are certainly not deal breakers in either a free or a paid app but would enhance this application and make it more social and feature rich. I high recommend this application for both serious and causal athletes.


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