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ADHD Products: Which one should you use?

Updated on December 5, 2012

There are products that can greatly help those dealing with the disruptive symptoms of ADHD, and they don't involve drugs or supplements.

They are aids that help ADHD sufferers to deal with the distracted feeling they have throughout the day, and can enhance their quality of life. Learning to live with ADHD is not always easy, but using some of these products could help those with ADHD to be more focused, and to keep their attention on things they need to accomplish on a daily basis.

There are many natural supplements that can help attention deficit disorder, such as Listol, that are helpful for ADHD and will not be discussed in this article.

Web Based SmartPhone Applications That Help Those With ADHD

There are some new and effective digital applications and software options available to help those coping with ADHD to be more organized and efficient, through the use of their SmartPhone.

Designed to be aids to those that need help with task and time management skills, they can be useful by helping a person remember the important things they need to do on any given day.


One of the new applications available is known as Sandglaz. The company that created Sandglaz claims that it is one of the easiest to use applications on the market. It has received some great reviews by those that have tried it.

This application works on the principle of organizing tasks into the important ones to tackle immediately, tasks to accomplish later, and the unimportant tasks that still need to be done, but not right away. Helping the user to prioritize is the best feature of this application, and is often an area that those with ADHD symptoms need help in.

Sandglaz also offers the option of reminders emailed to the users inbox, which can be a very handy feature. The reviewers of Sanglaz claim that it is exceedingly easy to use, and works well. If prioritizing and remembering tasks is an issue, this can be a helpful aid.


Producteev is an online application that requires collaboration with others. By making lists of tasks to accomplish, those lists are then checked by others and reminders are given to the user to do those tasks. Producteev allows the user to use applications like Facebook, IM services, Email, and Twitter to remind them to do the tasks.

Lists are made and then the user is given buddies that hold them accountable to accomplish those tasks. The service is free for teams of up to three people. Some people prefer to use this method, others that prefer a more solitary approach may not find this application to be as useful. For those that are constantly connected on other applications such as Facebook and Twitter, this can be an effective tool to use.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is another task management assistant application for SmartPhones and PC's. It is meant to be a replacement for those little sticky notes that tend to multiply and look untidy. This application has over 2.5 million registered users and is one of the better known task management applications available today.

The thing that makes this application stand out is how easy it is to use. It is easy to list the tasks that need to be accomplished, and to assign them a priority, time limit, and how long it should take to accomplish each task. This application has consistently received high ratings, and can be helpful.

Gtdagenda: A Getting Things Done Application

This application was created by David Allen, who is also the author of a book called "Getting Things Done."

It is a tool that allows the user to enter tasks, goals and projects, along with checklists and calendars to help them to prioritize more effectively and make better use of their time. It is effective for individuals that are very ambitious and have a lot of tasks that they envision getting done.

The downside to this application is that there is not much that can be done for free.

The user will probably need to start paying right away for features, which for some users was a feature detracting from its benefits.

It is an effective application for reminding one of tasks that need to be done. Making it work, however, requires some extra time and effort, and it is not rated as highly as some of the other applications.

Binaural Beats

There are applications that one can download and use by listening to beats, that claim to help those with ADHD to be better focused and to aid in relaxation.

These are known as Binaural Beats and have been in existence since the late 1800's.

Binaural Beats are essentially two tones, of different frequencies, when listened to at the same time they seem to become just one tone. The intention of listening to these tones is to aid in relaxation, and to help a person to focus on the task at hand. It is a consistent highly pitched sound that has a tendency to block out external stimuli that can be distracting to a person with ADHD. By blocking that stimuli, it aids in helping the person to focus.

There are websites where Binaural Beats can be found and downloaded. However, some reviewers have said that they were not that helpful. And some have claimed that the sounds became annoying after a while. So, it is important to research first and see if this could be helpful, as the results will vary in different individuals.

Helpful ADHD Products For Children

There are things that are helpful for children with ADHD such as chore charts, sticker reward charts for when the child accomplishes a goal, and other charts to record their progress as they are working on a goal.

These can be helpful in getting a child with ADHD to focus on a task long enough to accomplish it, but will not work for all children with ADHD symptoms.

A child's individuality and severity of symptoms need to be taken into account before using these, but those with mild ADHD symptoms may benefit from them.

Neuview Glasses For Use As An ADHD Product

Neuview glasses claim to be different from any other glasses worn, and are known as lateralized glasses.

It has been claimed that by wearing these glasses, one can be trained to use their whole brain in thinking, as opposed to only using a part of the brain, or using different parts at different times.

These glasses claim to work by enabling the wearer to have access to unfiltered light. They look very similar to sunglasses with flaps on the sides of them.

The purpose of allowing this unfiltered light into the visual fields of the wearer is claimed to have positive neurological effects on the brain. These positive neurological effects are accomplished by lifting the flaps on the sides (known as windows) to allow unfiltered light to enter.

The purpose of this is to stimulate the hemisphere of the brain that is opposite to the one receiving the unfiltered light.

The ultimate goal of these glasses is to allow the wearer to use their entire brain, to be a whole brain thinker rather than using one hemisphere or the other. It is used to enhance a sense of relaxation along with a feeling that all is well.

Through promoting relaxation, one is able to concentrate and focus on tasks at hand.

The WatchMinder

Invented by a child psychologist, the watch minder is a watch worn on ones wrist that gives off discreet vibrations that remind them of tasks they need to do, or that it is time to modify ones behavior.

Cues are given to the wearer through the screen on the watch as well as through the feeling of vibration, reminding one to pay attention or that it is time to focus on the task at hand.

This watch can be used either by those with ADHD, or by others who simply need to be reminded of tasks throughout their busy day. Some adults have worn them to remind them to take medications on time, for example.

For those with ADHD, the watch is useful in giving the wearer reminders throughout their day to do the tasks that must be accomplished at specific times.

It has been found to be very helpful especially to children to remind them of things that must be done at school, when a parent cannot be there.

ADHD products are used most effectively as aids in dealing with the symptoms of ADHD, and to help people to become more organized and remember necessary tasks throughout their day.

They can be very effective alternatives, enabling a person with ADHD to enjoy a better quality of life.

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