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Review of P90X the Beach Body Workout. Extras for better performance

Updated on August 9, 2010
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The workout program called P90X has created the most traffic and results than any in the market. It has become so popular that many sport stars use it to improve their performance prior to their sport season and by actors and actress to fit for a job. Because of this I decided to try it and see how the results were.

How does it work?

The program comes with 12 DVDs, a diet plan, a calendar and a training book that explains how each procedure should be done and when it must be done. Each DVD concentrates in certain parts of the body or cardiovascular performance; during the workout session you must mix some of the different workouts to increase the performance. For instance, Monday you might do Chest and Back combined with Abdominal exercises called AbRipper X. The workout consists of a technique called muscle confusion. This technique makes the body work for certain time and during that time the muscles in the body are being pushed to the limit; however, there is a moment were the muscles adapt to this and stop being taken to their limit. The workout then changes and does a new and different routine introducing to the body a new way to work it making the muscles work out as much as before.

How much time will it consume?

The workout itself takes 3 months of training were the body will be pushed to the limit using the techniques mentioned above to make the muscles develop and burn body fat. During the week you must work at least 6 days with an optional stretching day. The work outs are divided in 50% muscle workout and 50% cardiovascular work out to burn fat. Each day you will need between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours. Nevertheless, at the beginning you will need to rest the body because of how the work out pushes you to the limit. So I would recommend 2 hours day for at least a week.

What do I need?

Relax, you will not need a complete gym to do this workout at home; actually one of the points of this workout is to get you fit, with the strength of your own body. You will need either dumbbells or resistance bands, either a pull up bar or resistance bands, a chair, a towel, lots of water and optionally (but highly recommended) push up bars.

How does this differ from the Gym?

As said before, this workout introduces muscle confusion. Let me explain, during the gym you work your whole body during the week, at first you will feel amazing results and maybe even notice significant changes in your body structure. However, after certain time your body adapts to the workout as self defense it becomes used to it making the workout useless. More about building muscles will come in another blog.

Can anyone do it?

No, sadly not anyone can do it. The work out comes with a fit test I recommend you do it. If you don’t pass it the work out will wear you off and you will not be able to complete it.

Do I have to follow the diet plan?

It depends actually, on what you want to achieve. If you have little extra pounds and want a flat belly and six pack abs, I recommend it. If you are looking to build big muscles and increase your performance I recommend you work with the carbs you get from a full of protein and calories meal, you will have to work hard though.

Is it worth the money?

P90X currently sells for about $140 and I would estimate a total with the workout stuff of $180. I tell you from a professional point of view this is a great deal. I can assure you, you will get the results you want in only 3 months if you stick to the plan every single day. It will not be easy, I can assure you that. But if you complete it you will get what you want in 3 months.


- Easy format to follow and use.

- Online help to maintain your enthusiasm.

- It will get you ripped and you will feel your body change.

- Not much gym stuff is needed and you can get them in a supermarket for a very low price.

- You will get a far much better health.


- Not anyone can do it and you must have some training to do it.

- High price for a workout of only 3 months.

- Not easy you will feel exhausted and it is easy to lose enthusiasm.

What is next?

I highly recommend that after you complete this work out you continue doing it. Your body will be at its best, you will feel energized and in your second round results will keep on coming in an easier way. Continue doing sports and achieving great thing in them with this workout. If your are starting good luck to everybody out there!


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