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Have incontience? I have a product that works!

Updated on August 6, 2015

My experience with Silhouette Active Fit Briefs

After giving birth and getting older, the muscles in our bladders

weaken. Women tend to have some bladder incontinence. It can

be embarrassing and difficult to talk about. I am here to break

that barrier and introduce you to a product I really like.

Silhouette Active Fit disposable briefs. I know when I first

heard the word disposable briefs, I thought a diaper. But

these are not bulky like diapers or depends. They look

and feel just like underwear. They have a thin layer of

cotton in the middle of the brief, that doesn't bunch up.

These briefs don't rattle like wrapping paper. People

won't even know you are wearing them. They have

a low rise to them that make them feel like underwear.

I felt cool and comfortable all day. They come in a

couple of different colors. They do however run big. A

small/medium was perfect for me. I felt comfortable and

clean all day. They are biodegradable so that is good for

the environement! I would recommend these to anyone!

5 stars for 5 stars

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    • Angela Oliver profile image

      Angela Oliver 2 years ago from Ohio

      Thank You for commenting! You have a good day to!

    • blessedp profile image

      blessedp 2 years ago

      Very good review and interesting. This is a must share.

      Have a good day.