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Review of Triad Technique for Anxiety and Panic Problems

Updated on October 23, 2011

I experienced the magic of Rachel Ramos Triad Technique course because I was recommended by my friend. This was a real eye opener for me and it was one among the many courses which always had a very positive review on all major sites. Rachel Ramos indeed explains how one can get rid of anxiety and panic problems and what this Triad Technique course will give them.

The main factors she explains are:

  1. How can you accomplish relief through anxiety
  2. She clearly explains causes which will not create an impact of failure in developing thought patterns
  3. She does not use psychobabble, which obviously tells you where she is taking you.

I honestly liked Rachel Ramos approach to recover internally. Also she re-iterates that it is not a process which can be done in a night. She is also applauded for her recognition on how these patterns can be difficult, instead of getting more hurdles again and again.

I found this to be an excellent course for anyone suffering mild to high anxiety and panic. Not to mention, this course has a good review in almost all popular websites. The highlight is Ryan Rivera and Rachel Ramos won’t make your bored in the course and she boosts your confidence levels to greater extent. All you need to have is belief and you are done with the course. Dedication and perfection is required a little more so as to successfully complete this course. I have been working all these years and had no time to take care of my kids and family. Due to this I had to undergo many problems such as Anxiety, panic and depression. Due to this I go home with much anger and shout at my kids which make an unpleasant situation at my home. I never wanted this to happen and that’s the reason I chose Rachel Ramos course and I now I feel much better.

If you are a person who wants to get rid of this problem all of a sudden, then this is not the right course. Because this course will take some time to get rid of your problems, but finally you will be enlightened. You needn’t invest much of your quality time here, but the fact is you have to have the confidence and belief that you can get rid of your problems so easily with the supervision of Ryan Rivera and Rachel Ramos. I can definitely say that the team at Calm Clinic is doing a great job in making lives of people easier by suggesting these techniques which are to be considered a replacement for the age old techniques like healing and affirmations. I could see a lot of woman undergoing this Triad Technique course at the Calm Clinic and it is obviously known that Rachel Ramos and Ryan Rivera are appreciated because they deliver results.

In this modern age and fast moving era, does anyone have time to do all these courses? Well, nobody has time, but once we allocate time to do these healing courses, we can be assured that our life gets easy and more than that our mind is relaxed and is free from depression and other panic problems. I have seen a good review about this Triad Technique course of Rachel Ramos in a popular website and tried this. I now feel proud that my choice was really right. I am happy and that can be seen in this review itself. I will definitely do multiple sittings with Rachel Ramos and get deep into this.


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    • profile image

      Janine 6 years ago

      This program is recommended by my social worker. We talked about it just last week when I asked about the classes being offered. She told me that this is what they've used in several classes that deal with people suffering from severe anxiety. She said it's an effective program seeing that it has worked for most of the sufferers.

    • profile image

      Simon 6 years ago

      There are effective treatments for anxiety disorders. It should basically start with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient and the family. There are different types of mental health conditions and anxiety disorders are one of the most common. These types of illnesses bring so much discomfort. These include fear, distress and uneasiness for no reason at all. Failure to seek treatment may completely change a person's life. Anxiety disorders can affect the quality of life of patients. Their ability to manage simple tasks, engage socially, and communicate effectively is hindered. Poor job performance is also observed.

      Stay away from things that will just induce stress as much as possible. It's an effective natural anxiety remedy. Learning breathing exercises, Yoga, and meditation are also known to manage anxiety attacks. Withdrawing from your friends or avoiding social functions will just make your life miserable. Live your life as normally as you can.


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