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Review of the 'Dreamland Thermo Therapy Heat Pad'

Updated on December 1, 2014

'Dreamland' Thermo Pad Product Summary:

I suffer from the cold terribly and due to my sometimes anxious disposition can also suffer from stomach cramps and so because of a recommendation I invested in 'Dreamlands' Thermo Therapy Heat Pad in the hope that it would at the very least keep me warm during the harsh Winter months!

'Dreamland' have designed the product to "target aches and pains anywhere in the body". The heat is meant to sooth general aches and pains such as arthritis, stomach cramps or pain sustained from any injury. I found the blanket soft, lovey and lush against my skin and is also big enough to cover the whole of my stomach and more but also compact and lightweight enough that you could carry it around with you to your friends place or when going on holiday. The hand hold control was very simple and easy to use and it took about 5 minutes to fully heat up to my required temperature. This excellent quality blanket did everything I wanted it to do and more. It was more than hot enough for me and the heat lasts a lot longer than a hot water bottle. It soothes any discomfort i'm in very quickly as well as making me feel generally more relaxed and calm.

Pros & Cons of 'Dreamlands' Thermo Thepary Heat Pad:


  • Heats up very quickly. (approximately 5 minutes)
  • The blanket has 5 heat settings to find the ideal tempterature for you.
  • The blanket is also very flexible so that you are able to bend it around your body if you need to and twist it into certain positions to cover any part of your body that needs soothing and/or warming.
  • Much more effective and lasts a lot longer than a hot water bottle. It enables you to heat a very large proportion of your body and therefore warm all of your body up and not just specific parts. This will aid relaxing and soothing the whole of your body and not just specific muscle pain. This will ultimately be more effective.
  • The blanket will automatically shut-off after 180 minutes. This means if you fall asleep you know you are perfectly safe.
  • The material will feel beautiful and soft against your skin which will aid soothing and relaxing your body completley.
  • The blanket is also machine washable. You simply de-tach it from the hand control and put it in your washing machine like any other blanket.
  • The heat this blanket generates will without a shadow of any doubt soothe any pains and aches you have in your body. It will clearly not cure whatever your main problem is but will inevitably sooth, relax and make any discomfort you are are a lot better.


  • As much as I appreciate this product it would be brilliant if 'Dreamland' were to create a much bigger blanket that I could wrap around the whole of my body. The current size of this particular product is 40 by 35 cm. Larger people may also find it is not quite big enough.
  • There are also cheaper versions of this product on the market. However they may well not be as effective as this one.

In summary I highly recommend the 'Dreamland' Thermo Thpary Heat Pad. It does exactly what I want it to do which is to soothe my stomach cramps which it does much more effectively than using a couple of blankets and a hot water bottle. Combined with a mug of camomile tea it completely sooths and heats up the whole of my body. I couldn't live without it during the Winter months! See the short video clip just below to get a visual idea of how it works.

My rating:

5 stars for 'Dreamland Thermo Thepary Heat Pad'

You can buy the 'Dreamland' Thermo Therapy Heat Pad at the discount price of 29.95 pounds now or take a look at some of it's other reviews at the link below.

Alternatively you can buy a cheaper second hand one at eBay at the second link:


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