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Review of the NasiVent Tube Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnea Aid

Updated on January 16, 2012

The NasiVent tube is a set of silicone tubes that fit into the nose. The purpose of this product is to widen the nostrils, presumably to make it easier to breathe while sleeping and reduce or eliminate snoring and sleep apnea.

After buying this product and testing it for over a week, it's fair to say that some people will get at least a nominal amount of help in their anti-snoring endeavors by using this product. As to sleep apnea, that is a very serious condition, and likely no one should try the NasiVent tube or any product without first consulting with a doctor.

As usual, there are both pros and cons when using the NasiVent. It does come in 4 separate sizes. The purpose of this is an attempt to fit every nose. Obviously, there is an enormous variation in nostril sizes and shapes, so it is impossible to say whether one of these sizes will fit you perfectly. However, I did find a size to fit me well.

Now, one of the drawbacks is that, while NasiVent tube is silicone and is reportedly safe for the skin, my biggest problem with it is that it is still uncomfortable. While not having given up on the product just yet, I find that it is uncomfortable enough to somewhat make it difficult to fall asleep.

Once having fallen asleep, however, my wife does report reduced snoring. It's not that the tubes work perfectly. But they have reduced the amount of snoring when looking at the night as a whole.

One recurring issue is also that the NasiVent falls out of the nose on some nights. But this does not mean that it doesn't work. It is just another thing to consider when deciding whether to purchase the product.

For about $25, the NasiVent tube is somewhat expensive. Only you can decide whether you should buy this anti-snoring product. I will just close by saying that it has been worth it to me to at least try something that sometimes gets good results. While far from a perfect product, the NasiVent anti-snoring tube product is definitely not a scam and will potentially provide some reduction in snoring.


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