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The Key to a Powerful Mind

Updated on July 18, 2013

Increase your mind power by resetting your mind set

Illusions by Richard Bach
Illusions by Richard Bach

Your Mindset

Argue for your limitations and they surely are yours. This is a famous line from Richard Bach’s book Illusions. This is exactly what many of us do daily. We will execute our life through our limited mindset. . We do this through labels that we believe define us. How do you define yourself? What does your mindset dictate to you? What chances did you not take because your beliefs are molded in cement, and you had to uphold your mindset? Are you people orientated, or a hermit? Do you have many diplomas, or haven’t gone past high school? Did you graduate from high school? What labels have you attached to yourself regarding your educations? Have you lived a life with money, or coming from a family of means? Have you lived a life were survival of your basic needs, food and shelter, were always in question? What mindset did you adopt from these experiences?

What if You wanted to Change?

What if You wanted to Change?

Our mindsets control our life, and unless we decide to change this, they will continue to direct us until we die. What would happen though if you awoke one morning and wanted to make some drastic changes in your life? Can you do this? How can you precede? How do you become unglue from your mindset that has always controlled you? When it says you can’t do this, because of some reason, how do you counteract it? What happens if your thirst for change is now stronger than your mindset? Will you go crazy? In the end, what happens if you dare to soar, where your type isn’t supposed to soar?

You do have Mental Power

Key Points

. You are not your mindset

. You can change each belief you have about yourself.

. You are not your past, so stop carrying that old mental baggage around

. This takes time, so take small baby steps.

The Key

If you decide to soar where you never have been, be prepared to be in a mighty wrestling match with your mindset. The good news is you are not your mindset. This is true, however revamping it takes on a lot of work. In the process of breaking free, you will first discover how many people are still living in their past, being dictated by their mindset. These people will be the first to speak to you, and to inform you that you are crazy. They will share with you all the reasons you cannot change your mindset. They know this well, because they have tried and it didn’t work. They will discourage you, for if they do not, than they must become responsible for giving up.. Rarely can you begin a conversation, without someone dragging up all the ‘evils’ that had landed on them in this life. They carry their battle scars not in a sense of proudness for living, but instead as a declaration to avoid living. Welcome to the typical mindset, which is one you also have. This is the mindset you are trying to break free. This is so prevalent in our world. An example of this would be discussing a new relationship. This is a fun one, for you will encounter others who would eagerly pull out their old torn withered suitcases of the past, and quickly put them into your lap. These suitcases carry the weight of their yesterdays’ sorrows, which now you are the proud new owner of them. Their mindset is reaching out to you, so you can avoid taking that chance in love. You do not want to do this, just look at what it did to them? Your mindset will eagerly remind you of your past as well. So you now have others old worn suitcases of disasters along with your own. This unfortunately is very common, and the majority of people are not even aware they are doing this. How can they not be aware? When your mindset is focus on the ills of living, it penetrates out of every pore in your body. We are not our mindsets.

All my life, as the same for you, my mindset controlled me. I was too shy, stupid, poor student, poor financially and unlovable. This was my mindset. I lived it daily, as it set me up to prove to me it was right. Then one morning I awoken with a strong desire to change all this. My thirst was stronger than my mindset. I was prepared to go to war against it. War I did have, and in the end I realized I never was my mindset.

What would you choose?

If you had the key to change would you?

See results

What Would You Choose?

If you learned the Key to a powerful mind, would you choose to change your mindset? Woul you dare to take your dreams and soar?

It can be done. I know this because I have, and plan to continue. Will you?

Allow your mind power to work

My Inner struggle with this Key

I fought such a bloody war. I created new maneuvers that my mindset just went ballistic over. I won. As I was winning, I discovered others who were not listening to their old mindsets. They have stopped arguing for their limitations. They proved through their daily existence that each day I can agree to embrace my mindset or fight it. I continue to fight. I continued to fall, and listen to my mindset say,” I told you so”. Each time I fell, and heard my mindset, I got back up. There were times I bled hard. My legs literally would not work well. Walking became a challenge, but I deliberately continue to walk. I learned what I could on healing, and applied these skills. My mindset laughed at me, saying I would never walk, unless I had surgery. My mindset has now quit laughing. I am walking without a cane, walker and knee brace. I walk freely now, and have a healthy dose of gratitude.

Physically I was beginning to achieve success, with each success my mindset becoming quieter. My thirst to change me and soar out spoke my mindset. It was louder now then my mindset. I decided to learn to write. My college professors, as well as others, told me I was stupid. I could not form a well structure sentence. I am now blogging here on Hub Pages, with awards. My thirst to write and my ability to learn has surpassed my mindset that I could never achieve this. I am now able to financially support myself, plus live alone. The old mindset would tell me I was not able to accomplish this, and I was nothing without a man. My desire to become empower now is louder than my mindset.

Allow positive behavior from others

The epilogue of the mindset

My mindset from the past is now quieter. It still tries to stir some action, but my beliefs will shout it out. I am now living with the knowing that I am not my mindset. My life is an adventure, and I am not apologetic for who I am. I take risks, because I enjoy improving my life. I do not argue for my limitations. When I feel I am limited, I ask myself, is this an area I desire to explore? If the answer is yes, than I am researching everything possible. If I am not really interested, I will shelf it for review at a later time. Lately, I have taken up studying Quantum Mechanics vocabulary. Science is an area my mindset would laugh me-out-of-town. I am learning. It is slow, and slow is immaterial. The point is I am learning. My thirst, which awoken me, is still present. I am now 62 and living life fully. I am much more than my mindset.

You are not your mindset. If you one day awaken with an unquenchable thirst to not be your mindset, I do hope you will go to war against it. It is the most enriching experience I have ever took, and well worth ever scar I ended up with receiving.


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    • HendrikDB profile image

      HendrikDB 5 years ago

      Let you think!

    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 5 years ago from Arizona

      Not sure if it is a bad personality,,more of what a person chooses to focus on daily. Thank you for replying:)


    • rasta1 profile image

      Marvin Parke 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Being true to self, is important. If you have a bad personality then you have to cover up. if you have a good personality, then there is nothing to hide.