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Revitalize Skin On a Cellular Level

Updated on July 22, 2011

As people age in years their body undergoes a transformation. Where once healthy and vibrant skin produced hydrates and nutrients naturally, the bodys ability to regenerate healthy tissue is slowed by the formation of damaging free radicals that rob the body of the ability to produce nutrients naturally. With the inability to self heal the skin begins to show the visible signs of age with the formation of fine lines andwrinkles.

The formations of free radical cell generators within the tissue layers of the human body have contributed to the degeneration of healthy epidermal tissue that leads to the visible signs of ageing. Cell generators acting like factories, produce free radicals that are a known causes of deteriorating health. Attacking healthy cells in order to repair their own mutated state, free radicals breakdown the natural hydrates that are produced in the body and affect the skins own natural elasticity and ability to stretch and reform. Free radicals have also been known to cause damage to vital organs and may be a leading factor in disease within the body. Aggravated by external conditions such as environmental pollutants, smoking and alcohol consumption, free radicals grow and spread throughout the body causing damage wherever they go. While the external conditions that affect the growth and spread of free radicals can be controlled to some extent, the internal development of free radicals from cell generators occur naturally and must be fought off by the antioxidants that are the natural enemy of free radicals.

Free radicals themselves grow and spread in the same way that metal is destroyed by rust. Oxidization of the cells causes a mutation and chemical breakdown of healthy cells that spread to other healthy cells causing the oxidization and mutation of cells into increasing numbers of free radicals. Although cell generators and free radicals are microscopic in size the damage that they cause can be harmful to the human body. Antioxidants that are introduced into the body seek out and destroy free radicals and go along way in repairing the damage done by free radical activity. Occurring in nature through the plant world, antioxidants can be found in many healthy fruits that are grown and harvested organically. The organic production of fruit helps in the development of antioxidants, and fruits that are grown organically typically have more antioxidants contained in them than similar fruit that is exposed to chemical pesticides or washes during growth and harvesting.

Once introduced into the body antioxidants seek out free radicals and destroy them, restoring healthier tissue to areas affected by free radical damage. Skin especially is affected by free radicals that are responsible for the creation of wrinkles and fine lines that relate to the body ageing. Free radicals cause skin to sag and lose its ability to stretch and rebound making the outward appearances of age more apparent. Whileskin carecreams and lotions go along way to keep the outer layers of the skin moisturized with hydrates, the deeper layers of skin tissue remain dried out. Dirt and other impurities that have made their way into the pores of the skin and are worked deep into the epidermal layers contribute to the ageing process and given the skin a weathered or worn look.

While free radical production and skin penetrating impurities age the skin, there are solutions to hydrating the layers of skin tissue with antioxidants for natural plant extracts that restore the layers of skin to a natural firmness and elasticity. These same botanical ingredients naturally ward of free radicals and have been shown to block the development of cell generators suspending the production of free radicals and essentially locking in the damage causing free radicals. Without the affects of free radicals to destroy the cells and tissue that make up the skin, people using theage lockbotanical gels are enjoying healthy smooth skin that is free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Appropriately named, age lock gels, are infused into the deep tissue layers of the skin through a device that uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate the epidermal tissue and revitalizing it to a youthful state. By using naturally antioxidant rich extracts from plants and minerals the epidermal layers of skin receive nutrients and hydrates that are compatible with the bodys own naturally produced oils. Trapping the progress of free radical cell generators the age lock formulas them restore the skin to its former tightness and elasticity relieving sagging skin and removing fine lines and wrinkles.

Used exclusively by a galvanic device that delivers the infused age lock gels into the layers of skin tissue, the low level electrical current gently massages the outer surface of the skin restoring it to its former beauty and leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. With the natural botanicals working below the surface to hydrate and moisturize the deeper layers of tissue, the skin receives its natural vibrant glow. With regular treatments at intermittent intervals, the skin becomes naturally rejuvenated and appears to be age defying as the age lock science of antioxidants, nutrients, and hydrates prevent further damage to the skin from free radical production.

With the addition of daily skin care that specifically addresses the outer layers of the skin the galvanic treatment of the inner layers of epidermal tissue receive the benefits of age lock gels and go along way to remove fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining the natural radiance of younger and healthier skin. Once only available in day spas and fine salons the galvanic device used to deliver the age locking botanical gels has been patented for home use by a leading developer of skin care management products. Using one of three different interchangeable heads to treat the body, face, and scalp, the galvanic device can deliver age defying botanicals to any part of the body to restore the skin to its intended natural beauty and vibrancy.

With the use of galvanic treatments available for home use and the natural organic nutritional supplements that provide antioxidants to the internal organs and immune system of the body it is now possible to stave off the affects of ageing and maintain a clean and healthy body that does not have to reveal how old a person actually is. By removing the visible signs of age and restoring the natural strength of healthy skin it is possible to take years off the face and body naturally, without surgery or harmful chemical injections. Only by using the exclusive patented deliver system of galvanic treatments can anyone suspend the ageing process with the use of natural botanicalage lockgels infused into the deep tissue layer of the skin by the galvanic home treatment.


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    • profile image

      Sarah Glitz 

      7 years ago

      The new trend is to revitalize the skin on a cellular level for keeping it fair and beautiful.This is an informative hub.Quite useful as well.The products are worth trying.I got a good result.thanks for sharing :)


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