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Revving Up Your Energy

Updated on September 22, 2015

Revving up your energy

Mayan diety's
Mayan diety's | Source
Sun power
Sun power | Source

Energy the Propelling Factor

Revving Up Your Energy

Engaging and just as mysterious as the Sacred Tzolkin is; in the Mayan experience today, and it was in the past, it is believed that the Sacred Tzolkin generates 260 different energies. That means just as it is mysterious, and with consideration to the natural formation of limestone, it is a Pyramid that acts as a powerful converter (a huge battery) called the Harmonic Module.

The Harmonic Module or Sacred Tzolkin carries sound thousands of miles away into the jungles, mountains, and into the valleys. In addition to being a monolithic spectacle, a natural wonder within itself.

The Tzolkin is considered a world within a world and it is like Oxygen a Energy when it travels through bloodstream (hemoglobin) in an Oxygenated molecular vessel and is powered by energies that we cannot see, but that are electrified in our atom soup using our body as an electromagnetic force in generating energy.

Converted proteins play a huge part in our energy, metabolism, and functionality. Energy is what propels the body to move, function, respond, and react. Some foods create high proteins in the converted energy processes, in moderation of course, for example:

· Fish (Salmon, Whitefish, Cod, & Perch)

· Nuts (Walnuts, almonds, flaxseed, & Brazil nuts)

· Meats (Eggs, Poultry, Pork tenderloin, & Lamb)

· Raw vegetables

When there are the energies derived from other substances like the limestone in the Sacred Tzolkin calendar that we previously spoke about, that transcends over miles and miles, as it acts as a battery conductor.

Our beautifully unique watery blue planet supplies many more minerals and precious stones, sounds, and musical tones that generate energy, too.

The Sacred Tzolkin is the natural foundational energy system that the Mayan fused within its calendar, writings, and daily life; here it inspired its mathematician’s to construct other monolithic structures within its walls or kingdom; and construct other marvels with its belief system. The Sacred Tzolkin is in essence a living natural foundational bible for the Mayan who still practice its belief system in the Guatemalan and Mexico areas.

There are 260 different energies that the Mayan declared in their unique belief system and alignment with the natural elements, and properties found in the energies of the Sacred Tzolkin declarations that aligns everything in the natural world, like rivers, solar system, rotation of the Sun, the night, and the day of the rising of the Sun and the Moon, etc. (

One of those energies of the Sacred Tzolkin is the energy from the Sun, this energy is vital to both human and plant life, and it is the source of all change in the planet earth ( Plants rely on the Sun for Vitamin D & E ( and a unique process of photosynthesis where carbohydrates and proteins that are stored in plant life, including foods and transferred by the plant to the cow that ingests it, and to the human who ingests the cow. For human beings, it is an essential element to our survival in getting this type of Vitamin D & E only from the Sun, and it is the only form of vitamin the Sun can produce, vitamin D3. It not only supplies this vital vitamin to all exisitence on this planet, and stores it as a calorie in human and plant life. It also serves to warm the planet, when the Sun comes up and moves through the day; it evidently aligns and moves the oceans and solar system.

The Mayan also worshiped the Sun God. We will look further in latter writings about other forms of energies that we as humans interact and engage in to further promote our well-being.

Some of the other forms of energy are derived from other culturally affective groups like Ayurveda, Music Promoters, and the Chakras lotus petal of our bodies that maintain seven Chakras ( Remember our bodies are electromagnetic fields and these meanings and practices are a very important elemental practice in many parts of the world, including our own culture.

In addition, to the forms of energy mentioned above, there are many in other minerals found in rock formations that also provide energy are the more popularly known as Healing Crystal Mineral compounds, metals, and soundwaves (

by Aida Garcia

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