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Rice Diet Review

Updated on January 28, 2013

Introduction to the Rice Diet

Details about the rice diet are available online through a website continuing the work of the program’s founder (Dr. Walter Kempner) back in 1939, and also through a book, the Rice Diet Solution.  A brief overview of the rice diet reveals that it is a restricted food diet emphasizing low calorie intake, low sodium, low fat, and also low protein.  Beyond the caveat that individual results may vary this diet can be difficult to follow or maintain without support groups, and the diet was originally based out of a medical clinic located in Durham, North Carolina.  There is a lot of information available on the rice diet, and the interesting part about this diet is that while it is considered by many to be a "fad diet," the fact that it has stayed around for so long as this diet has been around for over 70 years but it is still around.

More on the Rice Diet

The first phase of the rice diet is to detoxify the body to eliminate any chemical or preservative intake which might be the cause for increasing appetite while actually decreasing metabolism.  Advocates of the rice diet insist that sodium is a chief suspect and maintain that reducing sodium provides all the benefits of better heart and kidney health, as well as a reduced appetite.  Because of some of the strictures of the diet it is recommended that you receive a green light from a licensed dietician or doctor before committing to this diet, as low calorie diets of 1200 calories or less can produce side effects.

The second phase of the program is education about food, exercise, and life.  The rice diet stresses that people need to be conscious of the food they put into their bodies, stressing whole, organic foods over processed foods.  They believe that a proper exercise program is symbiotic to their diet plan and they emphasize fitness.  Put simply phase two brings the patient down to their healthy weight, teaches the individual to eat right and exercise and encourages their mental and physical well-being through stress management.

Phase three of the program simply is learning to reincorporate the foods into your life that will allow you to maintain your proper weight and physical activity level.  The physicians in Durham are quick to say that following their diet from home versus at their clinic requires some modification to keep it safe but their book answers and addresses the majority of the needs of the at-home dieter.

The clinic stay is expensive but is guaranteed to be life changing if properly followed.  Current rates are $2300 for the first week, $1800 for week two, $1000 for week three, $800 for week four and $665 per each additional week, lodging not included and costs not covered by Medicare or private insurance.  Whether interested in following the rice diet at home or receiving top care at their Durham, NC clinic information about the rice diet can be found online or through their book, available at most book stores or libraries.

Comments on the Rice Diet Review

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    • ftclick profile image

      ftclick 7 years ago

      interesting because even normal workout routines suggests you eat 2000 calories. I do like the whole organic over processed food part,


    • JerseyGirl profile image

      JerseyGirl 7 years ago from Jersey Shore

      This was an excellent hub. I purchased the book "The Rice Diet Solution" back in 1985. I was on the diet for about 8 months and lost 60 pounds. (I went from 180 to 120). I've been able to maintain my weight at about 125 for all of these years; and I owe it to this diet. It really changed my life because I learned how to look for healthy solutions - and enjoying food in it's "raw" state. Thank you for getting the word out!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for an interesting and informative article.