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Rice substitute for the 4 hour body slow carb diet

Updated on July 28, 2012
Lentils and Chinese food
Lentils and Chinese food

Lentils instead of Rice

During my younger days, it was not difficult to obtain abs. I just went to the gym a couple of times a week and boom, abs. As I enter my 30s, going to the gym didn’t seem to have the same effect. Last year, I came across the book, The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and this revolutionized the way I ate and worked out. For his ridiculously short workout, I did the two handed kettle bell swing, myoatic crunches and the cat vomit. For the diet, I adapted the slow-carb diet. Within 3 months I and my work out partner had solid abs. Unfortunately, our gym shut down and we were unable to get access to kettle bells. So for 2 short weeks, I had abs…

I’ve decided to get back on the diet again and one of the tenants is not to eat rice. I am of Chinese descent and I typically eat rice at every meal. If I don’t eat rice, my family will accuse me of not eating a proper meal. I think my grandmother would freak out if she heard that I didn’t eat rice with a meal. So it’s pretty deeply ingrained in me to eat rice.

I’ve tried to just eat more of the meal and not the rice, but I end up feeling crappy with an unsettled stomach. The other day I decided to try eating lentils instead of rice as they are pretty plain and I found that it worked quite well. In order to get some flavor into the lentils, I eat the lentils out of a bowl and spoon the food on top of it, so that the sauce of the food soaks into the lentils to give it more flavor. This is something that I typically do with rice.

Now this works really well with Asian food which can easily be shared out, I can’t imagine doing this with a steak. Luckily my wife is Chinese and only cooks Chinese food.

Dried lentils are by far one of the cheapest sources of protein. When I was living in Nepal, people would eat Dal Bhaat for every meal. Dal is curried lentils and Bhaat is rice. So if a whole country is eating this as their national meal, then its gotta be good. It’s also Tim Ferriss’ go to source of legume protein.

Preparing the lentils are fairly easy. I typically soak them for a few hours and then boil up a large pot of them for 30 min to an hour until they are soft. Then just store them in the fridge and microwave it when ready to eat, great rice alternative. Now if I can only figure out a bread alternative. Or check out how to cook lentils.


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    • the cheap guy profile image

      the cheap guy 5 years ago from Makati

      Id love to have a sandwich and putting deli meat between 2 pieces of lettuce doesn't sound too appetizing

    • Danwe profile image

      Danwe 5 years ago

      Hi there The cheap guy. Lentils are indeed my favorite substitute for rice! I just love them ! :) As far as bread goes, I haven't substituted it at all, I just don't eat it and I don't miss it at all. So what do you need a bread alternative for ?:) Take a green salad together with different vegetables and you will be fine. All in all, it is just a matter of habit. After a month you will not even look at bread in a shop.


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