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Risks of Smoking to Penis Health

Updated on February 11, 2010

Smoking for many years has been known to be harmful in terms of causing heart attacks and other problems related to blood circulation. Chain smoking over several years clogs up the arteries in the human body. When blood flow is restricted and clogged, several organs start to fail without proper blood.

The penis is no different than any other part of the body when it comes to being affected by smoking. In fact, the penis is at more risk than other parts of the body as the arteries that flow into the penis as are especially narrow or thin. The result is that these arteries are the first to be affected in the human body.

When these arteries get affected, the men start to have trouble getting an erection on maintaining an erection. For a penis to be erect, it depends on blood flow. The penis is like a balloon that holds blood. When it is erect, it has three chambers that are full of blood. When an erection subsides, the chambers contract back to normal size with the blood flow returning to normal levels. When the arteries flowing into the penis start to get clogged up, the man struggles to get an erection as these chambers do not receive enough blood. The penis is either limp or at a half erection. This is the problem that is commonly known as erectile dysfunction or ED.

Who is at risk of erectile dysfunction caused by smoking?

Anybody who smokes more than 3 cigarettes a day

Middle aged men in the 30+ age group are especially susceptible to the ED risk of smoking.

A person who is a smoker and who is also overweight. Having a lot of fat in your body makes your heart work harder as it has to pump blood at a faster than normal rate to push it through the clogged arteries.

If one starts to develop ED, he should take it as a strong sign of potentially far worse problems. One of the biggest reasons for ED is clogging up of the arteries into the penis as discussed earlier. It is ideal to give up smoking in general for health reasons. The onset of ED should give you a very strong incentive to quit it for good. The ED should be treated as a warning sign. You body is trying to tell you that the arteries are starting to clog up and it will eventually start to clog up the bigger arteries as well.

Could years of smoking have reduced my penis size?

It could have done so. The reason is that the reduced blood flow might have caused the penis chambers to become smaller. The penis chambers all have cell walls around them. When the blood flow is weak or not at optimum levels, the cell walls start to thicken. As they thicken, the chambers are able to hold less and less blood thus becoming smaller. People who are completely inactive sexually will also face a similar problem. For those who are smokers with even a very active sex life, damage of smoking is still possible over a long period of time and it is just best to quit to be on the safer side.


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    • profile image

      Hi 4 years ago

      This is probably old and you might not check it, recently, I felt my penis may have decreased in size. Whilst the shaft and rest seems fairly similar to before smoking, the penis head seems to have had the most effect, and now doesn't feel as solid, large and full any more. Could this be possible for a 24 year old which has been smoking since he was 18?

      Also would the damage

    • profile image

      fredward 5 years ago

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    • Nick Stevens profile image

      Nick Stevens 8 years ago from Manchester, NH

      Hi Bob, the damage is not permanent. Testosterone levels are highest at the age of 20 and naturally decline with age.

      This however does not mean that you can never experience the same quality of erections as before. You can try out penis exercises and kegel exercises that will take about 6-8 minutes a day and you will see a remarkable improvement in size and performance in about 8 weeks.

      I have reviewed one such exercise program at

      You can read through the review and other information there to understand more about penis exercises.

    • profile image

      Bob 8 years ago

      When I was 20 and smoking for 5 years my erections were stronger and just bigger than they are now at 30yrs and smoking for 15 years. Other than smoking (which I have stopped) I am healthy as an ox. Would any potential cell damage done by smoking reverse or return to normal after stopping smoking or is any loss permanent?

    • Nick Stevens profile image

      Nick Stevens 8 years ago from Manchester, NH

      @Harry, yes, it is more common with smokers who are 35+ or middle age and above.

    • profile image

      Harry Pecker 8 years ago

      I have been studying the connection between psychoanalytic and ed and I agree with you. Smoking can cause problems with the circulation.