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Root cause of Obesity in America

Updated on November 30, 2015

Obesity has become a chronic problem in America. It not only affects the health of individuals but it has huge impact on U.S Economy as well. Nowadays, people are not bothered whether their food contains all the essential nutrients or not. The food we eat contributes to our healthy body and helps in bringing work-life balance. If we intake more calories than needed then the extra food turns into fat and this causes gain in weight which results in obesity. It is the root cause of preventable deaths in the United States such as strokes, diabetes and heart diseases.

Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 which is calculated based on height and weight. Some even say obesity is an ‘Epidemic’ in United States. The root cause of obesity is that people spend less time for family and lack of physical activities in work. They want fast solutions like fast foods. They want to eat processed foods due to lack of time management and at the same time they want to keep a check on their weight. Individuals or employees spend excess time in office and less time in their social lives. Lack of physical activities is the major problem.

Other causes such as poor sleep, stress, excessive weight gain in pregnancy, lack of breastfeeding and smoking also adds up to shorter life span. People spend too much on diet books, low fat or fat-free products but they have no idea that these can also increase a person’s bad cholesterol, decreases our good cholesterol and raises the risk of developing chronic diseases. These fat free products can cause imbalance in our metabolism and a surge in insulin rate or energy level which in turn causes weight gain and diabetes.

We could now look into some facts about the state of obesity in United States.67%% of American adults are obese and overweight. Mississippi and West Virginia has the highest adult obesity rate at 35%. The American adults who are obese come under the age group of 40 to 59 years. About 65% of Americans in the age group of 25 or above were either Obese or Overweight.

A Shocking fact is that about 39% of American children are either obese or overweight. This is because 80% of the Kids foods are of low nutritional value. American children are having more than 400 calories of intake through fast foods. Obesity in children or adolescence is caused due to poor eating habits, binging, lack of exercise, obese parents, low self-esteem or depression.

The Solution to control rising Obesity is in the hands of our people. Fitness experts say that Exercise can prevent weight gain or control obesity. Is it even possible to take out some time for exercise or yoga out of our busy schedule? Yes, it is possible if we have the right planning to balance both work and our Health. Exercise alone may have a small effect, and that small effect can make a huge difference in our health issues. Obviously we can’t blame the fast food or processed food. They are made to make our life easier. The Food industry would blame people’s inactivity to be the root cause of increase in Obesity.

Eat Healthy and Live a Healthy & Happy Life!


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    • Bhagya k singh profile imageAUTHOR

      Bhagya Kumar Singh 

      3 years ago from India

      Yes, you are right. In reality people buy goods based on their budget. As you said grocery items like canned food and boxed dinner are affordable & lasts longer. If we are not eating healthy then at least we could equalize it by doing some exercise or yoga which would give us a healthy & long life. A person can surely afford 20 min of walk in the morning or yoga to maintain his healthy lifestyle. I know giving advice is easy but implementing them is difficult. But once we start doing it you will surely feel the difference in your health.

      Thanks for your opinion!

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      You've got most of your facts right, but I think you're missing a HUGE key factor into WHY people have such poor diets and live unhealthy lifestyles. And yes, it is the food industry's fault.

      Imagine you're in a grocery store and you have just a small portion of your paycheck to devote to feeding yourself and family all month long. Do you spend that money on a small amount of fruits and veggies that will go bad quickly or do you think economically about what food items will last all month? Now, what food items are costly and what items are cheaper?

      It is a fact that in this country, eating a healthy and balanced diet is well outside the economic means for a lot of people. Grocery items like bulk noodles, rice, canned goods, and boxed dinners are cheaper, last longer, and can feed a whole family. Are they as healthy as a fresh salad everyday? Of course not, but if that's all you can afford to keep your family fed....


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