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Root Causes of Addiction From Childhood

Updated on March 26, 2018
Kevin St Hilaire profile image

Coming from an addict background for 11 years I have a deep-rooted desire to share my insight on subjects about addiction. .

From Infancy onward


Children from birth know that they need to consume food in order to survive. They cry when they are hungry and they need to be nurtured. Appeased infants realize that the world is a better place when they are loved. Some parents ALWAYS give their child what they want from infancy ironically opening the door for possible addictive traits from day one. This is why some avoid coddling too much if addiction runs in the family. It is controversial whether or not certain human beings are born with addictive traits and personalities. I however believe addiction is inherent of ones surroundings, upbringing, and circumstances early on in life. One may have some certain genetic make up that suggests a high chance for addictive idealizations. If this is so I believe it can remain dormant unless elation from drug use or certain recurring addictive behaviors are discovered. Usually these types of things are discovered with a basic desire to fill a particular void.


Life at home in adolescence

We all come from different origins and home lives and our families all have a different back story. This is very relevant in addiction discovery. For example, my domestic life had a plethora of common and not so common issues. The apex of my home life dilemma when I was a child was my mothers bout with alcoholism and psychological impediments . She struggled as a single lower-class mother on welfare with the odds of society against her from all directions. I was caught in an involuntary cross fire between the powerful and the subjugated because well, I am my mothers son. It is of course hard to shake the stripes off of a zebra. Every prospect for our families succession was exploited due to our circumstances whether my mother was sober for lengths of time or not. She tried hard and went back to school numerous times working as many jobs as she could retain. She did the best she could despite her situation. We moved around a lot being on section 8 housing and this made it difficult for me to settle down anywhere. This causes a lot of stress for my mother and of course myself. I tried confiding in others about my concerns but the fear of stigma and embarrassment prevented me from getting anywhere. Not only that what would change? I became complacent with the way I was living and eventually became one with it after reluctant acceptance. I took advantage of my mothers relapses and threw house parties with the kids from school when she would drink. Everyone thought she was the best. Why though? Most likely because she was enabling during those times. Still I do not blame her as her addiction was so volatile she prayed for it to go away all the time when she would be on one of her runs. I began skipping school on a regular basis to use drugs and drink and I started to realize that I wasn't like other kids anymore. Home life was sometimes so stressful that I didn't want to go home at night so I would stay out. My stability soon enough was lost and I went down a twisting spiral of a seemingly never ending black hole toward insanity. School was another story..


The educational institution and how it influences addiction

School would always be tough not fitting in to any clique or social group. I tried sports and after school programs however I always found that using drugs and drinking alcohol were the most positive vices in my life. After all, this is what I was domestically accustomed to. Having the bare minimum in life and dealing with stress at home made me get used to selling myself short. I would tell myself I couldn't do something because of who I was and I'd crave to fill that void immediately. The school system didn't help much as I was a trouble maker with a stigmatic integrated education plan. This was based on the premise that I had deviant behavioral issues that disrupted the general population of the school. This of course was a systematic removal tactic to take me out of my college prep classes and put me in classes that I could not excel in. I loved school. I just had issues that needed work due to my surroundings and circumstances during my life. I didn't choose to become an addict at such a young age. I was angry and cynical toward the world. I began to look at the glass as half empty. I needed more help not a stigmatic displacement in school. I soon enough got kicked out of three schools yet I did graduate. The irony of this is that I never stayed back once but I did become a raging drug addict for years to come. I ended up in county jail several times and did just over 4 years incarcerated. I did society harm many times and these are my commendations for my life thus far. Looking back I noticed that I, as well as other troubled children at the schools I attended could have done much better despite home life. Peer pressure of course will always be there. All kids experiment or romance the idea with one thing or another at some point (drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, porn, video games, etc.) This of course doesn't mean they will become addicts yet most kids will try certain things more than once. If it is a phase they strengthen the addictive mindset that may manifest itself later in their lives after remission. This all can be seen as socially acceptable among peers in school. Drinking and smoking concentrated marijuana oils today are the party staple of almost all high school students. This seems to be okay for most however some take it above and beyond and take prescription pills by themselves along with alcohol and marijuana or other illicit powders like cocaine and heroin. Any drug use done alone is not social, rendering it anti-social behavior. I didn't ever project my 5 year plan after high school consisting of intravenous heroin and cocaine use. Lawrence, MA is the opiate epidemic capital of America and I live here. It is very hard to stay abstinent.


The big picture

Take a look at this issue on a macro level with something known as the sociological imagination. C. Wright Mills elaborates on how important it is to understand the connection between the individual and society as well as the history behind that. One person can effect society and society can effect one person. Addiction is it's own evil entity that effects you and that you effect whether you realize it or not. If your family comes from a more affluent background you may brush addiction off as a peasants malady however the disease of addiction does not discriminate. Anyone from ANY class, culture, race, religion, or background can become an addict. Your children may well likely become addicts just as they may get Leukemia. You may tell yourself, "No, not my child" but yes. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition addiction is now known as a disease just like cancer. With addiction people become very miserable and misery loves company. So other people inadvertently spread this disease so they do not feel alone. Yes, I am saying addiction is like a spreadable cancer and children are becoming like the walking dead out there. Do you see the correlation? We can't have a society without all of the wheels turning at the same time. This particular broken wheel can and will inhibit us from concurrently moving along the societal infrastructure of the world in peace. Recognizing the root causes of addiction from early on and being aware of how your children react to situations at home and at school can help you prevent addiction from becoming part and parcel of a potentially inevitably debilitating life. Looking at the big picture of everything will help you greater understand how the individual addict is effected and how that addict can effect others but not only that how others can effect that addict. The micro/macro connection of the individual addict, all addicts, and potential addicts makes up all of society. Addictions insidious reach into the societal sphere can only be broken down by recognizing every angle of this epidemic.

TedTalks: Johann Hari on addiction

What fascinates me about addiction and obsessive behavior is that people would choose an altered state of consciousness that's toxic and ostensibly destroys most aspects of your normal life, because for a brief moment you feel okay.

— Moby

The opiate epidemic capital of our country

© 2018 Kevin St Hilaire


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