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Rorschach Inkblot Test

Updated on February 14, 2016
Sue B. profile image

Sue has been an online writer for over eight years. She is a mother, social worker, writer, and dream interpreter.

Rorschach inkblot cards have been in the public domain for decades now. There was much controversy around this psychological testing method when information about typical answers and the interpretive results of those answers were published. The inkblots were cloaked in secrecy for years while this was one of the most common psychological tests to perform. Secrecy, of course, breeds curiosity and people just want to see them more!

While many argue that publishing information about the Rorschach inkblot test damages the integrity of the test and invalidates the results, this test is not relied upon in modern Psychology due to the subjective nature of the test. The Rorschach inkblots required the subject to give the examiner the first impression they had of the inkblot and we have only one chance for a first impression. The field of psychology has now emphasized more objective tests. These objective tests are not nearly as entertaining but more reliable and valid.

I have found the Rorschach inkblot cards similar to dream interpretation. Both allow you to explore the subconscious content of your mind and could be used as a helpful tool to gain personal insight and foster personal growth and development. In the past, the Rorschach was only interpreted by a professional attempting to provide an objective interpretation to a subjective test. Now that the test has been made public, it can be used as a tool of self-discovery for many. As in dream interpretation, you are the expert on YOU. Your own interpretations (with maybe some solicited feedback from others) may help you gain better understanding into yourself.

Take the Inkblot Test Yourself!

  1. Grab a pen and paper or open up Notepad on your computer.
  2. View each of the 10 inkblots one by one. Spaces were added to help you avoid viewing many inkblots at once.
  3. Jot down your first impressions that come to mind when viewing the inkblot for the first time. Write down everything even if it doesn't make sense to you. Try not to dismiss your first impression since this is the most important. Write down any thoughts, impressions, and feelings the inkblot evokes and move on. This should only take a minute.
  4. After you view each inkblot, read the section describing how to interpret your results.
  5. ♥ Gain further insight into yourself ♥
  6. Not sure how to interpret one of your answers? Write a comment or write me and I could give you some suggestions.

Inkblot #1


Inkblot # 2


Inkblot # 3


Inkblot # 4


Inkblot # 5


Inkblot # 6


Inkblot # 7


Inkblot # 8


Inkblot # 9


Inkblot # 10



Some interpretations reference Wikipedia and Wikipedia's references associated with related authors (Weiner & Greene 2007, pp. 390–39, Weiner 2003, pp. 102–109).

Don't see your answer? Write a comment and I will provide an interpretation for your unique answer.

Inkblot # 1 Answers and Interpretations

Common responses include a bat, butterfly and moth.

Unfortunately, we lose a lot of information on this card when viewing it online. Usually, how we approach the first card, view it, and begin to share our impressions for the first time gives us a lot of insight into how we approach new tasks and stressful situations for the first time.

This card likely reflects us.

Bat: What is your impression of a bat? Bats may symbolize something demonic or unclean for some while symbolizing rebirth and navigating through the dark for others. Seeing a bat can be a healthy acknowledgement of your dark-side. If you are a comic fan- this also may relate to Batman's symbolism of the bat- he had a fear of bats and became a bat to address and use his fear for his own advancement. Batman was also a vigilante- perhaps you possess this trait too. If you specifically thought of a vampire bat, you may either feel drained and unbalanced.

Butterfly: What is your impression of a butterfly? Butterflies often symbolize transformation and transition, the ability to change, grow and overcome. Butterflies may also be associated with being a social person-- like a social butterfly.

Moth: What is your impression of a moth? This is usually a negative symbol for most people. Moths can be symbolic of feeling ugly, overlooked, a wallflower. They can also symbolize our irritants, what annoys us, and our weaknesses. Perhaps you have a tendency to view yourself negatively and highlight your flaws rather than focus on your strengths and positive characteristics.

Animal's face (elephant or rabbit typically): Symbols associated with faces and elephants-- especially in respect to this inkblot-- give us information about how we confront problems and what are initial reactions are when faced with challenges. If you have perceived an animal's face and were fearful for examples, this may show you that you experienced some fear and panic at the thought of looking into the face of your inner issues. An elephant may also represent the "elephant within the room" or the big issue we all ignore and are tiptoeing around.

Angel: What is your impression of an angel? As a symbol, angels typically represent protection, goodness, purity, and spirituality. Since this was in reaction to the first card, it is possible you turn to angels in times of stress or view yourself as someone striving to possess the traits of an angel.

Inkblot # 2 Answers and Interpretations

This is often perceived as a sexual card. The red parts of the card are often perceived as blood. Your responses may reflect how you manage feelings of anger or physical harm.

Two People: What is your view of these two people? Depending upon your other feelings, this could relate to codependency, conflicted feelings about sex, a preoccupation with sex, or a current focus on relationships and bonding with others.

One Person Looking Into a Mirror: What is your view of one person looking into the mirror? You may be self-absorbed at times or you tend to self-reflect. How negative or positive this meaning is depends upon your feelings about this inkblot and how well you balance this trait.

Dog: What are your feelings about dogs? This could be a symbol of your "best friend", a loyal and affectionate friend you may find in your life or within yoruself. On the contrary, if you see a vicious dog or have a fear of dogs, you may need to face fears and give more acknowledgement to inner traits and feelings you associate with negativity and earthly drives.

Elephant: What are you feelings about elephants? This could be a symbol of your intelligence, memory and thoughtfulness yet it could also reflect your negative physical self-image.

Bear: What are you feelings about bears? Bears can symbolize many different traits- from independence & resurrection to aggression & competition. Sometimes bears symbolize a play-on-words meaning bare. If this is the meaning, you may either feel honest and genuine or vulnerable and unprotected.

Praying: Since this is often seen as a more sexual card, seeing someone praying may highlight your beliefs and ideas of sex within context of religion. Seeing blood associated with a religious symbol may mean you associate religion with physical pain and sacrifice. This may also mean you either have a tendency to rely on prayer when facing difficult emotions (anger, etc.) or have these feelings associated with religious practice.

Inkblot # 3 Answers and Interpretations

This card typically relates to your comfort or discomfort with social interactions.

Two People: What activity are they participating in and how do you feel about it? This symbol will help you understand how you relate to others. If they are eating together, this means you are able to take in information and find your social life to nourish you. Seeing people washing their hands shows paranoid feelings, a sense of uncleanliness, and insecurity. If they are armwrestling, you view social relationships as competitive. Being overly focused on the breasts may indicate your need to be nurtured in social relationships and may be highlighting a tendency to be dependent upon others. If they are participating in a game such as chess, you may also view social relationships as competitive although on more of an intellectual level. Are you winning or losing? Are there winners and losers when it comes to frienship and social bonds?

One person looking into mirror: This symbol may show you that you are oblivious to others, that self-reflection can easily turn into self-absorption. Perhaps you are seeing yourself in others and not truly seeing them for who they are. You also could be a a temporary stage of much-needed self-evaluation and self-re-evaluation.

Ducks: Seeing ducks within this image may show that you have more comfort with animal interactions than you do with social interactions with other people. It also could mean you are flexible socially (ducks are able to fly, walk, swim). Yet is also could mean you have difficulty confronting others socially and have a tendency to duck away from or avoid social situations you find uncomfortable.

Inkblot # 4 Answers and Interpretations

This card is often referred to the father card because it often relates to an individual's upbringing and their ideas and attitudes related to authority.

A large person looking down on a smaller person: How does this image make you feel? These feelings are associated with your feelings and attitudes towards your father (or father-figure) and authority. You may feel inferior towards others you perceive has having more power than you. How does this sense of inferiority influence you today? Do you crumble at the thought of confrontation or do you rebel against others?

A large creature/animal/monster/Satan: This interpretation is similar to the large person interpretation although there are also associations with exaggerated fears and negative feelings as well as not viewing your father or similar figure as human. Satan in particular may relate to your negative feelings towards religious leaders.

animal skin rug: You either have less of an emphasis on the problem with authority or inferiority complexes as the other interpretations or you have significant discomfort when facing the subject of your father and upbringing. What do you think of this animal skin rug? Perhaps you have conquered your fears or perhaps you are shielding yourself from getting in touch with your roots and grounding yourself. If you had trouble pinpointing what you thought this was, you may have some hesitancy associated with facing issues associated with your father.

Inkblot # 5 Answers and Interpretations

Same as #1 although if there is a change in perception that is interesting. If you moved from a more negative to a more positive symbol or vice versa explore how your responses and impressions of #2-#4 have influenced you.

This card likely reflects us.

Bat: What is your impression of a bat? Bats may symbolize something demonic or unclean for some while symbolizing rebirth and navigating through the dark for others. Seeing a bat can be a healthy acknowledgement of your dark-side. If you are a comic fan- this also may relate to Batman's symbolism of the bat- he had a fear of bats and became a bat to address and use his fear for his own advancement. Batman was also a vigilante- perhaps you possess this trait too. If you specifically thought of a vampire bat, you may either feel drained and unbalanced.

Butterfly: What is your impression of a butterfly? Butterflies often symbolize transformation and transition, the ability to change, grow and overcome. Butterflies may also be associated with being a social person-- like a social butterfly.

Moth: What is your impression of a moth? This is usually a negative symbol for most people. Moths can be symbolic of feeling ugly, overlooked, a wallflower. They can also symbolize our irritants, what annoys us, and our weaknesses. Perhaps you have a tendency to view yourself negatively and highlight your flaws rather than focus on your strengths and positive characteristics.

Inkblot # 6 Answers and Interpretations

This is also viewed as a sex card. It often symbolizes something associated with interpersonal closeness.

Two intimate beings: How do you feel about this card? These feelings are associated with your feelings related to interpersonal closeness and your comfort level with intimacy.

Animal skin: Since this a card associated with interpersonal closeness, you may be resistent to closeness, may be a loner at times, and may guard yourself or shield yourself which gives way to an emptiness quality.

Inkblot # 7 Answers and Interpretations

This is often referred to as the mother card. It relates to femininity.

Heads of women: How do you feel about this card? These feelings are associated with your views of your mother which influence your views of women in general.

Heads of children: How do you feel about this card? These feelings are associated with your childhood and your need to nurture and tend to your inner child. Perhaps something associated with your relationship with your mother demands attention and healing.

Kissing: Focusing on the idea that the heads appear to be about to kiss may indicate that you have a need for affection and maternal re-connection. This may show you had an intimate and close relationship with your mother that you continue to yearn for and seek in social/romantic relationships.

Something nonhuman: This may reflect your discomfort and resistance associated with your mother and confronting issues associated with her that affect your current life.

Inkblot # 8 Answers and Interpretations

Are you uncomfortable with this card and change in pace? You may also have difficulty processing emotional stimuli and complex situations.

Animal: What are your feelings about this animal and what specific animal(s) are you seeing? How does this animal relate to your approaches to change and your ability to express your emotions?

Brain Scan: What are you feelings about a brain scan? This perception could reflect your current test taking to analyze yourself or allow others to analyze you. The brain shows you that you emphasize intellect and may have difficulty with emotional content. Dramatic people and emotionally charged situations may confuse you.

Volcano: This may indicate you, now or at one time, had difficulty controlling your emotions and had/have a tendency to erupt. The eruption comes with a price and risks destroying all that you perceive around the volcano. It is typical for you to perceive what is precious to you around the volcano (babies, animals, etc.) which may represent precious and vulnerable aspects of who you are and your life.

Inkblot # 9 Answers and Interpretations

This is a vague and unstructured card that allows you to explore how well you handle vagueness and lack of structure.

Human: How do you feel about this person or this image? How do these feelings relate to your approaches to unstructured time or not being able to get enough information about the future?

Evil: What does evil mean to you and how do you feel about it? Seeing evil may reflect christian spiritual views a fear/negative attitude towards the unknown or foreign both within you as well as within the world. Seeing evil on this particular card could mean that you do not tolerate vagueness well and need a lot of structure in your life in order to feel comfortable.

Inkblot # 10 Answers and Interpretations

If you didn't like this card, which many perceive as pretty or pleasant, you may have difficulty dealing with synchronous/similar/coincidental stimuli.

crab: What are your feelings about this crab? Perhaps you feel crabby. Depending upon our feelings, a crab could either be associated with perseverance or a tendency to cling onto others or things.

lobster: What are your feelings associated with lobster? Lobster typically have positive connotations although some may fear them which changes the meaning. Lobster could mean perseverance, strength, and the ability to overcome small problems. If lobsters are feared, it is possible you have a fear of being harmed or harming yourself.

spider: What are you feelings about the spider? Spiders can be associated with fears- arachnophobia is one of the most common of all fears. This may also be associated with telling lies or being entangled or trapped in an uncomfortable situation in some way. Spiders are also often associated with feminine power and could also be associated with an overbearing mother.

rabbit head: What do you feel about this rabbit head? Rabbits can mean many things. Rabbit typically are associated with good luck and fertility. Perhaps sex is on your mind or you have a positive outlook on life.

catepillars: What do you feel about the catepillars? Since you see them at the end of the test, it likely relates to your recognition that you have room for more growth and that you are continually evolving and re-inventing yourself.

snakes: How do you feel about snakes? This symbol may be a phallic symbol and relate to sex (forbidden or unacceptable). It may also relate to feeling deceived or lied to. Snakes are also associated with danger and fear of the unknown.

Effel Tower with Fireworks: How do you feel about the Effel Tower and fireworks? This perception could mean a celebration of ultimate structure especially considering this card shows you how you handle dealing with repeated events and patterns. This perception may also show you that you have some level of discomfort relating to people and may prefer less emotional contact and more impersonal interactions via computers and other related devices.

Carnival: Seeing a carnival usually indicates deception and an idea that things are not what they really appear. To see this image now may show you feel tricked or manipulated by the test or by repetition in your life (ie. deja vu, having to redo something, someone repeating themselves, etc.).

Having no initial interpretation to a card

If you find you do not have an initial response to a card or you are unable to describe one, this may indicate that you have a block in the area the card is representing. Perhaps it relates to a subject you would rather not confront today. There are many cards. If you feel one or two do not give you any type of impression and you feel blank, your unconscious may be setting a pace and focusing on the others that you have responded to. Perhaps you need to tackle those areas first before moving on to the others.

Having strong emotions to specific colors

Our reactions to colors can tell us a lot about our unconscious emotions and thoughts. Here is a brief list. Dreaming of Colors may show more information on this subject.


  • Positive Meanings: raw energy, passion
  • Negative Meanings: danger, anger, rage, shame,physical/sexual impulses

Pink: (can have the same meanings as red plus:)

  • Positive Meanings: love, healing, innocence,
  • Negative Meanings: breast cancer, dependency on parents


  • Positive Meanings: socialibility, kindness, self-respect
  • Negative Meanings: pride, difficulty interacting with others, destructive attitudes


  • Positive Meanings: happiness, energy, wisdom, warmth, mentality
  • Negative Meanings: cowardice, sick, disgrace, betrayal


  • Positive Meanings: change, balance, good luck, fertility
  • Negative Meanings: greed, deceit, difficulty sharing


  • Positive Meanings: Heaven, truth, wisdom, openness, vocalizing feelings
  • Negative Meanings: Depression, immaturity, sadness, melancholy

A note on requests for interpretations

Comments are welcome.

Due to overwhelming requests for interpretations, answers will only be provided to the following individuals:

  1. Established hubbers
  2. New hubbers who have joined hubpages using Sue B's referral link within 30 days and posted at least 1 hub.

All others can feel free to access Sue B's website for more in-depth feedback.


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  • neversaydie profile image

    Christine Baughen 

    2 years ago from UK

    Its amazing how similar we all must be! Although on the last one I saw dragons cleaning either a structure or other animals. All in all it was quite a strange experience!

  • challengethestorm profile image

    Alex Hanna 

    3 years ago from Wilmington

    As someone who has taken this in a clinical setting, I can say that it is incredible how must insight came out of this exercise. I was fairly pessimistic when taking it. until I saw the results. I was blown away.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    3 years ago

    Dr John OConnor-

    Thank you for reading my hub and posting a comment. I am a social worker although I have not written about the Rorschach Inkblot Test as a clinician. Since the testing information was once a secret to ensure validity and is now available all over the internet, I thought it warranted a hub summarizing all of this information and still finding value in the insights one can gain from these beautiful inkblots.

  • Dr John OConnor profile image

    Dr John OConnor PhD 

    3 years ago from Jonesville, VA

    Are you a psychologist or clinically trained?

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    4 years ago


    Thank you for taking the time to read my hub and comment. While I have considered your point of view prior to publishing, I have also considered the point of view of many others in the field who consider Rorschach to be an invalid and outdated psychological test. This was once a test locked away to control validity as a subject could only be tested once and viewing the inkblots more than once would change results. Considering this test is now published publicly for anyone to see, its results are now even more in question. I continue to believe that such a subjective test should only be utilized by the actual subject to utilize to gain additional insight into self. I regard the Rorschach as a beautiful yet obsolete psychological test that could be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

  • mdscoggins profile image

    Michelle Scoggins 

    5 years ago from Fresno, CA

    I am not sure what to think right now, though I am a little taken back. Being a psychologist, psychological testing is not seen as a lackadaisical tool as I am seeing here. I am not sure that as a social worker you have had the appropriate training to offer such interpretations. In addition, the Rorschach is not interpreted card by card but as a whole to identify a persons ego strengths, emotional capabilities, etc. This almost feels like you are reading Tarot cards or something. I am sure you won't accept my comment but I surely hope you would consider to not misguide the general public about a tool as powerful and informative as the Rorschach.

  • lilcupcake profile image


    5 years ago

    I was left with somethings unmatched/unanswered. but it was fun, and the answers i got were pretty accurate.

  • JG11Bravo profile image


    5 years ago

    Interesting and entertaining. Thank you!

  • Barbara Kay profile image

    Barbara Badder 

    5 years ago from USA

    My answers didn't match any either except for one.

  • TheKatsMeow profile image

    Katee Shew 

    5 years ago from Canada

    This is so interesting, I really enjoyed taking the test although it seems like my answers were not typical. Shared and voted up, thanks!

  • jeugenejohn profile image


    6 years ago from Kerala

    Really informative hub

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago

    hi leplay23-

    Although Araina also answered as seeing a vagina when viewing #6, she also listed many other images that contributed to my impression she is having some difficulty in this area.

    For you, it depends how you feel about this image. If you saw a vagina that you certainly picked up on the sexual nature of the card. Since the card seems to represent a relationship to most who view it, seeing only one object may tell you a little something about your focus. It could be your current focus is more on the physical nature of sex and less on the relationship with others. YOu may want to explore further your feelings and your answers to the other cards to get a better feel for how this fits in for you.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Sue B.. I was looking information specific about the 6 card.. In a test I answered that was a vagina.. so I was quite worried if was a "good" or a "bad" answer.. Since this is the most sexual card why should be bad?.. I see that Araina answered in this post the same.. a vagina.. And you said that she had difficulty with the intimacy.. Why??.. would you tell me more about this card.. thank you very much.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago


    Thanks for sharing! The fact that you are worried you are normal makes you normal. :) It also may be why some of your interpretations are showing a negative view and repression.

    1. It certainly matters how you felt when getting this answer. If you were comfortable and happy, that you may be accepting and acknowledging your shadow aspect of self in a healthy way. If you were scared or unhappy, that you may have a fear that you are somehow bad and this fear could prevent you from expressing yourself and being all you can be.

    2. Elephants kissing sound like a positive symbol. Perhaps sexuality is tied to intelligence for you? Or you feel large? Or human connection is highly emphasized as important to you.

    3. Two women with dicks going shopping is a new one and it sounds like it relates to seeking something you need and feel you do not have. Do you feel inadequate?


    4.death flanked by 2 dead crows gives me a negative image and I would wonder if you had a negative relationship with your father or had your father/authority figures that repressed you and gave you negative feedback about yourself.

    5. a butterfly is an overall positive symbol. If he is working out too much, is he overcompensating too much for something>

    6. This image gives me the sense that you value interpersonal closeness but that femininity is not valued or allowed to be in your expression.

    7.This would represent your inner child and your need to nurture your inner child.

    8. This could be somewhat of a negative image. Perhaps you struggle with complex emotions.

    9. This demonstrates how well you handle vagueness and not getting your answers. Your image gives me a cultish type feel - do you feel like you are vulnerable and are playing with fire?

    10. You may not like coincidence or you may read into it to the point where you have a negative view of self or draw a conclusion that something is happening because of you. This card could reflect self. Are you having an inner battle? My question for you would be- are what you see is demons within truly demons? This part of self may not be so bad. Perhaps the parts of self dressed up as warriors can begin to co-exist with the parts dressed up as demons.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    monster/demon; 2 elephants kissing; 2 women with dicks going shopping; death flanked by 2 dead crows; musculer butterfly (probably works out too much); 2 men looking up to the sky with animal print and feathers in the sky and 2 women pressed against the wall facing each other; 2 indian children with their butts together and making kissy faces; 2 gerbles climbing up a dead samuries skull; 2 1/2 naked women with hog heads dancing in a fire; 2 warriors being dragged away by blue demons.Am i normal?

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago

    Hi jm89-

    Here are my thoughts:

    2. This sounds like spiritual relationships with balanced energy flow.

    6. This image makes me wonder if your interpersonal closeness is associated with a connection with the deceased or possibly the need to resurrect relationships or yourself and have a rebirth.

    9. This gives me the impression that you turn to your spirituality when faced with unstructured or unclear situations.

    10. This card may be summarizing your life experience and the obstacles you have faced highlighted by some of the cards here. The beautiful castle at the end would be your higher self full of potential with room to grow.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago


    Thanks for commenting. We are my thoughts on your answers:

    1) Interesting response. Since this reflects you, I would wonder if you feel unique, a loner, and if you feel conflicted or have two very distinct sides. overall, it sounds like a positive image celebrating roots.

    2) I am wondering if your response relates to feeling pursued or either the desires to be looked at or discomfort/insecurity when looked at. Since this tends to be a sexual card, these feelings may relate to intimacy only. Dogs tend to relate to instinctual or sexual drives.

    3) Since this is a social interaction card, it made me wonder if you feel you need something between yourself and others although it also sounds like you take comfort in relating to others. Since it is tribal again, it makes me wonder if you are comfortable with things tribal, with interacting with family or people from your own culture. Do you find cooking or food to be social?

    4) This card often relates to your relationship with your father or your upbringing. It makes me wonder if you identify with this submissive and sad dog or if you would identify these traits with your father.

    5) A butterlfy is a beautiful symbol showing personal growth related to how you approached the issues in your life. This would be positive.

    6) This is also a sex card. Since you have difficulty, I wonder if you have difficulty with sexual intimacy or discomfort with your body.

    7) This is usually considered the mother card. It makes me wonder if your mother was erratic and emotionally unstable during your upbringing. Did she lash out towards your father? Did you feel judged and watched by her? Perhaps having some anxiety about obtaining her approval or feeling good enough?

    8) I'm not sure if your interpretation felt positive or negative for you. This would relate to how much you welcome a change in pace or process emotional stimuli.

    9) Since you had difficulty seeing anything at all, this may imply you have some difficulty in undefined situations or at times when there are no real rules or boundaries. What is positive is you seemed to have taken a few different points of view and this may show you well you problem solve.

    10) Since this image sounds negative for you, as if it made it difficult for you to breath or express yourself, it would make me wonder if you have this difficulty when faced with coincidences or meaning of events that appear to have a deeper meaning unknown to you. It also makes me wonder if you were left with this insight about yourself after taking this test.

    I hope this was helpful for you!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    2. Two men meditating and there crown chakra opened and energy flowing through each of them

    6. Two hands holing each other coming out of the ground and spouting wings

    9. Snake head with the crown chakra opened

    10. A pathway with a lot of obstacles to reach the beautiful castle at the end

    could not figure these out thank you for the help :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hey, I'm italian, so i'm sorry if i'm using a bad english. :) I hope you'll help me.

    1) two wolfs dancing around.. something tribal..

    2) I see two dogs, and whatching more carefully, two humans (i don't know exactly why, but they seems to me, just a little, female on the beginning,.. a part from that i saw them plump.. similar to the "fatness" of the children)

    3) (I answered quickly) Two womens with something between them.. like a pot.. this seemed to me tribal too.

    4) A submissive and sad dog.. or an insect with pincers that are pointing down and are soft

    5) (really quickly) a butterfly

    6) (It was really difficult to find an answer.. i think i don't see nothing of relevant) maybe a vagina..? And then i thought about an insect or that skin rugs. If i rotate it of 90 degrees it seems to me like a precipice or fish cut in half. If i rotate it upside down it seems to me an insect with pincers

    7) (after a lot, again) different faces: a couple of them is formed by one who is looking to opposite points from the other; the second couple is made by two profiles whatching each other

    8) (relatively quickly) two hamsters ... or a chest under x rays

    9) (after time) I see again a chest under x-rays or a vagina, and then when i rotate it of 90 degrees i saw a lamp, that now I tend to individuate for first

    10) benumbed lungs

    Thank you!

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago


    1. I would be curious to know what your feelings were. A demon sticking out its tongue would give me the impression it's an acknowledgement of your dark side but in a more humorous, good natured way.

    3. Two people fetching water sounds like a very positive symbol of team work and helping each other. Water specifically would relate to emotions and things you see as vital.

    8. Does change make you crabby? :)

    9. A dragon can be both a positive and negative symbol. If it was a fire-breathing dragon, it is possible not having structure leaves you feeling angry. Dragons can also be a very beautiful and powerful symbol spiritually. Lack of structure may allow you room to be creative and expand possibilities.

    10. Perhaps you had conflicting feelings about the test ending. Since you reacted to the repetitive cards- do you have a drive for something new? Do you feel you need to move on and change something? Does routine frustrate you? Since this was a battle, it could be resembling an inner battle-- perhaps one side recognizes the need for change while the other side wants to keep things status quo.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    1.) Demon sticking out tongue

    3.) Two people fetching water

    8.) Crab person

    9.) Dragon

    10.) A battle

    Thanks :)

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Mary, here are my impressions:

    1. The interpretation of what you perceive really should incorporate how you felt. Since I am not sure if this was a negative or positive impression for you, it is harder to interpret this for you. The bat can mean a lot of things (see the article) but the 2 fox heads are a unique addition. Do you feel disconnected from yourself in some ways? Heads in general relate to thinking, being rational and possibly being disconnected from our emotions. This almost gives me the feel of having two opposing influences on you and your decisions.

    2.this is an interesting perception. It may show that you tie the concept of love with sexuality. The elephant can be something large, something you cannot ignore. The gates can relate to you being in a current state of transition.

    3. This is a social card. Since the people are holding bags, this may relate to secrets, emotional baggage or what you hide from others. The butterfly again shows a state of transition and personal development/growth. The guitars could relate to how music may connect you socially to others.

    4.This is the father card. This also relates to how you perceive authority. Boots may relate to the feeling of being walked on. The cobra would relate to danger, power. The dragons give me the impression that your perception of your father and/or authority may not be realistic and may be exaggerated or distorted.

    5. This card relates to you and may show you how you have responded to the influences of 2-4 and their influence on you. This sounds like it means these influences have prompted you to focus on overcoming by transforming yourself and growing.

    6. This is a card that could show your feelings towards interpersonal closeness. The 2 snakes may relate to a belief that others cannot be trusted. The submarine sounds like a lonely and submerged in self type symbol. A guitar may relate to again how music may tie in to socialization for you.

    7. This is the mother card. Seeing 2 knives and 2 monsters may relate to your impression of your mother, emotional pain caused by your mother or a mother-type figure.

    8. This card may show you what your response is to changes. Perhaps you have similar traits of a tiger when confronted with emotionally charged situations?

    9. in general, this gives me the impression you can adapt to vagueness and lack of structure.

    10. The spiders may relate to a negative impact you feel your mother may have on your life now. The Sea creatures could relate to important aspects of yourself, your emotions and things that are bubbling up from your unconsciousness and spirituality that are important for you.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    hello!i would like tou hear your impressions about my projections !

    1.bat and 2 fox heads

    2.elephants, a heart, and gate doors

    3.2 guitars, 2 people holding bags and a butterfly

    4.2 boots, a head of a cobra, and 2 dragons


    6.2 snakes, submarines and a guitar

    7.2 girls heads,2 knives and 2 monsters

    8.2 tigers, bat

    9. hippopotamus

    10. 2 spiders and generally sea creatures!

    thanks in advance!! this is so so interesting and exciting!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    yep!thanks sue!

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    stephanie- thank you for clarifying.

    If you were see foreign countries alongside other objects, it could mean a few things.

    1. You could have a focus on geography in some way. What we look at often tends to contribute to our interpretations.

    2. If these are foreign countries to you, it may be showing you that what you are seeing in the inkblot feels foreign to you- as if its not your unconscious giving you this interpretation. This may mean you do not have a lot of insight into your unconsciousness just yet but if you saw anything, that means you are moving towards greater awareness.

    3. Since a country is a big picture type perspective, it is possible you may be grappling with how these little details unique to you fit into the big picture.

    4. Some people have very specific impressions of certain countries. It may be helpful to explore your opinion of each country and see how this could give you further insight into your overall feelings of the inkblot. For example, seeing a poor country may mean you are depleted in a particular area and it need more attention. For me, seeing France or Italy may relate to romance and love. Seeing a country currently at war may relate to inner conflicts and battles taking place.

    I hope that helps!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    NO SUE..i saw and some other details like those you and others describe above but that thing with the countries was part of almost any inkblot so i thought that this could be an important projection..but there were not the only "things" i saw in the inblots.. :))do they have any symbolic meaning? thanks!

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    stephanie- was seeing countries your first true reaction? Since this is rather removed from any detail, this may show that you are resistant in some way of exploring your unconscious at this time.

  • profile image


    7 years ago


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Thank you, Sue. :-) well, I had taken an inkblot test years ago, but I don't think it was the same as this one..well, I don't remember seeing these same pics. Anyway, I tried to respond to your assessments, but I have a VERY hard time keeping things short & simple, instead I tend to write 'short-stories'!..haha..but I did just want to say that at the time I took this, I had recently learned about some things id never heard of before in my life..& I was shocked & awed, feeling overwhelmed..I didn't understand yet what to do with, or what to say about the many things I've been learning about in the past couple of months..I didn't understand 'why' I was learning this stuff..but this is why I love learning..just when you feel almost lost in it all & almost 'crazy' because it changes your perception of life, itself..everything you've 'believed' your whole life, or was unaware of..& you don't really know know what to say or get a revelation of it all, you understand the reasons of why you're learning all that you have..& everything comes together & makes perfect sense..then the feeling you get from that is so awesome, hard to describe! (complete peace & indescribable joy, are two good words!) But I think the biggest thing about this test is that, yes, I am definitely overcoming & rising above a dark past full of all negativity you can think of..I used to be the most negative person, & I still struggle with it sometimes..but I could rarely find a positive in ANYTHING..I was basically 'just living to die'..but thank GOD, by His love, mercy & grace, He saved me & brought me out of my darkness, despair & 'death!' & yes, praying & serving others is a big part of my life & are definitely right about that.. :-) My big problem I'm trying to overcome now is that I do have some kind of 'social' problems..relating to people, being close to people & maintaining close relationships. I was beyond shy & a loner growing up..I'm not 'shy' like I used to be, but I do still have a hard time with being too much of a 'loner'..I thank you for your time & may you be blessed! :-)

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Hi April,

    Here are my impressions:

    1. I certainly need to add angel since so many people are seeing it. This sounds like it represents your ability to overcome. Do you turn to faith for support and strength?

    2. Do you have a fear of physical harm? anger? physical intimacy? Do you turn to prayer when scared?

    3. do you find social comfort in caring for children and bonding with other parents? gathering water pails may relate to how you regulate emotions- do you store it?

    4. Since this is a dangerous and scary impression, do you have issues with your father? Are they unrealistic?

    5. this represents you, are you able to transform a a negative situation? do you cherish rest and give yourself breaks?

    6. do you feel like a loner? what is positive about your impression is that you see hope and light that allows you to get through.

    7. You had trouble with this card. Do you have conflicts with your mother?

    8. Do you have the ability to read people and do you rely on this in emotional situations?

    9. do you need structure and feel life will be disastrous without it?

    10. this could be celebratory since the test is over, you can also have positive feelings towards finding a secret meaning in life (there is more to life than meets the eye).

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago


    Since your responses are beyond your initial, unconscious reaction, a lot of what you think this looks like can show you how you rethink things and turn negative things into more positive things.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Hi Brandy,

    Keep in mind since you've taken it before, it's even more subjective then usual. Plus, you may not have wrote down your initial reaction only so some of your answers are shaded by conscious thought.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. This fox face represents you. This sounds positive to me. Do you feel you possess the traits of a fox? How does this relate to you? Foxes can be quick, smart but also sly.

    2. This sounds like a positive image. Do you turn to spirituality and prayer when faced with hardship/pain?

    3. Do you have some discomfort when relating to others? Do you feel as though you are a servant, someone serving others in some way?

    4. You seem to be aware of the issues you have had with your father figure. Has this translated to authority figures for you as well? See this as evil means you may not have a realistic view.

    5. This is you again only a different image. You seem to be escaping and rising above hardship. Is this in reaction to your father figure?

    6. in relationships, do you feel you act like a stingray? Stingrays blend into their surroundings on the ocean floor and are not aggressive unless provoked. When they feel threatened they use a poisonous barb to defend themselves that can be lethal. Stingrays go to great lengths to protect themselves and avoid conflict, but will defend themselves when necessary.

    7. This is the mother card. It sounds like you have a positive view of your mother, other mother figures, and women. It also sounds like you relate to your ancestors.

    8.YOu don't seem to have a negative reaction to change but you do seem to see images that relate to working for others and serving them, operating within the background.

    9. there's a hint of a negative reaction that you quickly covered up for yourself. Perhaps you have some discomfort in unstructured or vague situations but then quickly cover this up and create a structure around yourself. Do you take comfort in having things your own way?

    10. You had a bit of a negative reaction to redundancy. Do you become overwhelmed easily? It sounds like you are overwhelmed with new and shocking information.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Kristi Kay,

    Your answers were unique but not weird. Overall, it sounds like you are in conflict and fearful of what you may find out about yourself during this test.

    1. Two angels trying to pull apart a headless woman- do you feel as though you are unable to think for yourself and are torn between two different sides? This sounds like it could be spiritual (good versus evil) or it could be related to two different drives or forces in your life. Are you being pulled in opposite directions?

    2. This card sounds like it reflects an innocence you have.

    3. Although normally a card demonstrating discomfort with social interactions, this sounds like it is reflecting an inner dynamic that affects you socially. The man may be your inner wisdom, his butler your inner helper, and the child your inner child. It sounds like you are viewing your inner child as a threat and your inner wisdom does not have the ability to see things clearly. There seems to be a connection to this one with the first.

    4. Although a neutral image, this may relate to an unconventional upbringing that has had an impact on you.

    5. This is still a reflection of you but much calmer than #1. The large wings may relate to a desire to escape instead of confront.

    6. This positive image may relate to you placing others on a pedestal, cherishing interpersonal closeness and possibly loving others from afar.

    7. Since this is the other card, it sounds like you have had a positive relationship with your mother figure and were influenced by her culture or alternative ways in a positive way.

    8. Since this is a negative image, it sounds like you have difficulty with emotional situations. Do you feel violated by emotions or situations/people that stir up uncomfortable emotions in you?

    9. This image sounds like it represents how you are attempting to face your unwritten future- like a warrior. You have the two angel-like influences on the side of your head again. Perhaps you are fighting to end the conflict and take a stand. In this card, you have a head AND you are holding a weapon to protect yourself/defend yourself.

    10. This is the last card and it is signifying a battle/competition which sums up most of the meanings from previous cards. Since you wrote something you dont' remember writing, it sounds like there is a lot going on that is not fully within your consciousness. You also seem fearful of things you are not aware of. Perhaps you need to slowly explore what is going on for you in your inner world.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago


    Same here! I became fascinated by how pretty they are and saw how fun it could be to use them online!

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Sherry Tan,

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. do you feel a dove reflects you? Perhaps you feel peaceful. Are you a peacemaker?

    2.lungs is an interesting perception. This could either relate to feeling suffocated or needing to take a deep breath. How is your stress management? response seems to show a comfort with relationships and communicating with others.

    6. do you feel resistant to closeness at times? do you value relationships yet feel you need room to spread your wings?

    7. a tattered cloth may relate to having a negative or lack of relationship with your mother. was this relationship damaged for you?

    9. this sounds like you are trouble with unstructured or vague situations. Perhaps you don't know what to think in these type of situations.

    regarding your nightmare: this sounds like an aspect of self is not being represented and in some way is dead. It can also relate to you feeling depleted, burnt out, and not having enough time for yourself. I don't see this as a bad omen. Death can relate to new beginnings. Perhaps you need to end something in your life (a way of thinking, old habits) in order to make room for new growth.

  • TripleAMom profile image


    7 years ago from Florida

    As a therapist, I never used the Rorchach because it is so subjective. I never even saw all of these pics, just some of them. Very interesting hub. Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I would love to hear your insights to my initial responses.

    1. Angel with hands raised

    2. 2 people praying together, holding hands, scared

    3. 2 moms gathering water pails

    4. Pig face, a sketczee(from the movie "dark crystal", dangerous

    5. A butterfly resting

    6. A lighthouse guiding through a hard land

    7. Bull's horn, felt uncertainty. Hard to have a first response. Had to really look

    8. Health of a stranger, aura, energy, colors

    9. Fire, dangerous, explosion

    10. Beautiful celebration, completion, fireworks, happy


  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago


    Here are my thoughts:

    1. the black bird sounds like an acknowledgement of your dark side. It also can relate to having negative feelings about taking a test that may reveal something you don't want to know or don't want to look at right now.

    2. What are you feelings about pigs and rhinoceros? Since they are going to kiss, this may relate to relationships for you. Do you feel as though seemingly opposites can still connect? The pig can relate to greed and being messy. The rhinoceros can relate to something powerful and self-protective.

    3. Seeing a man and woman dancing may relate to your comfort within relationships and your concept of give and take within relationships.

    4. It is interesting you saw this ram. This is known as the father card or authority. Do you feel as though rules and expectations are "rammed" down your throat? It sounds like you may have a negative view of your father and/or authority figures. Since this is close to a monster, some of your fears and anxieties may not be reality-based and may be exaggerated.

    5. This may relate to how you see yourself. A butterfly- attempting to transform and overcome yet also care for the injured and hurt woman. This may relate to the previous card that seemed to create this pain for you.

    6. music is often associated with what attracts us and seduces us so it is interesting for you to perceive this on the "sex card." Do you feel sex and attractions are evil?

    7. This is often thought of as the mother card. Since you had a positive perception of this card, it may show that you have a positive relationship with your mother figure and have accepted your femininity.

    8. seeing this card is bad may relate to having difficulty with processing emotions and emotional situations. Do you avoid these?

    9. This card shows you how well you deal with something that is vague or unstructured. Seeing female organs may relate to protecting yourself, retreating (like in the womb) when things get unpredictable.

    10. Such a positive perception may relate to your comfort with predictability, structure and routine as well as being relieved the test of over!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Well, I as looking back to #1, & thought that initially, my first response was 'angels'..but I couldn't figure out the middle section, or associate it all, THEN, I. instantly saw a fox head..but i saw another comment that said it looked like angels were trying to rip a headless woman apart..I can see that..but when I looked back on it & saw the headless woman, to me it looked more like they were carrying her up, to be healed & made whole again..

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    It was awesome to do this test now! The last/only time I've done one was 15 years ago, when I was 16. I was in foster-care & they MADE us go to psychiatrists..I absolutely hated it back then & wouldn't talk..haha..when I done this test then, it took me FOREVER to see & say what I saw..& I saw the pictures as a whole, not different little things here & there. I asked him what it meant & he said I think about situations & outcomes & don't just jump into things..I take time before I make decisions..anyway, taking this one now showed me how much I've grown in my mind & decision-making abilities! It didn't take me that long at all to do this now.. :-D..FINALLY! (haha)'s my answers & there are a few that I didn't see anything about, so if you could expand on this for me, it'd be awesome & appreciated! :-)..

    1. I instantly saw the whole face of a fox.

    2. Two Chinese men with red hats & pants & black robes facing each other with their hands together, knees touching, like they were connected spiritually, praying.

    3. I saw a suit, from the bottom of the hairline, the neck & down to the collar part of the suit, with a red bowtie..thought of a maitré d'..

    4. Monster was the first thing that popped in my head..or a huge demon..with huge feet..then I saw a dragons head at the bottom in the middle, so it looked like it was riding on the back of the dragon..what's crazy about this being the 'father' card is that just yesterday I was telling someone the evil stories about my evil father!..thankfully, my ma told me that he wasn't my biological father..I don't know & have never met him..only know his name.

    5. flight, wings down..I thought this butterfly is SOARING! looks like when it raises its wings back up, its gona fly fast & far! :-)

    6. I knew my first thought was a type of animal..first thought 'stingray? looks like a flying-squirrel skin.."haha

    7. Two pregnant Indian women with a big feather on the top of their heads, stomachs touching..(just found out recently that my ma's grandparents were 100% Cherokee.. :-)..then I saw two big muscular arms with two thumbs-up! hehe

    8. this one reminded me of the section of the maitré d's suit I saw in #3, except this time, it was a multi-colored dress, from the neck-part to the waistline..the sleeves have designs cut out, & she's wearing a long necklace..pretty dress, pretty colors :-)

    9. I straight up, right off, saw a cow/bulls head/face, with a nose-ring..then the green made me think he's eating grass..I saw the red, thought blood, but dismissed that idea because I felt positive about this picture & didn't want blood to be I just thought, 'well, that's just the pretty color red right there'.. ;-)

    10. This one, after seeing mostly black & white pics, & pics as whole & not a bunch of different shapes & colors everywhere..did make me feel a sense of 'over-whelming', like, 'whoa! what's all THIS?" lol but it reminded me of government/politics because I saw two British guards with the big tall hats..most of the other little colored shapes were 'just that', except the blue shapes on top behind them..looked like 4 little scorpion-type demons, two on each side..holding green..feather-dusters?!..I thought, that's light of all the new things I've recently learned about this subject, yes..when I first heard of all this crazy, unbelievable stuff, I WAS like, "what in the world is all THIS?!" was definitely very shocking & life-changing..I'll never think about life & the world/government the same, ever again..after learning what I have..definitely fits in with the 'craziness' I felt when I first saw this last pic..!

  • profile image

    Kristi Kay 

    7 years ago

    Now that I've read other interpretations, mine seem pretty weird:

    1.Two angels trying to pull apart a headless woman. This makes me feel a little alarmed.

    2.Two identical twins, facing each other, playing a children's hand clapping game like "Miss Mary Mack". This is a positive image.

    3. A little girl, whose face is out of focus is covering the eyes of an elderly man with her mittened hands. The man's two butlers are standing, bracing themselves on the man's shoulders, as they try to pull the little girl off of him.There is some kind of flying red creature behind each of the butler's heads, wearing a nightcap and nightgown.

    This is somewhat scary image. Nothing nice is happening.

    4.Some kind of dog-like animal wearing stiletto heels. This image is neutral for me.

    5.A moth with disproportionately large wings. This is a neutral image.

    6.A totem pole stuck into a large sand monument. This is a positive image

    7.Two native american girls wearing a feather headdress, and dancing, facing each other. This is a positive image.

    8.Two squirrel-like creatures crawling up the sides of a torso, with a lamb watching quietly in the background. This is a faintly disturbing, negative image.

    9.A girl holding a spear or javelin while two dragons crawl out of the sides of her head.This is a vaguely positive image.

    10. Two Quidditch players (pink) in a match with the blue team, who have two players on each broomstick. Strangely, when I went to read this from my notepad, I also wrote "you know you'll make it up in quarters". I don't know what I meant by that, nor do I remember writing it at all. Except for this mystery comment, the image is mostly neutral.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Amy- here are my thoughts:

    1)I am so curious to know what feelings you had about this card. My first impression is that this sounds like it relates to a superhero. This may mean you feel you have a hidden persona that has a mission of some sort. Overall it sounds positive. Perhaps this image is also a person cloaked in mystery.

    2)What are you feelings about elephants? This could be a symbol of your intelligence, memory and thoughtfulness yet it could also reflect your negative physical self-image.

    3)interesting that this is a social card and you are seeing people in love, it sounds like they are in sync too. The people behind them telling them something may relate to influences you feel you have, your conscience, guide, etc.

    4)This doesn't sound as negative as some images can be. What was your relationship with your father? was he a rebel? do you find authority figures to be tough? A biker is interesting as this is often the opposite of authority. There's a sense of lawlessness in your response.

    5)see hub.

    6)Perhaps you feel a closeness to spirituality, God or a higher power.

    7)this is the mother card. This gives me a sense that you had a positive relationship with your mother- perhaps playful.

    8) see hub. The woman's uterus may relate to spirituality and potential.

    9)your reaction sounds like you deal well with unstructured situations.

    10)see hub. Sounds like you were celebrating the end of this test!

  • profile image

    Sherry Tan 

    7 years ago

    Hi Sue, some of my answers didn't match the typical ones. Here they are:

    1. dove

    2. lungs

    3. people talking

    6. bird flapping wings

    7. tattered cloth

    9. I have trouble with inkblot 9 and 10. I have no initial ideas of them. saw 2 grasshoppers looking at mirror

    10. bridge or stairway with someone standing there.

    Anyway on a side note, I dreamt of myself dead in a nightmare and not knowing it until I come to realise it and doing things as a family before I left them. It sounds like a bad omen though.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    hello .. i liked the test its really interesting .. well there are my answers . they didn't really matched with yrs soo what do y think

    1) i saw a black bird like koraki if you know what is that .. i felled something bad

    2)i saw 2 animals as one its mixed with a pig and rhinoceros .. going to kiss ..

    3)i saw a woman and a man dancing

    4)i saw a ram .. a really devil ram and his reflection on the other side

    5)i saw the butterfly but .. her wings was like ..was caring a woman in pain

    6)i saw a guitar .. playing a devil music

    7)i saw 2 persons hugging and almost kissing

    8)i saw i powerful monster (bad)

    9)i saw the genetic organs of a female

    10)i saw 2 seahorse .. falling in love

    ... well i hope i didn't made it too difficult thnxs xxx

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    1)a bat winged creature with a person in the middle holding his hands up in the air

    2)red, blood, eyes, dual elephants

    3)two people playing the sane drum with love between them. Each person has something else speaking to them behind them

    4)a man on a Harley motorcycle riding towards me with enormous boots

    5)bat, butterfly or moth or a combination of all three

    6)something or someone of a higher power outstretching their arms with care

    7)a bracelet or two little girls 

    playfully staring at each other with their pony tails sticking up in the air

    8) a woman's uterus and/or two bears climbing to a mountain top

    9)lobster underwater on bottom of ocean

    10)Paris, the Eiffel tower, happy, festive

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Hi Shala Paloozzi,

    That was a long one! This is what I think. I appreciate you giving me your answers so I can add to this article since others may share your answers as well.

    1. Demon, evil, jack O lantern, the dark side

    Since this card typically reflects us and how we deal with stress and new things, this may show that you either have a negative view of challenges, see yourself as negative, or are acknowledging your dark side- which can be beneficial.

    2.splattered blood and sadness

    Not seeing people in this card may reflect some feelings of isolation and depression. When you become angry, do you become sad and avoid others?

    3.dancing people and butties, jazz or swing music playing, happy

    Your reaction to this car sounds like it is showing a comfort with social interactions and joy when celebrating with others.

    4.alien sadness alone despair

    Since this card is often associated with the father, some of your feelings of sadness, alone and despair may relate to not having a close relationship with your father and feeling as though your father is alien to you.

    5. Bat taking flight

    Since this card relates to the first and your responses were a little different, it may be something to explore. Since you see this bat as about to take flight, is escaping and running away from the situations that have created this sadness/depression your typical response?

    6. Roadkill squished flat

    Your reaction was rather negative to this card. Are you a loner? Do you feel as though you will suffer or feel squished/suffocated in intimate relationships?

    7. "you talking to me?" Arguing old ladies

    This tends to be the mother card. Since you saw old ladies- do you feel as though your relationship with your mother was controversial and argumentative?

    8. Bears climbing a mountain in spring

    It seems like the change of pace was welcomed to you. Do you prefer seeking adventure rather than being stuck in the same routine? This may be another reaction that may be highlighting your desire to escape from situations. dragons coming out of a pot

    How did this image make you feel? This is your reaction to lack of structure. Your image may be associated with feelings of anger and rage yet it can also relate to feelings of magic and something foreign- but not necessarily negative. It would matter how you felt.

    10. Making love under fireworks next to the Eiffel tower.

    Your reaction may be a celebration of structure although it can also be a celebration that the test was over and you could escape from the possibility to digging any further into your subconscious. Seeing the Eiffel tower and making love may show a balance between structure & technology and relating to people on a more interpersonal level.

  • Shala Paloozzi profile image

    Shala Paloozzi 

    7 years ago

    This was a hard test. Here are my results;

    1. Demon, evil, jack O lantern, the dark side

    2.splattered blood and sadness

    3.dancing people and butties, jazz or swing music playing, happy

    4.alien sadness alone despair

    5. Bat taking flight

    6. Roadkill squished flat

    7. "you talking to me?" Arguing old ladies

    8. Bears climbing a mountain in spring dragons coming out of a pot

    10. Making love under fireworks next to the Eiffel tower.

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Hi Amanda,

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. An Angel

    What is your impression of an angel? As a symbol, angels typically represent protection, goodness, purity, and spirituality. Since this was in reaction to the first card, it is possible you turn to angels in times of stress or view yourself as someone striving to possess the traits of an angel.

    3. 2 people secretively exchanging bags.

    It sounds like this relate to your discomfort with social interactions. Do you have trouble trusting others? Do you find people’s motives deceptive? Is there something about relationships that seems secretive or mysterious to you?

    4. Satan

    This card tends to relate to your upbringing and your attitude toward authority or your father. Satan may relate to your negative feelings related to your strict religious upbringing. I would also classify this as a monster. Under this meaning, it tells you that you have exaggerated fears and negative feelings and may not be seeing things objectively.

    5. Jesus christ (second coming, maybe)

    Seeing the second coming of Jesus Christ on the sex card is interesting. What are your views of sex? Do you view sex as something bad that would end your world? Do you feel closer to Jesus than you do other people? This card may also relate to possible struggles with interpersonal closeness.

    9. 2 deer engaged in a fight. (blood everywhere)

    This is your reaction to vagueness and lack of structure. Due to the violent nature of your impression, it sounds like you may gravitate towards structure to manage feelings of anger. Is life without structure creating conflict for you? Does it threaten to destroy you in some way?

    10. A family walking happily together towards a beam of light.

    This card reinforces the idea that you welcome structure. I perceive your impression as what you wish for, what you mask the negative feelings that came up in #9. Perhaps in striving for peace, enlightenment and a happy family, you are repressing something important.

    Nightmares often occur when we do not acknowledge important feelings. They recur when we do not address the issue and continue to deny it, ignore it and repress it. I would take a look at your answer particularly #9. If you want more feedback on your nightmares, I suggest you look into

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Keep in mind that I am not at all religious. (raised in a strict religious family though) Here are the ones That were not listed for me.

    1. An Angel

    3. 2 people secretively exchanging bags.

    4. Satan

    6. Jesus christ (second coming, maybe)

    9. 2 deer engaged in a fight. (blood everywhere)

    10. A family walking happily together towards a beam of light.

    Thank you for your time, Im just trying to figure out why I have so many nightmares.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Wow! I cannot believe how specific and right on the head this interpretation was!

    1. Definitely apprehensive to explore my unconscious! The 'elephant in the room' could be a lot of different things, I've definitely had some second thoughts about the new move with my boyfriend.

    2. I am not a religious or spiritual person, I do believe more in 'karma' than anything else-but I do deal with all my emotions by bottling them up and having more of an "I can deal with this with just myself" sort of attitude.

    3. I am co-dependent. Definitely.

    4. I actually didn't meet my father until I was seven years old-but I haven't had the greatest relationship with him since then, either. What really hit home for me was how you said "unrealistic views of a father figure"--something that I've struggled with. I've always thought that my dad should try MORE to be in my life, since he wasn't there in the beginning, and I've always seemed to be wrong, given his apparent lack of commitment to me.

    5. Bat, definitely have a dark side-but I view my dark side as my "nerdy side" and I love it (:

    6. "being very close to others or being hurt by those very close to you with your full trust. This could relate to your father or another experience." I can honestly say that no one in my life has my full trust except my mother. Which was interesting when it came to the next card.

    7. "continue to yearn for and seek in social/romantic relationships." I've always been jealous of everyone else seeming to have a "best friend". Someone that they could tell anything to, not be afraid of rejection--I never felt I could have that! But my mom and I are VERY close-it was just her and me growing up. She was never married and I was lucky to have her all to myself, even if I didn't think so at the time!

    8. This was an interpretation that also really hit home to me, and made me think about how damaging bottling my feelings can actually be. I'll definitely need to work on this if I want to become a more complete and happy person(which I obviously do!)

    9. I always try to do what is "right" or "acceptable" by someone else's standards. Like I said before, I am not a religious person, but I do try to have good morals. Its sort of hard sometimes not living by any guidelines like the Ten Commandments, but I do the best I can.

    10. This was another one that almost made me drop my laptop! "Distrust for repetition" was HUGE for me-I get bored so easily doing the day to day tasks and I do get fearful that I'm wasting my life if I'm not always doing something incredible or dangerous or something of the sort. I do also have a fear of being tricked by others-I don't like to look stupid or ignorant, and I don't like being tricked. I do worry about the intentions of others-because I haven't always had the best intentions in my actions or words. I also cling to people and ideas. And again, with the emotions bottled up, definitely an issue with me.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was super cool to read-you hit so many points right on the head for me--and I haven't even met you! This definitely reiterates to me why I'm so interested in psychology! I will definitely be keeping up to date on your "hub" posts-and if you have any other blogs or anything I would love to follow those as well! Thanks again, Sue, this has been a really eye opening experience! Will definitely be commenting again!

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago


    Thanks so much for the feedback! I was able to add more detail to the possible meanings. I appreciate the information. Here are additional interpretations specific for you.

    1. It sounds like you were a bit apprehensive to begin to explore your unconscious. Perhaps you were not sure what you would actually reveal to yourself. The elephant is a strong symbol—perhaps you are aware you are not facing something and it has been the “big elephant in the room” for some time.

    2. You may manage your sexuality, feelings of anger/aggression and coping with physical harm by retreating within yourself and relying on religion/religious practice in some way. You may be uncomfortable with the subject of sex in general.

    3. Social interactions may be soothing to you although part of your interpretation may show you may have a tendency to develop codependent relationships and may rely heavily on others to help you avoid facing your own issues in some way.

    4. Your reaction may show you that you have had a negative relationship with your father or similar authority figures that impacts you now. You also may have an unrealistic view of father or authority figures and may give them more power than they actually have.

    5. See bat interpretation

    6. You seem to have found a block which may be the source of some of your apprehension and may be related to what you are not facing. Whatever this is for you could relate to sex, being very close to others or being hurt by those very close to you with your full trust. This could relate to your father or another experience.

    7. Focusing on the idea that the heads appear to be about to kiss may indicate that you have a need for affection and maternal re-connection. This may show you had an intimate and close relationship with your mother that you continue to yearn for and seek in social/romantic relationships.

    8. You appear to embrace change although in this context it may relate to your relief of getting off of some uncomfortable subjects and possibly switching directions into more comfortable territory. You may have a tendency to escape from your problems and distract yourself instead of facing them. The volcano is a strong symbol and often represents our potential to erupt. You may have a tendency to hold in your emotions until you cannot contain them anymore and then you explode. This type of emotional outburst is harmful to you and others and risks the mountain, sky and pink babies. The pink babies especially represent what is precious to you, delicate, and vulnerable. This could be your inner child and how much emotional or angry episodes is damaging you.

    9. You seem to struggle with vagueness and may not have a lot of confidence with yourself when you are alone. You may take comfort in deferring decisions to others or following a set of rules or guidelines (this could be from a church, from another person, a practice, work, etc,)

    10. The carnival shows your distrust for repetition and your tendency to believe you are being tricked in some way- how things are not what they seem which leaves you a bit unsure of what is really going on. The crab may show your tendency to cling to ideas or others. Seeing yellow birds may represent personal freedom, spirituality and happiness you have when working within these two concepts. The negative reaction to red may symbolize what raw emotions you bottle up inside that endanger your happiness

    Let me know what you think!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Hi Sue! I did the inkblot test and came up with a few others things that weren't listed..

    1. Elephants face, rabbit, i felt scared

    2. Blood, butterfly, praying. still uncomfortable

    3. two people, their boobs stuck out to me, "ducks", felt less uncomfortable

    4. death! was my initial thought, monster, dog's face, clouds of smoke

    5. i saw the bat

    6. I had trouble with this one. i had no initial thoughts, eventually came up with "cat" "chair" "books" "lightpole"

    7. "cute!" was my initial response, i saw two people(female) leaning in for a kiss

    8. i was delighted to see the colored ink! i saw a volcano, the pink babies, the sky and a mountain

    9. dragon face, animal farm. struggled with this card

    10. carnival, blue crab, eiffel tower. i didn't like the red blots, i thought they were creepy in the otherwise fun scene, i saw the yellow as birds

  • IsadoraPandora profile image


    7 years ago from Tennessee

    Hehehe, thank you! :-)

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    IsadoraPandora- thank you so much for sharing your unique perspectives from the Rorschach inkblot test! I included possible interpretations to your answers within the hub. Enjoy!

  • IsadoraPandora profile image


    7 years ago from Tennessee

    8. Brain Scan.

    9. Evil

    10. Eiffel Tower with fireworks.


  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    7 years ago

    Hey thanks for reading and commenting, alipuckett! Give me your answers and I'll give you an interpretation. I would love to add more possible answers to my hub and I would also love to get feedback on the possible interpretations I am providing as well. Inkblots are way too fun!

  • alipuckett profile image


    7 years ago

    Fun! None of my answers matched up with the most common ones, but it was still interesting. Thanks for posting! Voted up.


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