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Rosacea meets Prosacea: A Review

Updated on May 22, 2013

Another Day in Rosacea Land

The redness, bumps, and the peeling. As a rosacea sufferer, I have had to learn to deal with it like the other 14-million Americans out there.

Always wondering when the next flare would come, trying to hide it with make-up, and hiding in my room on a bad day.

But, through vigorous trial and error, I have stumbled onto an amazing Rosacea gel called Prosacea. I have seen an 80% reduction of my Rosacea appearance after using it for just two weeks. I have been absolutely ecstatic about it.

Active Ingredients: Sulphur 1x (Rosacea/Acne Treatment Gel) Inactive Ingredients: Acrylates, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Diazolidinyl Urea, Lactose, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Water.


Prosacea is a homeopathic topical gel used to treat Rosacea and acne. It is advertised as bringing multi-symptom relief from redness, bumps, and dryness.

"Enjoy healthier looking & feeling skin. New Prosacea gel contains a medically recognized homeopathic ingredient in a topical formula that provides complete and effective treatment of rosacea symptoms including redness, bumps and dryness. Prosacea is formulated to be gentle on skin and help soothe, calm and moisturize affected areas. With daily use, Prosacea gel can provide important benefits to one's appearance and skin care regimen. Fragrance-free. Won't clog pores. Moisturizing. Alcohol-free. Non-comedogenic. Non-oily. Made in USA."

~CVS Pharmacy

My Rosacea Two Months Ago

These photos are the worst that I can find. My Rosacea was actually twice as bad when I started Prosacea, I am just very camera shy during bad flares.
These photos are the worst that I can find. My Rosacea was actually twice as bad when I started Prosacea, I am just very camera shy during bad flares.

First week with Prosacea

Good-bye pizza face and hello gorgeous! lol
Good-bye pizza face and hello gorgeous! lol

Prosacea Time!

I came across this product while shopping at CVS. I picked up the box and though "Why not? I have only tried everything out there, so why not give this a try?"

Two weeks later, and I am patting myself on the back.This stuff is fantastic.

Prosacea's instructions say to apply twice a day, but I started off with only one application every other day for a week, then every day for a week, and will be going to twice a day.

I did this because I find that many Rosacea creams/gels need a little time for your skin to get used to without drying out like crazy.

I have applied it faithfully for two weeks so far.And every morning I have been seeing great improvement!

This method really worked for me.

The first thing to go was the redness, then the bumps, and now the residue outlines and a few blemishes are left. But, they seem to be getting smaller every day. Prosacea has taken away my flares and has given my face a chance to heal.

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this! I have been getting complement on my skin, and believe me, that never happens.

I recommend this highly.

And since it sells for about $10 at your local CVS/Walgreen why not.

Unlike other very expensive creams/gels out there, this one has worked for me(hopefully for you too) and its really cheap in comparison.

I hope this gel works for others out there!

Second week with Prosacea

Only make-up used is the eye shadow and liner. All else is my natural clean skin!
Only make-up used is the eye shadow and liner. All else is my natural clean skin!

A few things I must point out

The directions say to put on a thin put on a thin layer. I really advise to start off once every other day. I am not a doctor, but may people who try these gels/creams put way to much on the first few times and either they break-out or dry out.

I made the mistake of putting way to much one the first day, and by the end of the day I was a little flaky in spots. The next day I used half the amount from the first day, like a pea size amount for most of my face, and then applied a moisturizer after it dried, and it started to work wonders.

I have also found that it works great as a touch up for spots after your Rosacea calms down a bit. A dab here and there does wonders.


If you suffer from a Sulfur Allergy, do not use this product. If you suspect you have a sulfur allergy, do a simple skin test to make sure you wan't react to this product.

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