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Rothbarts Foot

Updated on June 25, 2011

What Is Rothbarts Foot?

If you or someone you know suffers from unrelenting chronic pain which has not responded to any therapy, it's possible you have a Rothbarts Foot. This recently discovered abnormal foot structure can cause chronic muscle and joint pain throughout the entire body, yet because it is not well known, it is frequently undiagnosed.

Rothbarts Foot is an abnormal foot structure present at birth. It is the result of an incomplete torsional development of the talus, the bone that sits on top of the heel bone. This abnormality occurs approximately between the eighth and ninth week of pregnancy.

The result of this incomplete development of the talus is that when the rear foot is placed in its anatomically neutral position, the big toe and its adjoining metatarsal are elevated off the ground, forcing the adjoining matatarsal to roll inward, forward and downward until they rest on the ground.

This twisting motion of the foot is referred to as abnormal pronation. Abnormal pronation causes postural distortions, which lead to chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Could You Recognize Rothbarts Foot?

Rothbarts Foot Isn't Easy To See

You may look at your own feet and think, "They look quite normal. I don't have an abnormal foot structure." But the fact is, it's possible to be born with a Rothbarts Foot and never know it. A Rothbarts Foot structure can only be identified by a trained medical expert who knows how to place the foot in its anatomically neutral position.

However, there are clues that may indicate a Rothbarts Foot is the cause of your chronic muscle and joint pain. Professor /Dr. Brian A. Rothbart, the medical researcher that discovered Rothbarts Foot and developed a therapy to cure it, has written a book that explains these clues in detail. You can hear him discuss a few of these clues in the video below. And for full details, you can find the book at Amazon, as shown below the video. You are also invited to visit Professor Rothbart at his blog, Curing Chronic Pain, , for a full discussion of how an abnormal foot structure causes chronic muscle and joint pain.

Professor Rothbart Discusses Rothbarts Foot


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