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Routine Exercise with Proper Diets for Better Sleep

Updated on April 19, 2011

To sleep better, you need to carry out a routine exercise as well as proper diets. This is because what you do hours prior to sleeping will determine how well you may sleep.

  • Do not eat big late. Two hours before you go to bed, you are not recommended at all to have heavy foods. That said, you need to take your dinner far in advance. But if you really feel like getting something to eat, you can have some sorts of snacks instead. This is because your body’s digestion system will need extra efforts to digest heavy foods. As a result, you may not be able to sleep well. Also, you should keep away from foods that have too many acids or spices as these foods may result in heartburn and stomachache.
  • Drink no alcohol. There is often a common misunderstanding that drinking alcohol makes it easier for people to sleep. Well, it may help make you fall asleep sooner but it will wake you up again late in the night. As a result, you won’t have enough quality for your sleep.
  • Reduce caffeine. Just for your information, caffeine has the ability to prevent you from sleeping for ten, even to twelve, hours counting from the time you drink it. With that being said, it is recommended that you reduce your caffeine consumption if you really want to have a better night sleep.
  • Enough liquids are good, but too many liquids aren’t. If you take up a large amount of liquids such as water, tea, juice or whatsoever fluids during the evening, chances are you would end up going to the bathroom every now and then while you are trying to close your eyes. And if you drink liquids containing caffeine, be prepared for even a worse situation!
  • Stop smoking. While smoking, you let nicotine get into your body. Unfortunately, nicotine is a stimulant which means it interferes with your sleeping efforts. Furthermore, nicotine withdraws during the night and you will find it even harder to get your eyes finally closed.

Bedtime snack may be good

As they turn out, some snacks are indeed pretty effective to help you sleep more easily and better. By consuming tryptophan – the kinds of foods that have quite a high concentration of carbohydrates – in your snacks, you are actually helping your brain calm down and this often leads to a better sleep. You may also want to put in some extra calcium. Some quite recommendable bedtime snacks are:

  • Half a sandwich with peanuts and butter or half a turkey.
  • A bowl of cereal completely made of grains and comes with little to no sugar.
  • Yogurt or granola that has only a low amount of milk in it.
  • A hot cup of chamomile tea accompanied by a banana.

When you try to perform a routine exercise lasting around 20-30 minutes a day, you will sleep better. Better yet, you can break these 20-30 minutes of exercise into several sessions. For example, you can perform the routine exercise for just around 5-10 minutes in a session. Walking, riding a bicycle, doing housework, or simply gardening will help you sleep better.

However, though, you should do any of those exercises early in the day. If you exercise too late, you will only stimulate your body and make it hotter. Remember that to sleep better, you need to have lower body temperature. However, you can still do some small exercises such as yoga or simply a gentle stretching.

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