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Easy and routine things for better fitness

Updated on July 10, 2010

Easy and Routine Things for better Fitness

Many of people give optimum importance to Fitness. They do regular Exercise

But majority of population don’t have time or  they are not able to do regular Exercise

Due to different reasons. .


Those people can compensate the routine Exercise by doing regular and easy to do house work. I will suggest you  to start the day with Drinking water empty stomach and if it is water from copper vessel much better. Which has got variety of health Benefits.

Wash your teeth walking here and there. Finish of some of your important things  and after that spare only 15 min. to do   the below  work

1)      Pick up each and every Clutter, piece of paper and  any other thing lying on floor of your house  and throw it dust bin.

2)      Clean  your shown case, TV. Music system, Electronic gadgets  and any other thing yo can

3)      Keep all the things from clothes to bag of your child to its place.

4)      Clean your entire house with broom.


Do all this thing very fast and actively. Keep smile on your face for whole 15 min. and  same time given any positive affirmation  to yourself continously.Try to be happy  for that entire 15 min. It will boost your morale for the whole day. You will feel much happy. You yourself feel  good doing your house work.  Top of that yor wife will amaze to see you doing all this stuff and definitely feel happy.


Even though it is regular house work it will give you feel of Exercise. Do all these regularly for few day and you will find change in your attitude.


Even you can repeat it in the evening.

Try this out and comment


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