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Rremove Unsighly Moles At Home: With Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated on July 29, 2016

What Are Moles?

Moles are the most common skin growths. These brown or black raised, or flat, areas of skin are caused by skin cells that form in a cluster instead of spreading out over a larger area of skin.

Most people will notice a mole or two in their younger years. Moles are usually nothing to be worried about, as they are harmless growths. However, moles may grow and change as we age: this may turn a harmless mole into something that causes you problems. For whatever the reason, many people often think about home remedies to remove their moles.

Removing Moles At Home

Before you attempt any home remedies, you should carefully examine your mole to be sure that it hasn't changed shape or size. If you notice any changes in a mole, bring this to the attention of your doctor before you try any home remedies. That mole could be skin cancer, which needs more treatment than one could do at home.

Mole removal using apple cider vinegar

Home Remedies To Remove Moles

Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural acid that is greatly diluted, apple cider vinegar actually burns the mole off.


The natural enzymes in garlic break apart the cluster of cells that form the mole. Garlic can also lighten the color of moles.


While our body does produce iodine - which helps with thyroid and hormone functions - it can be directly applied to a mole. The iodine penetrates into the cells and shrinks them until the mole is gone.


Some people have success with other substances found at home; bloodroot paste, hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, castor oil, and even anti-dandruff shampoo have all been tried, and worked for some people.

It really is just a personal preference, and maybe a bit of experimentation, to find out what home remedy works for you.

Home mole removal - the preparation.

Safely Remove Your Moles With Apple Cider Vinegar

Of all home remedies, people have the most success using apple cider vinegar to remove their moles.

Word of warning:Using apple cider vinegar, garlic, or any substance that is acidic will burn your skin! Properly prepare the skin around any mole you want to get rid of. Follow this procedure and, hopefully, within a week your mole will be diminished or completely gone.

Step one: Thoroughly clean the mole, and all the skin around it, using a mild soap. Dry the area completely.

Step two: Use a clean sewing needle to carefully scratch the mole; do this lightly as you don't want to get it bleeding. Scratching the mole allows the apple cider vinegar to penetrate into the mole, shrinking it much faster.

Step three: Prepare the skin around each mole you wish to remove by smearing vaseline all around the outside of the mole. This will keep the acidic solution from burning more than just the intended mole.

Step four: Take one cotton ball per mole and wet half the cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Squeeze out the excess vinegar so that the cotton ball is wet, but not soaked.

Step five: Place the cotton ball - apple cider vinegar side down - right on top of each mole.

Step six: Cover each mole with a band-aid.

Step seven : The cotton ball and band-aid should be left in place for at least 8 hours each day. Most people prefer to do the treatment while they sleep.

Step eight: Continue steps one through five until the mole scabs up. Then let the air dry out the scab until it naturally falls off. Do not pick at the scab, this may cause infection.

Home mole removal - the treatment

Word of warning

Yes, another warning! The acid in the apple cider vinegar is actually burning away the layers of skin that make up a mole. Just as you can burn the skin around the mole if not properly prepared with petroleum jelly, the area under the mole can also burn. Be extra vigilant as to when the scab forms. DO NOT continue using the vinegar soaked cotton balls if the mole has already scabbed over, or if you feel even the slightest burning in your skin.

Home mole removal - the final effect

Final word

The normal process your mole will go through will consist of the mole drying out and becoming black. Once you stop putting the apple cider vinegar cotton balls on the black scab, they will begin to dry quickly. The black scab will continue to dry until it finally falls off.

You may have to repeat this whole procedure again on persistent, and larger moles. Over time most moles respond well to this treatment. Within a year, no one will even know that you had a mole or two in a visible place on your body.



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