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Rules Of Ethical Conduct for Health Informatics

Updated on July 7, 2017

The rules is subdivided into six general duties

1. Subject-centred duties:

Focus on electronic records, with the aim of ensuring that the electronic documents are protected from potential abuse of their information.

2. Duties towards other HCPs (Health Care Professionals):

The primary focus is to give proper support, maintaining appropriate standards of data storage, and intellectual property while keeping HCPs informed of relevant information.

3. Duties Towards Employees/institutions:

Integrity, loyalty, evaluation of system’s security, ensuring an institution’s data is secure, alerting and informing the given organization of safety issues promptly.

4. Duties towards the society:

Under these functions, the proper collection, safeguarding of data, while at the same time avoiding activities that would be deemed as a violation of human rights

5. Self-regarding Duties:

The functions include recognizing a person’s limitations while maintaining competency and avoiding conflicts at all cost.

6. Duties towards the profession:

Under these features, a profession is not to be disrepute. The professions are also to exercise impartiality, and aid and keep up standards of professionalism among co-workers.


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