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Run Away Mentality

Updated on October 19, 2016

Freight train hitting car

Freight Train Mentality

Freight trains are massive, some over a mile long in length and weighing thousands of tons. They cross the country carrying everything from corn to cars. When they're stagnant they require a powerful engine to get those wheels turning. Sometimes, multiple engines are needed. The bigger the load, the more energy is needed to "get the ball rolling" if you will. Once underway, a freight train becomes a practically unstoppable force with the capability of destroying anything in its way. Your mentality is that freight train and the load is your thoughts, dreams, and future. With the right mindset all of this powerful energy can really set you on the right track (pun intended) but with a negative mindset all of that powerful energy can destroy so much.

When all of this momentum is used for positive things, we are able to feed all the corners of our land with needed resources. It becomes the blood in the veins, the lifeline, and for many decades this was just how things got done. With such a powerful force flying by at 60 to 80 miles an hour it's inevitable that something would cross paths with these Goliath's of the rails, but just like a strike from a prize fighter, there's not much that can stop it. We power through roadblocks, negative pushbacks, hiccups, or anything else that will keep us from achieving our goals

Conductor Of Your Life

You are the conductor of your mental freight train. You also pick what you transport, the path you travel, you are kind of a staff of one. Clearly this isn't a union job. Let's say you decide to load up your freight cars with doubt, regret, negative energy, disappointment, and chickens. Yes, chickens... Because you are random like that. So you load up your train cars, check over the inventory and sign off, fire up your engines and slowly but surely you start to head off on your way to the town of I give up. As you start to leave that train yard you have the chance right there to put on the breaks and swap out that load, but you don't. Off you go embarking on your journey and eventually you are plugging along, seen for miles as towering clouds of negative smoke billow into the air, flooding the environments around you with poisonous negativity. Some places are smarter than others and have railroad crossing signs that keep things and people out of your way. They see you coming and know the damage you can cause and don't want anyone subjected to that. Others not so much, and in your way on those rails is a car filled with opportunity. At this point you have already built up so much speed even if you try to slow down or stop, it would take you miles. You have set yourself up to destroy what's waiting in front of you. No matter what comes up, all of this negative energy has too much power to be stopped before it's too late and claims another victim. Every minute that passes is the higher the odds that you are going to destroy another opportunity. chuga chuga chuga you go along and eventually.... boom. there's that once in a lifetime opportunity you blew to pieces with all of that built up negative energy and had no chance of stopping in time.

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Move It Or Lose It

Now, let's take all of that unstoppable energy and in those cars that follow behind we load it up with dreams, ambition, determination, positive outlook, goals, and smiles. As we head out from the rail yard you avoid a much different type of town. When negative forces see you coming they get out of your way because they KNOW you are unstoppable. For those that do choose to cross your path and try and stop you on that mission it's like a middle into a brick wall. You destroy those obstacles, you don't stop, you don't even slow down. Toot toot negative nancy I don't have time for you! Move it or lose it! The energy of positivity can take you so far but you have to commit to it. You have to build up that momentum. It's not easy if you are standing still but once you get it going the hard part is stopping, but why would you want to? The road ahead you need to travel through all types of conditions are not for the faint of heart but this is the path you chose, this is for that 0.0001% that can commit to success and is willing to travel the distance and won't let anything or anyone stand in their way.


There are days when we see those obstacles on the track in front of us and we brace ourselves for impact. We underestimate the amount of power we are really working with. Don't reach for the brakes and try to lessen the force you go into things, matter of fact you should add more energy to it. Go into those roadblocks like it's you or them because a lot of times that's exactly what it is. A positive outlook on life can get you where you need and want to be. There will be rough days, bad days, downright unbelievably disastrous days but keep your head down stay focused and just ride your rails. The funny thing about trains is that they don't change course no matter what and they only go as far as they allow themselves towards their goal destination. You put in the energy to move your load from entry level position to manager you will get there regardless of obstacles. Time, patience, determination, don't back up, don't back down. Be the little engine that could and haul your legendary load to those dreams you have. I believe in you. That's not everything though, I need you to believe in you. Be unstoppable on the tracks to greatness.


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