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Running Sport Fitness Training: Motivation Tips

Updated on July 16, 2010

Running is a cheap way to get fit. It doesn't cost you any money to run. You can run anywhere. I am in shape. I am lean, thin, and very strong for my weight. I am training intensively for boxing. This requires speed, power, and endurance. Running is one aspect of my training and I will give you my secrets on the toughest part of running. Motivation. Getting your big butts off the chair and running is the toughest part. I will share my tips to run farther, faster, and longer.

Get a Running Partner

This is the best advice I can give you. When you have a running partner, you have company, competition, and drive. Running is boring. Very boring. There's no way around it. Many people run with mp3 players (see my review on the Sansa Fuze) just to kill some boredom. It's still there. The company allows you to talk and share thoughts. Some good topics to talk about with your running partner are:

  • fitness goals
  • friends/relationships
  • money
  • education or career development
  • Life goals

Having a running partner will help pass the time. Conversation can flow easily depending on the pace. A running partner also adds spirit of competition to the excercise. Although it's important to keep things friendly, there is always a mental notion of "keeping up" to keep you going. It's far easier to stop and rest when you are alone than when you are running with someone. If you are running alone, you are responsible for yourself and your own time . If you are running with someone else, you are now also responsible for their time. This creates a feeling of guilt as you do not want to waste their time but resting too often. In effect, this will push you further and farther. Get a running partner.

Treadmill Vs Free Running

I always prefer free running or running outside than running on the treadmill. It does not make sense to me that people drive their 3 ton cars to a gym, then pay for a gym membership to run in place. That's very wasteful. People think that by paying a premium in gym memberships, they can get into shape. No. You get fit by getting fit. If you have the will, you can do it. I've ran on the treadmill and here are some things I've noticed:

  1. Treadmill running is easier.
  2. You can stop anytime.
  3. You are not situationally forced to push harder

Let me elaborate. When you run on a treadmill, if feels easier on your legs. Lets assume that you can run and your knees are not shot. Running should be hard. Treadmill running does not factor in changing elevation that free running has. When people are tired on a treadmill, they stop and rest. When you are free running, sometimes you can't stop because of traffic, weather, or whatever. Right when you've had enough of the treadmill, you're done. You've logged in your 3 or 4 miles and you drive home. When you are a free running and you get tired, guess what? You need to turn around and run back home. You must now push harder to get home to rest. It makes you mentally stronger also.

Set Small Goals

If you are a new runner or want to get into it, set your goals small.  Run a block, then run 2 the next day.  Run a mile, then run 2 the next day.  You can even change it up.  Sprint a block, then see if you can sprint 2 next week.  I can run half a mile without stopping.  I hope to be able to run a mile this spring.  I can sprint about a quarter of a mile.  Set small goals.  You will never have the motivation to run if you first start with a marathon goal.  We are a culture of lazy and fat people.  Running is cheap and effective.  Although it can be boring, by reading this article and applying it, hopefully you can get motivated to pick yourself up and run.  Take my motivational tips.  In summary:

  1. Run with a partner
  2. Run outside, not on a treadmill
  3. Make small goals and complete them

Good luck and get fit!

How often do you run? Do you want to run more?

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    • profile image

      henrik 6 years ago

      Will we be seeing more motivation stuff on this HUB. It is a great subject and I really hope more people will write comments and come up with good things on how to motivate for running.

    • Set's All Set profile image

      Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England

      This is so weird. Not sure why I didn't pick up your comment 18 months ago!

      Anyways, I've recently applied for a job that required me to run 1.5 miles in 13 minutes and I've managed to do it in 11:20. In the end, I didn't get the job but my motivation was money. People don't put health as a high priority until they need it. Unfortunately, this mentality feeds our "quick-fix" society.

      Stay healthy guys. I know it's hard but nothing good in life is easy.

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