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Running With Moments

Updated on June 20, 2012

Basic Experience

This is running as if everything is a brand new experience. This is what all runners of any kind experience, even if they don't know it.

Running Experience

Every time of day there is a new experience out there. It is a way to keep the motion flowing as you are moving along the trail. In this case the trail is known as running to where you gain a new life experience. In these times running is special to a person that likes to free run. Even if a person is using running as a valuable resource to train in competition; there is no doubt that every once in a while that they feel the moment of a new life experience. Wherever a person runs from beginning to end they experience something that would be totally different. Objects that never catch their eye before are now visible to them. Someone the meet before returns or they meet someone new. The experience that is gained changes depending if you're running in the city, town, valley, mountains, desert, wet lands, and more. All runners from pros to free goes are willing to experience to the next trail ahead. These are the many experiences for free runners and pros to come by. So every time you run let yourself relax in motion and remember to experience something that has never been before. To those who are willing to run let it be a truly good experience for you all.

Running Spirit

A running start is what all people really need. Yet it is a will that shapes a true runner in spirit. The spirit within is structuerd to take on a new trail. The way to run is the way to set a new view. The view of newer experiences that sore upon what is the destine sources of the spirit. Spirit reconnects the runners will to run when the body can't go any further.


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