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Running and Weight Loss for Men

Updated on May 20, 2016
Running is excellent exercise for weight loss for men
Running is excellent exercise for weight loss for men

If you’re a man and wish to lose weight then running is one way to accomplish it! This is especially the case if you combine running with such things as healthy eating, cutting calories and getting into the right mindset.

Men tend to be higher consumers of high-calorie beverages such as beer and soda than women. There snacks also have a higher calorie intake.
Running as an exercise for weight loss for men is an effective means of burning calories and shedding pounds and is an activity that can leave you feeling invigorated and alive - this is the case not just on a physical level but a mental and emotional one as well.

The key is to go at it slowly and not push yourself too hard. There is a common misconception that exercise needs to be hard, reckless and ruthless to do the body any good.

This not the case at all!

The body needs time to get use to a running routine, especially if you haven’t exercised in some time. It wouldn’t hurt to have a check up at your doctors before you begin any type of exercise routine, running or otherwise.

Too many of these packs on the pounds!
Too many of these packs on the pounds!

Beer and Liquor Can Ruin Your Progress:

If the only change you implement to lose weight is running you’ll be disappointed with the results. You’ll need to change calorie intake and healthy eating.

Be more conscious of your alcohol intake. While men think switching from consuming a six-pack regularly to a glass of liquor every now and then reduces calories, be aware a single shot of liquor contains as many calories as a can of beer - sometimes more. You can’t go by volume!

There’s nothing wrong with a refreshing cold beer or glass of wine with a healthy meal but know when you move from relaxing with a drink to partying like its 1999 you're adding to your waistline!

Protein full breakfast is good
Protein full breakfast is good

Only Swallow What You Need for Nutrition and Exercising:

Second change is to look at what your eating habits are like at the present time? Take a look at the food in your kitchen. How are you doing in this regard?

There’s a simple formula for weight loss that goes like this - to lose weight you must burn off more calories than you take in. Take a close inspection of the current state of the meals and snacks you consume. Is there room for improvement in this regard? If there is then get busy.

Running is an excellent weight buster but your eating habits are intertwined with exercise. One affects the other intimately. In order to lose one pound (yes, just one!) you have to burn approximately 3600 calories. What this means is that you will have to combine a regular running schedule with the healthiest diet you can muster.

For some men this can be a major transition while for others it may only require a tweak here and there.

What then is a newbie runner to do? Eat smaller portions of foods that are high in fat and calories.

If you’re running take in plenty of protein. A hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon packs a lot more of what you guys need than wimpy cereals and grains. For the rest of your meals take in protein on each meal and plenty of vegetables and fruits and despite what marathon runners tell you skip the carbohydrates – they’re full of sugar you don’t need.

Other eating tips include control the portion sizes you eat. If you tend to eat a lot of food at meals then start cutting back. Before you know it this will become a habitual way of living and you will not have to remind yourself to do it.

If you find that you are having problems in modifying your eating habits then write it down. Buy a journal and turn it into your own personal food diary. Write down everything you eat every day and make sure you leave nothing out. Once you can see clearly what you are eating this will help to propel you towards positive changes.

Get ready to lose weight
Get ready to lose weight

Getting Started on Running:

Always start your running routine with breathing exercises and end your runs with them as well. They don’t need to be anything fancy or elaborate. Simply take air into your lungs, hold it for a count of five to six seconds and then exhale. This helps lessen the stress on your lungs.

It’s also good for the body to do some simple stretches before and after your runs. Male runners tend to have leg muscle issues later in life and many times this is because they don’t limber up or cool down enough with stretching.

I also recommend you seek out varied terrain and not run on the roads all the time to avoid long-term knee damage – another issue with male runners later in life. Seek out paths through the woods or run at parks.

Finally, shorten your running sessions as you’re running to lose weight and not make the Olympic team. There is no need to spend 45-60 minutes running many miles. For weight loss it’s much more effective to burn calories in short bursts such as what happens when you do interval training.

What form of exercise do you prefer?

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    • raymenjastin profile image

      Raymen 5 years ago from Dearborn, MI

      Eating proteins and vegetables while dieting is the proper way to maintain a healthy living. Also, running 3 times a week for 40 minutes will help your body to digest food faster and it gives you the boost of energy.

    • beccas90 profile image

      beccas90 6 years ago from New York

      Eating protein and vegetables will lower your appetite and less likely to eat snacks between meals. Just remember potato isn't a vegetable in this context. But what if you slip up? No problem, just compensate on the remainder of the meals in the day and stick with protein and vegetables - just make sure you eat as much or more protein than vegetables.

    • joemilli profile image

      joemilli 6 years ago from Indonesia

      very useful for me. Thanks

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Given our ages, it is probably too late for my husband and I to start running...but walking is good and easier on the joints. I know that when I eat more protein and vegetables I am less hungry than when I eat more simple carbohydrates like rice, pasta and bread.

    • profile image

      SWright 7 years ago

      Nice information - not sure about giving up beer we do have to have some things to look forward to. But your info makes sense.

    • profile image

      JedSmith 7 years ago

      Running is my preferred exercise form or more correctly jogging at the speed I go. I do try and watch what I eat as well and recently rediscovered eggs and bacon as a good breakfast but just do it once a week.

    • Ironracer profile image

      Ironracer 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Great tips, especially, the start slowly part. Too many people go out too fast and get injured!

    • beccas90 profile image

      beccas90 7 years ago from New York

      Glad you like article but bacon is protein which is a good breakfast despite what the food pyramid says. Grains we eat today - including oatmeal - are far from natural and don't make the best breakfast to start your day.

    • gidtset profile image

      gidtset 7 years ago

      Great article - but don't think I will use the tip about eating bacon for breakfast. I would rather prefer oatmeal wich is much more healthy.