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Is walking barefoot bad for you?

Updated on April 11, 2014

Whole body health

I was walking in the city today down the sidewalk barefoot and a man jogged past and asked me, "Isn't that uncomfortable being barefoot?"

The short answer I gave him was absolutely not. I wish I could have sat him down and told him how amazing my life is being barefoot. Of course there are many people in this world just like him. The majority of people who see me barefoot react in a very negative way. "You'll get hurt!" or "You'll catch a cold" and the ever so popular scrunch of the nose. But what all these people don't realize is the joy and freedom I experience walking barefoot.

Take a simple hike through the woods as the first example. The sun dapples through the trees and warms the leaves in certain spots. Tree roots are much warmer than the surrounding earth. I can literally feel the energy of the tree when I can connect with skin on bark contact. Not only does it teach me how to be one with the earth it also makes me SLOW down in my daily life and appreciate all the little things that we hardly notice anymore. There's no need to rush when I'm focusing on each step and taking in my surroundings.

The second example is rock climbing. I have so much more control barefoot than with shoes on. Toes are perfect for gripping, as with my arch's; I can use my entire foot! Barefoot walkers are shown to have more mobility, foot strength, flexibility and less deformities. Walking naturally, not unencumbered by shoes, helps your hips align, your back straighten and provides less stress on your joints and bones in your legs.

So besides the fact that I just feel good inside when I'm barefoot, there is a whole slew of scientific evidence that walking barefoot is good for your whole body. Reflexology is a very expensive stress relief treatment! When every rock you step on, every root you arch over is massaging every part of your being. It's a whole body massage just by walking! The earth gives way under your feet and provides a cushion for life. They've even started producing footwear that mimics the natural feel of walking barefoot.

Don't call us filthy hippies!

After a warm rain
After a warm rain

Meaning of Life

If you've never gone on a walk in the woods barefoot, give it a try. What have you got to lose? Only the world to gain! I feel so alive and connected to everything being barefoot. It helps me understand why we are here on this planet.


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    • profile image

      mojo 5 years ago

      Today it was raining and I deciced to go for a walk barefoot... hadn't done it in a while. My body didn't react well and my ankle is killing me... it made me want to get used to walking barefoot because it makes me feel awesome

    • profile image

      Dinu 5 years ago

      "Is walking barefoot bad for you?" - Fatal error: walking in shoes is bad; very bad. Walking barefoot is the best !

    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      Haha, this takes me back a couple of years when I was travelling in Australia. I was walking barefoot in downtown Melbourne (they call it CBD over there) for an entire day. Walking barefoot through the quaint laneways of Melbourne City has been a pleasure which I will never forget in life. Sometimes you just need to step back, slow down in life and watch the world go by while you're enjoying your hot coffee.

      Akartica, I could not agree more with you!


    • BrainSpace profile image

      BrainSpace 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Although I don't walk in the woods barefoot or in public places, I kinda know what you mean. When I come home after a long day of work, its not until I take my socks off, that I feel a sense of freedom.