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Running is Bad For Your Health

Updated on December 5, 2012

Yup you heard me right running is bad for your health. If you don’t believe read on. I’m curious to what doubts you may have.

Trying to place in 20 min for a three mile race I felt like I was literally dying. I couldn’t think of anything else the only wish you had was to continue breathing. My body didn’t have energy anymore I used up all the energy. I was using fat storage for energy and boy did that hurt my body. It felt like someone had just punched me in the abdomen. I wanted to stop running but I didn’t want to let myself down. I finished in 22 min a three mile race and felt miserable. That was me during a cross country race 1 year ago for my High School.

When you are running you feel like you are literally dying and there is a reason for that. Your body is does not have extra energy lying around for you. To compensate you have to use ATP*, fat storage, and muscles. Your body has no choice but to use this in intense activities. To top it all your cortisal levels spike which is responsible for breaking down your muscles to harvest it as energy. In essence you’re using your own body for energy, which is why you lose weight in the first place and only short term!. But you are also getting rid of your muscles!

A cross country runner is the product of muscle wasting; they look like they are going to fall over with by 5 mph winds. Look one up if you haven’t seen one already. It’s just ego games at its finest like a person trying to win at an eating contest to see who can eat the most cookies. No improvement just damage.

Although I had a great three year experience in cross country because of my friends, I’m glad it’s over. I mean I wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing because of running so much. I used to be always tired, and sick (Immune system got shot). This made it hard to focus in school. So far that doesn’t sound like running was doing my body any good. But for crying out loud.

After running three miles every day you and I would think that I would be very skinny but I wasn’t losing any weight. This is what happened

· I had a lot more fat than I do now! Yes I had more body fat by running 3 miles a day than running 0 miles today!

· I had fat but no muscle. Zero definition

· I was nowhere near a six pack!

· My body was in survival mode since I was running so much; for evolutionary reasons my body stored fat on purpose.

· I had a nice blob of fat on my abdomen for “survival” for it, yummy!

· This let me down a lot because I was working hard; I was a try-hard. I still am but now muscle building.

I mean how many times we have been told running is good? Yet when we run we simply don’t lose weight we just get weaker. No matter how much we ran we just don’t seem to lose a pound. Haven’t you seen people that go to the gym to go run faithfully? They lose weight but after they stop going, man they’re looking plump days after not going. I don’t know about you but I think a stronger individual is healthier than a weaker person.Afterall aren’t older people usually weaker than younger people? So don’t waste your time by running.

When you run you also increase free radical production, reduce immune system, cause muscle wasting, and inflammatory responses. The reason running causes free radical production is because your immune system gets shot down so it has less energy to get rid of these free radical cells. It just makes it harder for your body to repair basic cells.

When you have less muscle you burn fewer calories. That was another side effect of running intensely. It ate my muscles away so I had fewer calories to burn thus more body fat.

Check This Out

According to Runners World ;for a 160lb man, it would take 29 miles to run off 1 pound of fat. I think at this point it would be better not to eat the “extra” calories off. And what I mean by extra is that don’t stop eating. Just eat at no more 3,000 calories if you are athletically active.

Solution For this mess

Don’t run. Running is not for losing weight. Running is to run away from cheetahs and gorillas back then. Lift weights instead.

If you run 60 min everyday or even every other day: Do yourself and your body a favor. Stop. This is only going to make you look like a skeleton and you already know about all the health risks.

Instead of running 60 min days do a sprint drill every other day for five days. Find yourself a hill, or just get 100 meters of space. Run those 100 meters about 70% of your ability. Run then rest for 4min and run again. Do this for 5 times. This pace allows your body to not waste and recover in time, and you don’t exhaust yourself. All you do is workout instead of eating yourself. I learned this one of the many routines when I was in track from my coach as a sprinter, and I never regretted that I joined back in the high school days.

One of my favorite workouts is when the track team went out to a super steep sandy hill with at least a 50% gradient. It was so steep that the real risk was us falling from the gravity pulling us down. We only went up it about 5 times and that was it. I felt great and it was short.

Let me warn this routine that I just mentioned is not to build muscle it is to gain speed. If you want to build muscle hit the gym. I’ll post some workouts later on how to build muscle if that is what you wish.

By building muscle you are gained access to a healthier stronger firmer bigger body just like those track stars. One worth noting is Usain Bolt. Wouldn’t’ you like that instead of being a flimsy runner?

There are just endless benefits to muscle building; which some of my favorite are: I’ll burn more calories, more muscle more calories burned. You will have a rock solid immune system and get sick little to none. Chicks dig muscles. You don’t screw up your joints besides you don’t feel like dying as to when running. You keep your immune system healthy so you wouldn’t get sick as much. And you’ll be a new person, not just feel like one.

Aren’t those enough reasons to stop running against your life?

What changes are you going to do in your routine?

*Edit its been a while since I wrote this. I was surprised by the number of visitors. Too bad it wasn't on my blog, bleh whatever. If you read the whole article you will find out that I do not state that all running is bad. Yes Running Is Bad For Your Health, but not all running if your read the whole article. I am not suggesting for people to never run in their live. Quite the contrary I suggest people to do short sprint running instead.

Who would you rather look like?
Who would you rather look like?


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    • alexznumber1 profile image

      alexznumber1 5 years ago

      @Danntaylor02 You didn't read the whole article!

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 5 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      ok well written hub but unfortunately what your saying is nonsense...stop telling the fatties what they want to hear!

    • profile image

      Ron 5 years ago

      Great hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

      Ron from Fitness Tips

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Running isn't bad for you! Running too much is, doing anything too much is. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Running makes your heart stronger. Lifting weights produces free radicals as well, in fact more than running. Lifting weights is damaging the body that's why your muscles get bigger. Looks like you have an image of what you think your supposed to look like. Human beings are not actually meant to be large. Your supposed to be somewhat skinny. Stop believing what you see on tv

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      you are a baby.

    • profile image

      peter 6 years ago

      YOu also leave out the point that behind full contact football and Gymnastics, running leads to injuries for about 80% of runners. These injuries are short term and long term foot, knee and hip injuries. The money behind organizations like NY Road runners are why these facts are never discussed about running.