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Running that works

Updated on May 23, 2011

Running that works

I am an experienced runner who runs daily. I enjoy running as a mean of stressing down and refreshing my thoughts. I try to vary my training schedule as much as possible but the main emphasis is on long runs. A typical week looks like this:

  • Monday: 10 km at a pace of 15 km/hour or faster, you should feel exhausted afterward
  • Tuesday to Thursday: 15-20 km at a pace of around 12 km/hours
  • Friday: fast 10 km run or intervals with for example 4*1 km at pace of 16-17 km/per hour, 1 km slow run between each fast 1 km to recover, you should feel exhausted afterwards
  • Saturday and Sunday: 20 km run at a pace of 12 km/hour

This mix of fast shorter runs and long slower runs enables a runner to recover between the intensive fast runs. The long slow runs strengthen the muscles and heart but also improve the mental stamina necessary to succeed in competitions over a longer distance. The above suggested training program requires some time and dedication. The long runs should ideally be done outside as it gets immensely boring to run 15-20 km on a tread mill. If you do not have this time I suggest to replace the long runs with 10 km on the tread mill but still at a slow pace.

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