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Updated on December 26, 2012

"The more you hurry, the more mistakes you make. Slow down, breathe and learn to be led by God, not driven by impatience." - Joyce Meyer

I don't know why I can read this quote over and over again but still have the hardest time doing it. Seems like being in a hurry is a part of my life. I'm always in a hurry from the moment I wake up, until I lay down to sleep at night. I even feel like I rush myself to go to sleep when I lay down so that I will get enough sleep. There are just so many things that have to be done each day. So I ask myself, "How can I slow down, breathe, and let God lead me?" I talk to my children about how they don't listen when I tell them things to do and it puzzles me why I have to tell them over and over again but I guess my situation is the same. Am I just being lazy, like I say they are or is it something else that's taking my attention away from what I should be focused on?

I think I've come to realize that I just need to focus more and really put forth the effort to make God first in my life. If I don't put forth that effort then how will it ever happen? It all starts with me. So there should be no question. I have realized that I don't "practice what I preach". Recently my boyfriend told me to do something that I always tell him to do. First I thought he was just being mean and inconsiderate. Once he explained that I always say it to him; I just sat there for a moment. It was just what I needed to hear. I seem to have all the knowledge but I don't apply it to myself.

I don't like knowing that I have answers and advice for others but I don't use it for myself. I must now put forth the effort to relax and focus on bringing God into every situation. I admit to being impatient and trying to go ahead and get things over with asap. I want things to go a certain way and I used to get very upset when they didn't. That's not cool and it only leaves me stressed and feeling depressed. It also results in making wrong choices in life. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has felt this way before so if you are mentally exhausted, remember to step back, take your time, be patient and let God lead the way.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

We have a God who can be trusted with not only our burdens, but also ourselves. He sees and cares, and notices.


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    • snapbackbetty profile image

      Tiera Exum 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for your positive comment and vote!

    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 5 years ago from Texas

      Hello there. This is an interesting and honest article you've written. Judging from what I read, I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself. Life is an ever learning process, and we're all bound to make mistakes and not "practice what we preach" as you said. A balanced approach and outlook is the best method, and you seem to be making steps towards that. However, I do agree wholeheartedly that rushing does equate to mistakes. I enjoyed reading your hub. Voted up, and interesting. Shared as well.