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Updated on May 7, 2011
Praavin Vaghani
Praavin Vaghani | Source

Exercise with Chair


Seniors Fitness

It is quite natural and common that on the first day of retirement a person feels very relieved and wants to have a long rest thinking how nice it is to be free from all the worries of daily routine like having to get up at a specific time and live the whole day guided by the movement of the clock.

The result is that a very active person also suddenly becomes very inactive and lazy. First few days or weeks he just wanders around aimlessly going to shopping centers, visiting pubs, drinking and eating at leisure, talking to friends, etc. In fact he just passes time aimlessly.

If he is fond of gardening or if he has a hobby which can keep his mind and body occupied and active that will keep him happy and healthy. Otherwise he is most likely become weaker by the day and prone to have varieties of sickness. His life as a senior becomes unbearable not only to him but sometimes to his wife and the other members of the family as well.

His first problem is keeping fit. And that requires some efforts and determination and some guidance as well. There are multitudes of channels through which you can gain knowledge about how to keep fit. The first warning sentence is made of only four short words ‘Use it or lose it’. It’s a simple message from nature. If you don’t use a particular muscle regularly, you will most likely lose its function.

Every muscle of your body is designed to perform a task. The circulating blood keeps feeding those muscles with vitamins, proteins and minerals which keep the muscles healthy and strong. But the mind is the controller of this distribution system and it rations which muscle gets how much. It feeds each muscle according to its consumption requirement. So the more active gets more and less active muscle gets less and an inactive muscle gets nothing.

The digestive system also works according to the demand of the body. It does not like to produce building materials and energy enzymes which go waste.. With less food being digested he loses the appetite as well, the hunger reduces and he does not like eating as much.

This is a vicious cycle to be trapped into. It culminates into many malfunctions of the body like Alziemer, Tinitus, weak eyes, loss of hearing, inability to sit properly, bent back, difficulty in walk, and so on. As a result the person ultimately dies earlier than expected.

I recently came to know the simplest way to keep fit and healthy. I have practiced it and found it to be true to its preaching. So I thought I share it with you.

“Kon Banega Karodpati ?” (similar to Who Wants to be a Millionaire ?) is a very popular quiz show hosted by the bollywood super star Amitabh Bachchan. Born on 11 October 1942. Even at this ripe age of 68 he keeps so fit and healthy that he dances like a young actor.

One of the competitors of this quiz, sitting opposite to him in the hot seat of the quiz show asked him, “Sir, can I ask you one question please ?”

Without stopping a moment to think and hands joined together in respect to say ‘Namaste’(I bow to you) Amitabh said, “ yes please, go ahead.”

The competitor asked, “Sir, you are older than my father. My father walks with the support of a stick. But even at this age you are very  fit and healthy and you dance energeticaly just like a young man. What is the secret of your fitness ?”

Without a word Amitabh got off from his tall spring-loaded chair, buttoned his coat, walked a few steps away from the chair, then came back to the chair, unbuttoned the coat and got on to the chair. Again he got off the chair, buttoned his coat, walked a few steps away from the chair, then came back to the chair, unbuttoned his coat and got on to the chair. He repeated this act twice more.

There was a pin-drop silence in the audience of over two thousand. Everybody held their breadth while watching this drama of demonstration of his fitness being performed by Amitabh. Then Amitabh looked at the competitor and said, “If you do this fifty times a day, you will keep fit and healthy like me and never put on weight and you do not need any expensive exercise machine.”

Now, having lived in Australia for over half my life, I have just given up sitting cross-legged on the floor. Not only I couldn’t bend my knees, but if I somehow sat on the floor, I had problem getting up. I cannot sit anywhere without a chair. Many of my friends also have similar problem. I have seen them going through awkward movements when getting off the floor. We have just resigned to the fact that we can’t do it.

I pondered over what Amitabh had demonstrated. Although not convinced that Amitabh does this every day instead of spending an hour in a gym equipped with modern exercise machines, I decided to put it in practice. I was not yet ready to sit on the floor. I used a chair to sit cross-legged and practiced repeating the performance about fifty times a day. Of course I did not do the fifty times all in one hit, but did a few times at a time during the day.

After two-three weeks I started feeling energetic.  I had no more problem of sitting cross-legged, on the contrary I felt like crossing my legs even when sitting on a sofa. Also I felt inspired internally to dance and started doing aerobic exercises. Previously if I came near a staircase to climb, I will look at it as if I am looking at Himalay mountain, but now I just start climbing it.

What a pleasant feeling I have now is hard to describe. This small movement of sitting cross-legged on a chair has brought a big change in my life as if I am regaining my youth.

So I thought I share it with you.  If someone who reads this and sees the video will benefit from it, I will get the message via cosmic rays and it will make me feel happy !!!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting information on health.

    • Crewman6 profile image


      7 years ago

      Congratulations- Thank you for sharing encouraging information. I turned 50 last year, and like you, am trying to keep my youth as long as possible. I appreciate the inspiration!


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