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Show Cancelled

Updated on November 22, 2015

For months I have been waiting to attend a concert. I purchased tickets online. The concert was for Kings of Leon. Sunday August 10 at 7 pm in Saratoga Springs. Today is August 10. It's 10 pm. The show was cancelled.

I purchased the tickets in a happy mood months ago. Since that time, my boyfriend has traveled three separate occasions for at least three weeks each time. By August 10, I don't really feel like I have a boyfriend. I say I want money for the tickets (because I don't want to be generous since he hasn't been) I say I don't want to go (because I don't since he's been gone first) and I say I can't afford it (although I can, we all can afford that which we want bad enough) We hem and haw and finally are together on our way to the concert.

I'm pissed because for two weekends in a row we are working on this mans roof. I'm covered in callous hands and my house is a mess. I just sold my car because I couldn't afford the payments (and per earlier in this submission, we all know I didn't even like the car or I would have been able to afford it). PS this is the man that said he'd help pay for the car a year ago. I wanted to drive his purple BMW to the concert. He refused and took his Lincoln Aviator. I wanted to go up a day before, he refused. Not only did he refuse but he wanted to sleep in, which resulted in a wasted morning, lazy afternoon and rushed schedule all around.

We get to Saratoga Springs. We go out to lunch. He eats two of my blueberries, and ladies I almost slugged him. Then in his boyish immature manner, he covers his fruit cup to not share. In my head, I hit him another three or four times. Men! I literately pay for my own food, give the adorable, sweet waiter a $7 tip for a salad, fruit cup and water and get in the car. At this point, I am repulsed at this point. This man is not my friend, or a good boyfriend or husband material. I cannot believe I am even writing this or have tolerated this for so long.

We leave lunch. We head towards the Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center. "KINGS OF LEON SHOW CANCELLED". For months I have planned for this concert. To go with my perfect future husband and to wear my adorable pink cowgirl hat and boots. I have planned for months to be with him on this day, and listen to all of our songs, and have perfect weather, etc, etc....but when I make plans, God Laughs. And I have spent too much time planning this day and many others, including ones involving this particular man.

I can try to behave, manipulate, restrict, flow, yadayada. I am not God. But there are signs from whoever is. And todays was very clear. Sorry folks, SHOWS CANCELLED.

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