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Updated on August 17, 2015


Donald Trump would be a good Scuba Diver, he's got the body and mind for the sport, and lives where Scuba Diving is alive and well!
Donald Trump would be a good Scuba Diver, he's got the body and mind for the sport, and lives where Scuba Diving is alive and well!


With Skin diving you use a snorkel and hold your breath. SCUBA stands for 'Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus' which is your tank of air on your back that allows you to breathe under water. That’s what an expert scuba diver told me on Facebook, She’s my old friend from public school whom I’d never guess in a zillion years would be doing such a feat, but she is and loves it, thrives on it, must do it!

So what if Donald Trump wanted to be an ace at it, what is better and what is the best to use if he wanted to get into some odd exercise for him since he lives in Miami at least part of the time? Scuba diving may sound like to Donald Trump like they bring him into the deepest ocean and throw his butt off the side of the boat and he'd sink as far down as Titanic and find buried treasure and be richer, I think the man would be very happy! I remember my grandfather telling me he used to get into those big steel scuba diving things and the Navy would drop him in enemy territory and he once carried a live torpedo on his back as he walked the ocean floor. Do you think The Donald would attempt such a thing, especially 'that hair'? He would have to protect his 'rug' at all costs. It might spark new inventions. Ahh, if only Donald Trump would take up Scuba or Skin Diving he may set new trend!

But what is Skin Diving and how does that help us?

According to what I said above, Skin Diving uses a snorkel like an elephant or whale's blow and you hold your breath underwater, and learn to come up and blow the water out of the tube in place. You can become quite good at it and in the end your breathing improves, in fact, every bodily function can gets better as well.It may make Donald Trump regular 'down under' if you get my drift (hee hee), we are all human!

You don't go as deep as if you were scuba diving and sometimes you can last a bit longer and don't have those heavy tanks on your back, nor are sharks going to eat you up at every coral stop. In this writer's opinion Donald Trump would make a better skin diver than he would scuba diver, Would you not agree. He would have a vain thing with his hair and body, but once he did it, he'd be whipped into shape in no time at all.

But Scuba diving, what a thrill, for the strong and able, not the meek and scared. I remember my parents taking us to Puerto Rico and trying to coax my brothers into scuba diving with them and an instructor in the big blue pool at the hotel we were staying at. It was ritzy and fun, I loved the hotel butter on the toast and the bacon and eggs tasted 'oh so elegant', and I was just too young to do it. I wanted to jump right in even crying to dad to let me, but all they'd let me do is throw on the 'skin diving' stuff and flippers and I floated above them as dad and older brother, scared as brother was, scuba dived. In the end, they both did well, but I'd wished it was me. It was fun all the same, but scuba diving is a bit more entailed than skin diving. I've had friends who've grown up on the scuba diving route, and I am amazed at them and their attempts, it's enlightening, and I think it's really great.

And I'm sure now that I'm thinking straight about this sport of Scuba diving that Trump loves Puerto Rico and must have done the sport when he was younger. Everyone was doing it in the Sixties, including my family, and you know he was down there as well. We were down there hanging with our neighbors Harold & Evelyn Glasser (President of Miss USA Organization at that time) and they were pretty high power back then, Trump and I once traveled in same social circles.

If you are younger, start with skin diving, say the experts of this wonderful sport. And don't over do it or you may find yourself gasping for breath! Once you get used to the water and breathing, they may allow you to learn to scuba dive. It's up to you and your learning capacity which must be high on the board or you may drown in the process. So take it slow and be careful. Scuba diving is a wonderful sport, but many have made stupid mistakes like diving too deep, or not having enough air and ending up 'swimmin with tha' fishes!' So beware and always scuba dive with a partner. It can be a real treat, especially when you get out of the pool and move to the oceans of the world. Good luck and keep in touch always. Watch sharks and bigger fish, and don't hurt any whales and by no means do you spear fish, that's a no no, poor fishes! In closing, maybe Trump should do what he's been doing and NOT try scuba diving, we'll see.


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      Princess Jacks 6 years ago

      Wow, what a strange article. But funny as heck!