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Spices Are Good for Health

Updated on April 8, 2015

Wonders of India for which Europeans came to India

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Know more about spices

Life to your meals and life savers for you,recently they have become the center of attention with new studies being published and trumpeting their health benefits.Making spices part of your meals or it would rather be more productive to say to have spices in your meal to fight various kind of disease naturally.It reduces the heart related diseases,helps diabetic patient ,people suffering with arthritis osteoporosis gout and also helps to strengthen our immune system .junks are much more harmful because they are not blended with Indian masalas Seasonings are concentrated source disease fighting phenols .All spice,cinnamon,cloves,marjoram,mint,oregano,rosemary sage ,tarragon,thyme and turmeric are all really good for health .

  • Cinnamon:- one tsp of cinnamon powder are equivalent to antioxidants found in a half cup of blueberries or pomegranate juice(one cup).It contains manganese, dietary fiber and iron which we generally lack in our diets. (2 tsps have 12 calories).
  • benefits are:-Is Anti clotting in Action ,prevents unwanted clumping of blood platelets. controls Blood Sugar(recent studies suggests that having cinnamon can stabilize blood sugar even if you are eating foods high in sugar).
  • It's highest anti-aging antioxidants.
  • It has Brain-Boosting Functions
  • Is Anti-microbial in character it checks the growth of bacteria as well as fungi
  • Thyme is good for cough and is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in character
  • Turmeric has calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, iron, potassium and manganese.
  • It checks tumor growth and help treating rheumatoid arthritis and cystic fibrosis in women. Beyond this it has been associated with reduced risk of infancy leukemia, improves liver function and even protect us against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Ginger is a good source of potassium and has similar antioxidant levels as one cup of spinach.

To get the best benefit we must :---

  • Toss the dusty tins.spices tend to lose their antioxidant potency with age.Its sensible not to use but discard the spices after two years.
  • Store the spices properly ,keep then in a cool dark place not on the open shelf over the stove or sunlight.
  • keep the lids tightly closed so that they are not spoiled by the moisture in the air.
  • Focus on the frequency of the use of the spices ,you need regular .intake more than you get from just in food.
  • turmeric has its anti bacterial functions
  • most of our nutrients we get from the direct consumption of spices
  • spices helps to cure many aliments and keep our body immunised


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 8 years ago

      thanks for your suggestion,i was really busy so gave up I started wring a day before and then completed it to post ,I will really see if I can add some relevant pictures to my slide show .Spices are real good healers if taken moderately

    • profile image

      docadvocate 8 years ago

      mam u r really good at wat u do ,i mean u know how,when n what to do at right moment,n ur slideshow is also good (could hc added some more pics) just suggesting.