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Updated on September 8, 2011

It was time, I was ready, I am grateful

If you’ve ever felt…

• Left behind

• Unloved

• Wanted desperately to find true love

• Prayed with all your might to be healed or released from self-limiting or self- destructive behaviors

…then, this is for you.

I received a divine and spontaneous healing.

Life seems to evolve in a spiral. What we learn is never lost. When old patterns return, they pack less of a punch if we continue to cut limiting energetic cords along the way.

During a recent meditation I received a message from the inner masculine and feminine aspects of my Self. My innate masculine quite clearly said, “IT’S OK TO COME HOME NOW.” Within seconds, my inner feminine softly whispered, “I RELEASE YOU FROM THE FEAR OF BEING LEFT BEHIND”.

Later that evening during body work, I asked if something could be done to support restored hearing in my right ear. Pressure points were touched on my body as I declared a positive affirmation out loud.

All at once I began to feel very lightheaded and had to sit. Almost immediately, I began to feel that a HIGHER BEING wanted access to me. Many of you know that I regularly TRANCE CHANNEL* Quan Yin (Asian Mother of Mercy and Compassion) at my Diva Retreats.

*Trance channel: Allowing an ascended master to utilize my body as a vessel in order to deliver information and healing to those present. In order to do this, i must put myself (ego mind) aside to a very large degree and go into a deep meditative state. I generally do not recall anything presented by the master since it is not my thoughts fueling the conversation.

This time, and for the first time, and even though I do not consider myself religious, It was MOTHER MARY, known to many as VIRGIN MARY, who wanted to speak through me., I sensed the emergence of this Ascended Master as my body began to quiver; my breath quickened, my heart raced and I felt very emotional.

Because I wanted to consciously participate in my own healing, I chose to CHANNEL*, rather than trance channel her.

*Channeling: Much like a two-way conversation in which i am fully aware and “hear” the voice of the master rather than actually “becoming” the voice.

I began to cry, but not because I was sad or even overwhelmed by Mary’s exalted vibration. It was a spontaneous sobbing from a place so deep I’m not sure I knew it existed before that very moment. As the crying increased in intensity I curled into somewhat of a fetal position, sensing something old and very heavy was being purged or lifted from me. It was as though a DARK CLOUD WAS FLOATING OUT AND AWAY FROM ME.

Just as suddenly as the healing began, I experienced the most amazing serenity. I sat perfectly still in the quiet aftermath of what could only be described as a SPONTANEOUS DIVINE HEALING.

Celebrating endless possibilities and sending much love.


Connie Stewart, Intuitive Profiler, Medium, Speaker and Writer is available for private sessions by appointment only. Through Intuitive Profiling, Connie identifies and cuts unhealthy energetic cords. Releasing these negative energetic connections allows you to function at a higher vibrational frequency.

Connie is also available for corporate keynote presentations and group sessions.

619-573-5927 ~


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