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Medicine Allergy Can Cause Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Updated on September 17, 2014

My friend,Rajesh was diagnosed three years back with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.He had a dog bite when he was nine but the trauma remained hidden in him for years after.He became tensed and his Serotonin flow decimated with the oncoming of autumn every year.

At the end of 2011,his obsession became so acute that he was afraid of cats and dogs and to be exact afraid of death.He nurtured a strange notion that he would be invariably bitten by a rabid cat or dog,and he would not be able to feel it.Consequently,he feared his inevitable death due to Rabies or Hydrophobia.

Rajesh confined himself to his house and finally to his bedroom.Whenever he went out of home,he came back on tenterhooks that the impossible had happened to him.As a compulsion and to decimate his fears,he checked his legs and every part of his body before the mirror.A harrowing scene for his family to see him everyday in that hapless condition.

Soon he was taken to a Psychiatrist for treatment who gave him a medicine for OCD.It took nearly three months for him to come back to normalcy.70%of the disease was under control.He had headache almost everyday and weight gain aggravated the situation further.His spouse observed one day that his breathing stopped at intervals all throughout his sleep while he was completely ignorant about it.

The Psychiatrist prognosed him with 'Obstructive Sleep Apnea'.He was advised Polysomnography and a comprehensive air pressure machine for free oxygen flow.In the test, it came out that there were 275 obstructions in his sleep of six hours and the oxygen desaturation was severe. The oxygen flow was between 73% and 85%,low enough to cause brain atrophy if persisted.

There were several visits to ENT specialists for 'Obstructive Sleep Apnea'.Three of those specialists prescribed Tonsil removal and slicing off the Upper Palate.One suggested removal of a nasal blockage.

Eventually, luck changed for him when he visited a philanthropic ENT specialist who only advised him with an MRI of the nasal region.Every iota of the nasal region was normal in that report except a little bit of swelling in the air passages because of Allergy.Believe it or not,the medicine for OCD was stopped and he was given an anti-allergic medication for 21 days.Within weeks, he was cured of the much dreaded,'Obstructive Sleep Apnea' without any surgery.Therefore, small things in life determine big events.

Rajesh visited another Psychiatrist who after hearing the event gave him a different medicine for OCD and he recovered completely from the trauma of cats and dogs.Moreover,he has now petted a stray dog and feeds it regularly without any worry.

This is a real life incident and I have gone through the Doctor's report before writing this.My sole objective in writing this article is to make the people aware that we can be allergic to certain medicines.Whenever we have breathing problems,we must check out the medicine allergies we may be having or the food allergies.A little change in diet or medicine intake can give us a life full of 'Joie de Vivre'.


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