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Updated on December 16, 2009

Many have died or paralyzed when the disease strikes unexpectedly. There may be sign at first but most episode are those that will strike without any warning if the normal flow of the blood that passes to the brain was disrupted and can't get enough oxygen. This is the beginning of the presence of a health problem due to blood clot. There may even bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic).

We all knew that the risk factor of stroke was the elevated blood pressure. Hypertension occurred when the high pressure level exceeded the normal level. The stability of the normal level was inconsistent, mostly it goes up if triggered by a certain condition.

Immediate attention should be given if there's an indication of any attack. The delay of responding to a symptom may cause risk to life and limb. This will be a critical period where the victim should always be vigilant. A fast action of determining the cause and immediate treatment are the best alternatives before it strike.

Many of them failed to grasp the early warning sign. They thought that it was only a small disruption in the normal activities of the body. This wrong belief has its own price and it will surely cost his life.

There were 2 kinds of strokes. It may be ischemic and hemorrhagic. They were both deadly. Most of the results of the attack happened to this kind of stroke (ischemic), a paralyzation of the body either whole or half portion only. If there's a bleeding or burst blood vessel that occur, it causes immediate death.

Many patients with ischemic stroke restricted their mobility and has communication problem. But if it comes to the point to be severe then long nursing care is necessary depending on patient's promising recovery. If not, the immediate member of the family have to faced the cost involve for long treatment and full attention in caring the patients. It might not be pleasant to those family who don't have money resources for the said treatment, but it was already a fact that necessary attention is needed at this point in time.

What are those warning signs most people felt without realizing the presence of stroke?

-Sudden and painful headache in one or both sides.

-Weakness in hands, legs and even both arms.

-Trouble speaking as if there's hardness in the jaw.

-Low body coordination while walking or doing any activities at home or outside.

-Feeling numb in some portion of the body mostly vulnerable.

But what are those risk factors that triggered the attack?

Modern lifestyle. Most of the food we eat today were laden with fats, sugar and salt. When the body failed to acknowledge some internal changes then possible elevated blood pressure will happen quickly. The presence of plaque and cholesterol that slowly blocked the blood vessels was one of the most probable cause where a stroke happened.

No exercise regimen to burn-out excess fat on almost all parts of the boy.

It is helpful to consume a diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to prevent hypertension.

Make dietary changes by eating foods low in fat and sodium.

Maintain your medication as prescribed by your doctor.


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    • Chad A Taylor profile image

      Chad Taylor 

      8 years ago from Somewhere in Seattle...

      Very informative and possibly life saving


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