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Successful Healthy Vegan Doctors

Updated on March 15, 2014

Below are a selection of knowledgeable vegan doctors and a good bit of information on each. This is in response to some people on a crusade to scare people away from vegan lifestyles. FIrst, a bit on that...

The spiteful ex-vegan

Some such crusaders claim to be ex-vegans who almost died and are regaining their health through consuming miraculous meat/dairy/eggs. At best, those are people not socially strong enough to stick to a good vegan diet, so they're on a crusade to scare others away from it using supplied propaganda, to alleviate their guilt. Others on the same crusade are very likely connected to animal agriculture related industries (farmers, suppliers, restaurants, etc.).

They'll sternly warn of the dangers of eating nothing but carrots, or nothing but lettuce, nothing but bread…the extreme danger of devastating malnutrition from rejecting animal get the picture.

But there's nothing dangerous about a good vegan diet and there's nothing natural or healthy about eating animals and their products from extreme confinement farms full of filth, disease, antibiotics, etc., in addition to the immense suffering and the terrible human behavior required to facilitate all of that.

Slaughterhouses alone should thoroughly disgust and horrify human beings, one would think.

Real-life experience vs. fear/anger based rumors

I'm strictly vegan going on five years and was vegan off and on since 1986. I've only had impressive health improvements being strictly vegan. I was obese while addicted to rich foods like cheese and so forth. I lost 70 pounds and got to a normal weight, which has remained consistent, only as a strict vegan...never before happened in my life. I was also almost miraculously freed from chronic digestive problems (to avoid getting gross here) and high blood pressure. Much of the benefits were of course due to far less junk foods, i.e. eating more wisely, and getting more exercise.

Even dogs can be vegan with proper supplementation, and cats can eat plant foods along with fresh fish. My rescued dogs eat about 95% vegan (except for tidbits from friends, things they find, etc.). They love their lives and are strong and healthy.

This is a long intro in getting to those doctors, but a new perspective is needed by some. It's important to realize that we need not one animal farm or slaughterhouse in our world. There's no honest way to dodge the fact that it is far beneath us to do these things to innocent, helpless animals.

At last, here are just a few vegan doctors, in the US only, and links for more info.:

Heather Shenkman, MD FCC, Interventional Cardiologist in Los Angeles, and amazing athlete:

David G. Hughes, MD, Cardiologist at Bon Secours Heart & Vascular Institute, and athlete in his 60s (sorry for the blurry photo):

Marc R. Katz, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Bon Secours Heart & Vascular Institute, Virginia:

Ellsworth Wareham, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (retired at 95), now 99 years old, vegan for about 45 years:

Mark Berman, MD, corporate physician:

Henry Heimlich, MD, innovator of the Heimlich maneuver saving over 50,000 people from choking in the USA alone since 1974, along with many other discoveries and awards:

Matthew Lederman, MD, board-certified Internal Medicine Physician:

Walter Jacobson, MD, Psychiatrist:

In conclusion, a big thank-you to those good doctors (among others) and to the growers of all those amazing plant foods!


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    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Wonderful hub. Sure is great to be vegan. It's healthy and compassionate. I admire vegans, I'm vegetarian.

    • Lauranimal profile image

      Lauranimal 3 years ago from So. California

      For mbasa and anyone else interested in vegan cooking, here's a video I just did, and a vegan recipe site that may help out:

    • Lauranimal profile image

      Lauranimal 3 years ago from So. California

      Thanks, yes it can be very much a healthy lifestyle, as Dr. Wareham talks about in detail in the video above.

      My main concern is the animals, their health and enjoyment of life. None should be born as food or products, caged, abused and slaughtered, not for human beings. In my desired world, none of that would happen.

      I'm not much into recipes, but I will certainly try to do some of that sort of thing here; you've inspired me :)

    • mbasa profile image

      Zimkhitha 3 years ago from South Africa

      Good hearing from a vegan. The vegan lifestyle is something I admire and aspire to and luckily for me I never had of the scare tactics. As far as I'm concerned this is a healthy lifestyle. Please do share about being vegan including recipes etc.