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Updated on August 4, 2017

The Area

The Area
The Area

Nerve Compression- How To Fix It !

 I have read many blogs pertaining to a condition that most people had no clue as to what it was, and how to fix the problem. I have done many hours of research, because I too had the symptoms, after a fall affecting my tailbone and L-5 spine area.


The tailbone hurt for 5-6 weeks. I had a sitting job, and did not seek any medical help. I was transferred to a standing job, and after 1 hour all hell broke loose.

In the  right thigh area to the knee- burning, tingling, anesthesia of the right thigh. Sometimes sharp knife pains. The burning increased when I was trying to stand. It felt like under the skin it was itching, but you could not scratch the itch, the thigh was frozen. The area was very sensitive to touch and if bumped was very painful.

Medical Care

I was employed on tribal land, and the tribe has their own workman's compensation department, and a very poor one for non-indians. I was sent to a clinic and the nurse practioneer did not listen to any of my symptoms. She gave me a muscle relaxer and  Ibuprofen. The condition was becoming worse, and I read that Ibuprofen will make this condition worse not better.

My doctor gave me a Prednisone Pack, and it relieved some of the symptoms, but the condition was still present. I had this pain from June 11 2009 to August 28th 2009.

Meralgia Paresthetica

Is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer part of your thigh. It is often not diagnosed, and it can cause disability if not treated. The cause of meralgia Paresthetica is a compression of the nerve that supplies sensation to the skin surface of your upper leg.

The spine L-3-L-5 area is where an injury may have caused this condition to manifest. The Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve is pressing on the Inguinal ligament that runs underneath it.


I was not happy to read, that there is really no treatment for this condition. Perhaps in a few months the  symptoms would just vanish. The other option was a cortizone shot in the groin area that may relieve the nerve compression.

I starting thinking, and I already had the prednisone, and it did not relieve all the symptoms. I could not take the frozen, sensitive and burning pain any longer.

I used an ultra strength rub, a topical analgesic, bought at Publix's supermarket. I figured that I could apply the rub as close to the nerve, below the pelvic area as possible. I only used a very small amount, and rubbed it on that area.

Be forewarned, it will burn like hell, for what seems to be an eternity, but really only a minute or two. I knew it was working, because that night, I could feel the nerve pulsating, and moving around. I have done this same application for 4 days, and the thigh is not burning, or as frozen as it was before. I even put some of the rub on the thigh, it does not burn when applied to the thigh area.

The rub is relieving the nerve that was crushing the ligament. I was trying to apply heat to the back area, lower spine, but that was the wrong place. It is difficult to reach the nerve area beneath the pelvic area, but this is working.

I can stand and walk and I do not feel the same level of pain, numbness or burning pain. I figure with a few more treatments, I have cured this condition.

Please be careful, with the amount of rub you use, a very small amount will cause a burning reaction.




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