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SWOT to make New Year Resolutions

Updated on June 19, 2013

Grumpy's NY Resolutions

Grumpy's SWOT Analysis
Grumpy's SWOT Analysis | Source

Help with New Year Resolutions

I was being lulled by the comfortable feeling of sitting next to a loved one on a warm, sunny morning at church.

“What resolutions have you made this new year? Have you decided to play your strengths and overcome your challenges?” asked the young migrant priest.

As my mind drifted in and out of consciousness, listening to the endless sermon, the idea struck me. It dawned on me that SWOT analysis in my management studies, could be a great help for choosing New Year Resolutions. Before I go on, I should quickly explain what SWOT stands for and that it is used in the workplace.

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and this analysis technique was devised in the 1960s, by a management consultant called Albert Humphrey. As a management technique, the organisation looks at the internal environment in terms of its strengths and weaknesses and at the external environment for opportunities and threats.

I realise that we can use SWOT Analysis in our personal lives and especially for making New Year Resolutions and tracking our progress throughout the year. The idea is to examine closely your personal strengths and weaknesses. Do you have a quick intelligent mind, a curious nature, a kind and caring way with people? Those are strengths and can be cultivated for promoting your personal goals and ideals. Do you have a hot temper, poor communication skills or lack self-confidence? Those are areas you may like to work on since they are weaknesses and can be overcome with some work and perseverance. A new year is a good time to start on working through these challenges.

Since we live in communities on this earth, the external factors that provide opportunities and threats for us come through our interactions with other people. The opportunities would be the chances we are given or work at, and includes applying for a promotion or a better position. By the same token, we have threats that are likely to happen and these events may include the death of someone who has been sick for months, the breakdown of your old car which has not been serviced for ages and been clunking along. If you are prepared for these threats to eventuate then you are able to display strength when they happen.

Using the SWOT techniques is a great way to make New Year resolutions. Let’s say that Grumpy the Dwarf wanted work out some New Year Resolutions for the year 1812, in the pictorial representation (on right) of his SWOT Analysis. After some quick but sometimes heated discussions with Doc, Grumpy has listed three of his Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

During the year Grumpy would check this SWOT doc (excuse the pun) to keep him on track. At the end of the year, Grumpy would make a short analysis of his achievements and challenges that happened in the year. Grumpy would then look at the strengths he used and how he resolved his weaknesses. With the help of Doc and his other dwarf friends, he could work the how well he used his strengths in eradicating threats or dangers and keeping his gang safe. He could also celebrate his successes in grabbing opportunities especially in helping his beloved Snow White.

By now you probably get the idea of how to use the SWOT Analysis to help you work out and cruise on with your resolutions. If like me, you are an analyser, you’ll probably come up with many items to enter into each of the four categories. To keep it simple and easier to manage, I would recommend three items for each category and to get a good friend to help you take a closer look at yourself in terms of your Strengths and Weaknesses. You will be the best person to work out your Opportunities and Threats/Challenges that you can reasonably foresee. Be warned that some opportunities may crop up from the blue and please snatch them with willing arms. Likewise, some threats may drop your way unexpectedly; just be strong and face those trials with courage.

When you have mastered this technique for self-improvement, you would have learned a good management technique and have seen some positive results in your lives. There will be no excuse not to succeed in managing your New Year resolutions.


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    • Kairulina profile image

      Kairulina 4 years ago from Canberra

      Thanks for your positive comment.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      SWOT analysis is a good technique to use in work. I had not thought of using it for a personal assessment. Great idea!