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Sacral Joint Pain

Updated on February 15, 2011

sacral joint pain

Typically sacral joint pain is broken down into four different categories, traumatic, biomechanical, hormonal, and inflammatory. It is important for you to know as much as possible about these different kinds of joint pain, so you will be able to effectively treat whichever type you have. The traumatic joint pain in this area occurs most often when there is a sudden shock that hits the joint, for instance landing hard on the buttocks area. This can usually cause ligament and joint damage that can result in quite a bit of pain.

  • Biochemical joint pain occur over time. Usually the cause of this happens as the result of increased physical activity, such as with a certain sport or job that is very demanding on one's body. This type of joint injury can be broken down into a few different sub-categories, including a twisted pelvis, imbalances of the muscle, and a discrepancy in leg length.
  • The hormonal aspect of sacral joint pain is the result of changes in these levels within the body. Pregnant women are among the most vulnerable to this type of pain, because of the fluctuating hormonal levels during the course of the pregnancy. An increase in weight can also be responsible for this type of pain, which is commonly associated with pregnancy. The more weight you gain, the more strain is put on the spine, cause anything from a slight discomfort to severe pain.
  • You will also want to know about inflammatory joint disease, as it too can be a cause of this pain you may be experiencing. These are specific conditions which have a direct impact on the spine, such as ankylosing spondylitis. It is known to cause sacral joint pain and should be treated as soon as possible after it is properly diagnosed. You will want to see your doctor to come up with treatment options for whichever type of pain you have in this area of your body, however it's always helpful to know what your treatment options are.
  • It is a good idea to take the proper amount of rest from all physical activities that may be straining this part of your body. If you regularly work out or play any physically-intensive sports such as football, then you will want to consider ceasing all participation until the problem is corrected fully. You should remember that heating an area that is in pain due to an inflammatory disease will only worsen the condition, so avoid this treatment option if that is the case. There are multiple anti-inflammatory medications available to you for pain that is caused by this type of sacral pain.
  • You might also want to be aware of what treatments a doctor might prescribe you for these type of injuries. Electrotherapy is becoming more and more common to treat tissues in the body which have been affected, as well as leveling the pelvis using a special manipulation method that has proven to be quite effective for multiple people who have this problem. There are other methods of treatment available to you as well if all else fails, such as a sports massage from someone who is licensed to perform such physical therapy. An injection of cortico steroids can also help to relieve the pain of SIJ, and it can only be administered by a doctor.

Many people who are searching for an answer to curing their sacral joint pain turn to over-the-counter medications that can be purchased both in drugstores and online. The truth is that Flexcin may hold some of the answers you are looking for regarding pain-management. It can be more than difficult at times to ensure the pain from your joints stays away, however with a powerful anti-inflammatory like this, all you will need to do is take it orally regularly and let it heal your joints and muscles.



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      Brian Stitt 4 years ago from Santa Barbara

      I suffered joint pain for many years due to perthes disease, and since it is very arthritic was contemplating hip replacement as was taking too many pain killers to no avail...then my wife asked me to try her skin care supplements as they were said to also help joint pain relief. So there is good news out there you do not necessarily need to put up with the pain, and you can treat naturally for joint pain relief with collagen supplements