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Safety, precautions, safety rules and first aid

Updated on January 11, 2016

Carelessness can lead to an accident.

Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. Most of the time our carelessness results in an accident. Accident cause harm to our life and property. To prevent an accident, it is better to follow some safety rules. These rules should be followed not only at home but also on the road, at office, at school and in the playground. You must have read the following captions on the road, in the books or in the newspaper.

Better late than never
Prevention is better than cure.
It is better to be safe than sorry.
A little caution goes a long way.

Are you familiar with the above statements ? Write them on a drawing sheet and put them on your bulletin board.

Safety rules at home

At home, we have seen many a times people slipping on a wet floor or tripping over scattered things or toys or getting an electric shock.

To prevent these, a few rules should be kept in mind.

  • Keep children toys and other things at a proper place. Don't scatter them on the floor.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothes in the kitchen. They catch fire easily.
  • Do not hold a hot vessel with your hands. Use tongs or a tool to hold these hot vessels.
  • Do not play with sharp objects like knife, blade, razor, etc.
  • The vegetable and fruit peels must be thrown in the dustbin to avoid slipping.
  • Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands. You might get an electrical shock.
  • Turn off the main switch if you see a spark or get an electric shock.
  • Do not try any medicine without consulting a doctor. Do not try to be your own doctor. Remember , it can be dangerous.
  • Poisonous chemicals should be labelled and kept away from children's reach.

Do not play with sharp objects

Do not play with sharp objects
Do not play with sharp objects | Source

Safety at office or school for children.

  • Do not slide down a railing of the staircase. It can be dangerous.
  • Do not push each other or fight while in the playground. Always play a safe game. Wait for your turn while using the swings.
  • Stand in a queue for getting in and out of a moving bus.
  • Do not jump on benches or desk.
  • Do not swim without the supervision of an elderly person.
  • Do not rush up and down the staircase. Do not push each other. You may fall and get hurt.

First aid

First aid
First aid | Source

First aid:

The immediate or the first help given to an injured person before the doctor arrives is called first aid. If proper help is given at a proper time, it can save the life of a person. Even permanent injury can be prevented with first aid. but before giving first aid to victim, please keep the following things in mind.

  • Make the victim comfortable. Allow him to lie down.
  • Don't crowd around him.
  • Loosen his clothes.
  • Do not panic and keep calm.

Whether you are at home, at office, at school, on road, or in the playground, injuries like minor cuts, insect bites, fainting and burns, need first aid.

For minor cuts

  1. Wash the cut with water.
  2. Clean it again using cotton with an antiseptic solution like dettol or savlon.
  3. Try to stop bleeding by tying a bandage on the cut or use a band aid.
  4. Don't allow flies to sit on the wound as it can cause infection.

For fainting

  1. Make him lie down immediately.
  2. Make sure his head is lower than the other body parts. It will help the blood to reach the brain fast and would help the person regain his consciousness.
  3. Sprinkle water on his head and face.
  4. Allow fresh air to reach him.
  5. loosen his clothes and then call for a doctor.

Insect bites

  1. If a person is bitten by an insect like a bee or a wasp, wash it and apply a paste of baking soda and cold cream on the area.
  2. Putting an ice cube on that area can also give you some relief.
  3. A calamine lotion can be applied on the area for soothing effect.
  4. If nothing is available, then a paste of clay or mud can be applied.


  1. Wash the area with running cold water or put ice on it.
  2. Apply antiseptic cream like burnol on it.
  3. Take the victim to a doctor.

Do you know ?

A honeybee can visit up to 10,000 flowers in a day but all the nectar it collects in whole life is enough to make one teaspoon of honey.

Honeybees often scare away enemies by stinging them. Bees die after stinging so they don't do it unless they are very scared.

Burn injuries

Burn injuries
Burn injuries | Source

Points to remember

  • We must follow some safety rules to be careful while working in our day to day life.
  • Safety rules must be followed at home, at office, ar school ,on road and in the playground.
  • First aid is the first or immediate help given to an injured person before the doctor arrives.
  • A first aid in case of minor cuts, burns, fainting ,etc., can prevent death as well as permanent injuries.
  • To prevent accidents, we must follow these safety rules.

First aid

Do you think ?

Do you think first aid is more important than the help of doctor.

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