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Sample Weekly Exercise Routine For Weight Loss

Updated on April 3, 2010

Time has proven that people are more conscious of their health than ever before.  Education about healthy eating and the importance of exercise has made a huge difference in the lives of many.  Now that we are more educated, it is up to the individual to establish a weekly exercise routine, and eat a balanced diet. This practice helps us maintain good weight and good health.

Anyone who has been overweight or has suffered because of poor health knows the importance of developing a regimen that is right for him or her.  There are too many sources of motivation and inspiration to even mention.  It is not necessary to join an aerobics class or a gym to lose weight unless that is your choice.  It is not financially feasible for everyone to pay for fitness.  

Beginning a program is as free as fresh air.  Here are some suggestions that do not cost anything but time:

° Walking - preferably in a tranquil setting.  Hiking in the woods will burn even more fat because of the terrain.

° Jogging - Most people have at least a pair of sneakers.  If jogging becomes routine, a quality pair of sneakers is advised.

° Swimming - There are community pools that adhere to hygiene standards. More lap time is available while kids are in school.  

° Dancing - You can shake off several pounds just dancing around the house.  If no one is watching, go ahead and shake a tail feather!

° Yoga - Once you learn different poses or asanas, you can develop your own routine.  Change it every now and again for variety.

The only thing that these exercises require is the proper clothing.  Light fitting clothing is necessary for proper breathing without restrictions, and to reduce excess weight.  

Cross training is recommended for the person who becomes bored easy with the same routine.  It is common to get bored and burn out doing the same thing 3-5 times per week.  Before you know it, one day is skipped.  Then another, and soon you will start allowing yourself excuses for not exercising.  

We give so much of our time to work, family, and home maintenance on a daily basis.  It is as though taking care of ourselves is something we treat ourselves with in our spare time.  Conscious eating and exercise should be a priority in our lives rather than a reward for being a super mom, dad, or employee.


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