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San Francisco Suicide Syndrome

Updated on July 5, 2014

San Francisco

North Beach
North Beach | Source

The Problem

This may not be an actual scientific name for the problem but it is one that I have seen written about before in San Francisco. There are many people that come to San Francisco wanting to get a better life. To them San Francisco is truly the end of the rainbow. San Francisco is the suicide capitol of the United States.

There is a lot of competition in San Francisco for work and starting any artistic pursuits. The best of the best go there. Some expect to find work right away. It is not so easy to do that at all.

I saw a reference to something on the idea of people having problems in San Francisco in regard to the beauty of the place. It was about there being such a contrast between the beauty of it all and then not having a good life there. It was on an article that was also discussing the Jerusalem syndrome and Paris syndrome.

Golden Gate Bridge


San Francisco

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Going to San Francisco

Many people want to go to San Francisco to change their life. Maybe they did not fit in all the time in their hometown and they are expecting a change in San Francisco. It is not always that a lot of good things can happen in San Francisco. It can be very difficult. It is very beautiful. Others also want to come there. Besides that, the opportunities are just not there that some are hoping to find there. The downtown business life is really quite boring and staid.

The people may want to find friends and to do things in San Francisco. The truth is that it is not that easy. Many people are lonely there. It is not that easy just because someone goes there to find people and get on well there. Many are disappointed. Others do find people and a sort of happiness. Still they may be disappointed at what is happening. It may not all be as they wanted it to be.

Another thing there for women at least, is the shortage of men. The city is about 50% gay for men. So there just are not the men available that there are in other towns. They also tend to not be the type that go all out for women as some may do in other cities. It is just not something that the guys have to worry about that much. Because of that, it can be quite depressing for women. To other women maybe it is a relief. I did not really mind having the guys not bother as much.

To some, they can build a new life. They find friends and really feel as if they fit in. There are artistic pursuits. They begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are the lucky few.

The city is so beautiful that it stuns the eyes. The sky is so blue. It is all so vast. You may feel as if it is so beautiful and things are just not working out for you. If you try so hard and just cannot get anything done, it can just be too much. In another city, maybe it is just more of the same. But in San Francisco, you may feel as if there should be more of a chance.

It just does not seem right for it to be so beautiful and nothing is going right for you. It is just like being in a beautiful place and not being able to enjoy it at all. There are so many places to go to and things to buy there. In another city, you are just another person that is not doing well. In San Francisco it can turn into a monstrous failure.

You may feel as if everyone can see you there and thinks that you are a failure. It really hurts your feelings that you are there and that no one cares. You may feel as if no one cares in the city. It is a large city and people need to tend to their own business. To someone that has come from far away, it may seem to be heartless.

San Francisco is really not a heartless place. The city does all it can to help those that are down and out. Still it is not a utopia. People that are expecting too much out of it, may be in for a big disappointment.

I have been reading the copy of the article from the The New York Times newspaper about the latest suicides there. Some were said to be about the fear of being homeless. It is partly now about the bad economy. That is really terrible to have that happening. I understand that also. The people in San Francisco usually have had money and they are not used to the idea of being homeless at all. It would be a big disgrace for them.

Another problem in San Francisco is for Asian people. I was reading an article before there about a woman that killed herself. She had gone there to live with her son. There was no room for her with the children and so her son sent her to a hotel. It was a dishonor for her to be at the hotel and she killed herself. The older women can have a really hard time of it.

Suicide History of Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Syndrome

San Francisco syndrome is listed in the Urban Dictionary on the Internet as being something that happens to guys. It said that because of there being so many women there the guys start staying in their rooms. I don't know about that myself. It may be something that happens to some.

I have heard from some that the guys don't care about the women. That is only true for a certain percent of the guys. They were probably doing that before. It may be their own version of the syndrome. San Francisco is just too much for them.

It can also be true for the women there that they just do not care about the guys.

My Own Experience in San Francisco

I know what the feeling is because I experienced the idea myself. I was very down there without a job. I had one at first right away. Then I quit and had none. It is very expensive and there are others all over that are having fun. It seems so easy for them and they have money. It is not that easy to make friends. People are coming from different places and you can be out of your comfort zone. It is not like the people you could talk to that you grew up with. It could be quite difficult. It can also be dangerous if you fall in with the wrong crowd.

I have heard of a woman that got invited to a very bad place in San Francisco that could have turned out quite badly. That could happen elsewhere also. Some people also can not be the type of people that you would want for friends. People can be strange. But people can be strange all over and difficult to get along with.

There was an article in the newspaper about a girl that had jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. The items of clothing that she had been wearing were listed in great detail as to what company made them. It was very depressing. She was a young girl. I could not imagine doing that. The height was too much for me. If someone were to do that, I think they must be very desperate. It is a problem there with people jumping off the bridge.

Janis Joplin was one of the people that came to San Francisco to make a new life. She finally found something and made it. She had a voice so beautiful that it could make time stop. Still she found trouble with the bottle and drugs.

San Francisco at Night


San Francisco Problems

San Francisco is a beautiful city. Many people love it. It does not always have all the opportunities of a Los Angeles or a New York. It can be quite limited. It also can have limiting viewpoints there. The people there can have very fixed ways. It can also be a place to experience new things.

Some people can prefer their small town instead. There is just not the same atmosphere that you can get back home. It can seem quite cold to newcomers. You can wonder what is happening. Still you can learn to meet people and meet people that you want to on your own terms. You don't have to go out with the first guy that you meet there. You can do what you want. It can be a place for free spirits.

One thing that many need to learn is to do things on their own. The city is what you make of it. You need to learn to take care of yourself. You need to give yourself a chance to make it. You need to look within yourself.


There is an update to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge problem. There is going to be a suicide barrier built as an add on to the bridge that should stop it. It will cost millions and there has been much debate about it. I have noticed a complaint in the paper about there not going to be one for the Bay Bridge also.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I had no idea that the prevalence of suicide was so high in this city. You do provide some very interesting reasons why people would be disappointed that this beautiful city did not meet their expectations. I hope your experience is more positive these days.

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