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The Truth Behind Fats: About Saturated, Trans Fats and Essential Fatty Acids

Updated on August 30, 2012

Not everything that glitters is good, most notably, fats. However, not all fats are unhealthy, especially if we know the types that are beneficial to the body.

Saturated fats used to be included in the bad fats, but there are claims that they provide more advantages than disadvantages to the body.

It is a common belief that fats are not good for the body. This has some truth to it. Fats can block the arteries, the bloodstream, which could lead to hypertension. They can also affect the liver since fats are metabolized by the liver. Too much consumption of fat could lead to damage to this organ. Fats can also add to the obesity of most obese people, because these substances are not easily digestible and will deposit in the bodies (belly, thighs, etc.). But, this is just one kind of fat, the unhealthy fat. They are the trans fats. There is, nevertheless, another kind which is beneficial to the body.

The Healthy Fats

Experts recommend that we should eat adequate amounts of fat every day to help fuel the body especially the processes that take place inside. When taken extremely, as discussed above, fats become the primary culprit for some of the illnesses and diseases in the world, i.e.| hypertension, coronary artery diseases, etc..

However, there is a particular kind of fat that helps the body ward off unwanted and unhealthy fats. Yes, a fat which fights bad fat. When consumed daily, they stop build up of fats and ward off diseases. This fat is the essential fatty acids.

"Fats also comprise the balanced meal. Be sure to consume the good ones."

Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3 and 6

Essential fatty acids are healthy fats; they keep the heart healthy, aids in mood stability, good for insulin balance, maintains the health of the joints, and keeps the skin healthy-looking. From the name itself, they are essential for the body to maintain health.

Ever heard of Omega 3 and 6? Well, they are healthy fats, and they should be consumed regularly. These nutrients are found only in healthy fats from fish, vegetables, root crops, and fruits. Foods have these nutrients, but lately, there are supplements that jam these powerful agents.

Omega 3 is found abundantly in fish and fish oils, especially the deep-sea fish such as tuna. The leafy greens and walnuts also supply a generous amount of Omega 3, but tests showed that the fish packs the most number of this good fat. But before heading to the nearest pharmacy and ask for an Omega-3 supplement, you must be aware of the products that undergo filtration and distillation of the fish oil. Deep-sea fish may contain heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum and they are not good for the body. There are a number of products that undergo such meticulous processes to keep it safe.

Another essential fat is the Omega 6, and it is found in vegetable oils. These are corn, safflower, canola, and olive oil. The Mediterranean diet is either cooked in olive oil or have olive and olive oil as part of the ingredient. It is apparent that the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest diet solutions. They work hand in hand with Omega 3 in maintaining healthy levels of unwanted fats.

When we see food labels that state monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, they represent the good fats. We should fill our food shelves with this food kind. There is no harm consuming them since they keep you healthy. What you should avoid or limit though are trans fats. They are the protagonists to your food cravings. But don’t just deprive yourself from eating fast food and such. The key to maintaining health while not depriving yourself is moderation. Eat less trans fats, eat more essential fatty acids.


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