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Save Your Back - Convert Your Desk to a Standing Desk

Updated on August 4, 2016

Sitting Down all Day?

If you are like me and you sit down for long hours at a desk, even with the most ergonomically correct setup and back-friendly chair, you may find back pain setting in. I personally had a lower back injury many years ago and I have a flare up every now and again. To be honest, it does not take much to re-injure my back. A little peek over my shoulder or turning the wrong way and my back is screaming in pain for weeks and sometimes months.

My job is one where I set at my desk from about 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and some days I do not get many breaks because my job is busy. I was finding that the sitting was really causing a lot of unnecessary back pain and I knew that I could not handle sitting in one position for so long.

Apparently standing up helps to burn up to 75% more calories than a person sitting down all day... BRING IT I say.

How to Save Your Back When you sit for Long Hours

I was worried that my back would not get any better because of all of the sitting I do all day. I started to do some of my own research to see what could be done. Many of the people I work with got a new kind of chair that has a lumbar support but the chair didn't seem to help me much when I finally got the same kind of chair.

I tried to take a lot of breaks by getting up and walking around several times during the day. I wanted to stretch my back out because the longer I sat in one position the more gimped up I was when I tried to get up from my chair. I would try to hide the pain and stretch out to the point where I was standing up fully, but it seemed to take longer and get much worse with each time.

My solution was to look into some type of a stand-up desk. Most of the actual desks that you can purchase are quite expensive and I wasn't sure that my work would go for it. I wanted some kind of a solution and that's when I found a really affordable item that is small, portable and easy to set up.

Raising up your monitor and your keyboard to a standing height can help your back and ease any pain that you have. This is because you are stretching your back and standing up straight. When you sit you tend to slouch and not move very much which really hurts your back after a while.

My New Desk Adaptor

Workez Standing Desktop Adjuster

WorkEZ Standing Desk Conversion Kit. Affordable Adjustable Height Angle Laptop Sit to Stand Up Desktop Riser Converter + Negative Tilt Keyboard Tray
WorkEZ Standing Desk Conversion Kit. Affordable Adjustable Height Angle Laptop Sit to Stand Up Desktop Riser Converter + Negative Tilt Keyboard Tray

This is the product that was ordered for me at work. I have been using it for a few days now and I have to say that I LOVE it. I don't have back pain and I feel a lot better at the end of the day!!



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