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Say good-bye to your eye bags

Updated on January 23, 2015

Prevent eyebags

Treat eyebags

weak eyes
weak eyes

Eye bags make eyes ugly

YOUR eyes are the windows of your soul. If this is so then do all means to protect them from unnecessary and ugly things like eye bags. I am so concerned and bothered when I see people with rings around their eyes, puffy and teary eyes, bloated and sagging. That's why I tried to come up with this hub to help them get rid of these problems and at the same time improve and make their eyes as healthy, clear and dazzling to all beholders.

Decreasing eye bags

Ugly bags under your eyes are accumulated fat. When the septum around the eyeballs weakens, the outer layer of fat within the sockets sinks forward, producing the "bags" under your eyes. There is no permanent solution to this but surgical procedure where excess fats, skin and muscles around the eyes are removed. This process is expensive. However there are valid things you can do to decrease the appearance of bags under your eyes. (

Aloe vera and cucumber extracts reduce eye bags

EYE SERUMS- a variety of them- will work on your eye bags in the same manner that it will work on puffy eyes and dark circles. They won't get rid of your bags. But they'll greatly reduced the discoloration and tightening of the skin around your eyes. And the cooling effects of many serums made with aloe vera and cucumber extracts will help reduce the size of your eye bags.

Ice water or cold milk reduces size and puffiness of eye bags

A compress of ice water or ice-cold milk can be applied directly on closed eyelids for 20 minutes to reduce the size and puffiness of your eye bags. This application will have a cooling and resting effects on your eyes.


It is advised that it is best to rule out any medical causes before treatment is started. Bag under the eyes had been diagnosed as symptoms of kidney and thyroid problems. They could also be the result of excess salt intake, cigarette smoking or food sensitivities.

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