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Saying You Can't Get Sober Is Just Another Excuse To Continue To Drink

Updated on August 5, 2014

What is Your Excuse?

Saying you can't get sober is just another excuse to continue to drink. Getting sober is easier than you might think.

I felt, and said the same thing years ago. I made every excuse to not get sober, such as, "there is no point to getting sober now because with all the drinking I did over the years I felt the damage was done and there wasn't any fix for what I damage all through the years."

I was dead wrong and there is a fix for all the drinking you did over the years. Times heals and so does sobriety heal if you just give sobriety a chance.

My Last Day and Night Of Drinking With My Demons

This was the last night drinking alcohol alone in my garage (October 26, 2009) Sobriety date was October 27, 2009
This was the last night drinking alcohol alone in my garage (October 26, 2009) Sobriety date was October 27, 2009 | Source

Anything is Possible Including Getting Sober

Anything is possible in life including getting and staying sober. Sobriety is right in the palm of your hands if that is truly what you want in life is to be clean and sober.

Every person with an addiction to alcohol makes up any excuse to continue to drink alcohol. They live in denial, and say to themselves and everyone else that they have no problem with alcohol at all. I know because I was one of those people addicted to alcohol and lived in denial for many years.

No one could convince me that I had a drinking problem. They tried their hardest to get the point across to me, but I just didn't want to hear it.

If you want to change your life in every way it is truly possible if you want to change bad enough that you are willing to do anything to make it happen!


Do you make up excuses to continue to drink alcohol?

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What is Stopping You From Getting Sober?

Are you just simply afraid to be sober? Are you frighten you might not make it through life without your crutch? Are you afraid that you will lose your drinking buddies because you decided to get sober? Do you think you cannot get along in life without alcohol?

There must be a real reason you don't want to get sober, but what is it?

What are you afraid of? Sobriety will hurt no one, BUT an addiction to alcohol will KILL you in the end, one way or another!

Great to be Sober


Get The Word Can't Out of Your Vocabulary

Everyone should concentrate on getting the word CAN'T out of our vocabulary. Anything is possible in life including getting and staying sober, BUT you must want it first and admit that you have a huge problem with alcohol.

Until you admit your are an alcoholic, and you want help, nothing will happen regarding your sobriety. Sobriety will not just come to you, it must be sought out for. Take the bull by the horns and get sober once and for all.

Stop making all those excuses of why you continue to drink alcohol, and take massive action to change you life and those lives that share your life with you.

Remember anything is possible in life if you truly want it bad enough and if you want to live a happy and healthy life with your family family and friends I would suggest stopping drinking and if you can't do it yourself than ask for the help you need to make your life a sober life.

Trust me, it will be the best thing you will have ever done in your life! Your body will thank you believe me and also remember all of us on Earth only have one life to live so live it sober, healthy and happy!

A Site To Always Cherrish

Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, My Home!
Ship Bottom, Long Beach Island, My Home! | Source

© 2014 Mark Bruno


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I too agree with Bill. The new people on the block are keeping to themselves. What a pity they don't allow us to get to know them. Mark, your posts are so valuable to society. I hope this one hits home with those out there using this excuse.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 3 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Bill, yes you are correct with the newcomers. Just want to thank you for you kind words regarding this hub. It is great to have real writer friends such as you. Yes in deed the demons continue to knock at doors but it is our job not to ever let them back in.


    • mdscoggins profile image

      Michelle Scoggins 3 years ago from Fresno, CA

      Congrats on your accomplishment, sobriety is difficult to achieve when you are addicted. I think it is great that you are spreading the word about how sobriety positively impacted your life. Job well done :)

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Is it my imagination, or are fewer people commenting on HP? There will always be the loyal ones, but more and more newcomers just hit the follow button and you never hear from them again. Well, enough of the rant....for anyone out there still entertaining the demon of alcohol, this man speaks the truth.

      blessings my friend